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Best MTV Live Performance of 2011

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on December 12, 2011 - 10:44am

UPDATE: Paramore came in 2nd place. Click HERE to see the full results!

Paramore's performance of 'Brick By Boring Brick' is nominated for Best MTV Live Performance of 2011! The poll closes is one hour so click HERE to cast your vote now!


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Since last year I´ve been noticing that Hayley is lossing her precious voice .(
PARAFREAK_5's picture

i feel like i didn't vote enough i'm so sorry you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SarilooFTW's picture

blehhhh i wanna see them live
Celya Ayu's picture

can't say anything. very good (y)
iamfantasty ▌▌▌'s picture

PARAMORE DESERVES TO BE #1!!! Good to see rock music in top 2 though :) (Listening to the singles atm, and the thought just popped up in my head.. GOD how i want the new album!!! Got a feeling it's gonna be like a drug.. in a good way tho ofc ;) )
Para_Blueeyes's picture it just me or does the first sentence "Paramore are..." doesn't really make sense the first time you read it. hahah it's just a thought. But i get it
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Is it bad to say that it's just not the same without Josh & Zac?
shaddaloso's picture

ohsomm ! paramore you ROCK ! love hayley much !
SaraLuys's picture

I can't see the video; Canada sucks sometimes :/ :(
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We have to win! OMG this performance is really awesome :)
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Votng is still open.. mtv fails haha :P
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is cool song :)
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i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv that song, i wish i could be there, i love paramore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Voted :D
Japanime156's picture

Definately best live performance!!!!
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i wish i was thereeee.
Ukulele's picture

I don't even watch TV but this is a no brainer!
konkon williams's picture

Your live performance was the BEST by far and we all do know it. Hope you'll win! *fingerscrossed*
aj18's picture

yeah hayley rules!! XD
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Can't watch it :(
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OMG do I feel left out and like a complete fool:( My dad and I had to bug bomb our house today for creepy crawlies and I didn't get to vote!!! Shiznix; Paramore please forgive me I did watch the MTV live streme of you guy's in NYC at Terminal five and I would most def' voted for you if I'd have been home and able to use my stupid computer at the time... I still love you guy's and pray you will win such an awesome award:) xoxo
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cant watch it in new zealand :(
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i voted!! :)
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Wooow ! It's Surely The Best Live Ever !!! Voting !! :D

voted :D
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^__________^ fwaaaaamp translation: I voted.
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Done ^_^