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The Fueled By Ramen Holiday Sale

ParaWebCrew's picture
on November 28, 2011 - 2:40pm

The Fueled By Ramen Holiday Sale starts today! Pick up Limited Edition Items like a 2 Piece Trunk Set, Custom Hoodies and the T-Shirt Quilt Featured Here! There is even a B.O.Y. tank top this year! The sale lasts until December 11th so share the items you want with everyone buying you presents this year.


P PARAMORE101's picture

I want the quilt they need it again!!!
paradreamer17's picture

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET THE QUILT BACK IN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M BEGGING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
paradreamer17's picture

I don't care how much I have to pay I WILL GET THAT QUILT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heatherface's picture

So excited I got the Quilt :) Merry Christmas to me :) lol (if I had more money I'd have everything) lmao
l0vesickparawhoree's picture

need everything
msmama's picture

I bought this blanket last night. I think it is sold out because when I logged in this morning it was gone. Last night it was listed right along everything else.
Madison421's picture

Ughhh I want the blanket so bad! But I think it's sold out :(
purplerose87's picture

Will the blanket be added at a later date or does anyone know why it's not listed with the other items? xoxo
ParamoreIsMyAll's picture

I need this, I really need this! :(
Rafael27's picture

I need it...
francescaarchie's picture

How do you get the quilt? I dont see it on the webstore.
konkon williams's picture

AAAAAAAAAHHHH THE DENIM JACKET IS PERFECT :'( I WANT IT. Can someone please buy this for my birthday?
Courtney♥Music♥Paramore♫♥☠®'s picture

The shirt!! I think I'm getting the B.O.Y. shirt!!! :D
Iffahhh's picture

I want to buyyyy 'em!!!!!
para-i-want-more's picture

i really want, no, need the b.o.y. shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god, how i need it
MisguidedGhosts's picture

Can you please keep it past Christmas???? I really wanna spend my Christmas money on this stuff. But it's only here 'til Dec. 11... :'( That makes me so sad....
Oh_star's picture

YAAAYYYY NEED THE B.O.Y. tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nitsujvanduren's picture

I want the quilt! But I can't afford it! I'm just gonna make my own :) all the shirt I buy shrink anyway!!!
madizzle013's picture

I will do anything for that quilt
Sofía JustMe's picture

i bought the quilt ????????????????
Je_3's picture

muahhah let's start shopping ! *w*
PauloMartes's picture

so awn :')