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Alternative Press Bonus Material

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on December 13, 2011 - 12:13pm

In case you missed, Alternative Press posted some more of their interview with Paramore that didn't make it in the new issue. Check it out HERE!


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Vote paramore as the best song of 2011 with monster! to vote log onto Please vote and show your support :)
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Love it ;)
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i JUST for real bought this two days ago and pasted the whole entire article on my wall of music paraphernelia
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still love it:)
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I love!
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I loved the cover.. ;)
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I love this photo :)
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This photo guys Love It:) ;)
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Well, I could be one always in the front. Still I'll never be because you don't come more often to Portugal! Come more often, and you'll see that you have here as many fans (since the beginning) as any other country. Deal? :D
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Thank you for sharing these parts, really. It is very important -at least- to me.
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I am sad that the town got smaller, that didn't happen to me until my divorce @ 38 not in my 20(s). You are supposed to be the most social now because you are young and hot! You will have friendemys so watch out but please don’t take any judgment seriously as they don’t know you and until they give you a chance never will. Don’t have any answers but you got this from my generation so please stop listening & rip the walls down! Them saying you bad does not make you so & they saying doesn’t make them so either I guess!
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aw. paramore are such a down to earth band, i love them s much.
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Yeep ! Already Read it ! Great Interview :D
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:P Like it
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yes more paramore
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Missed it..
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i wish i knew about you guys when you were hanging out in 7-11's.
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I missed it!