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Happy Birthday, Hayley!

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on December 27, 2011 - 10:25am

Today is Hayley's 23rd birthday! Leave a note for her below or send a note to @yelyahwilliams on Twitter.


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HBD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i freacking lov u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hav a nice day :)
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happy birthday ya filthy animal!! by the way.. is that picture from 2007? cause the first time i saw you guys live you were on the side of the stage while.. the starting line? or the almost was playing wearing that coat and hat and you had a friend with ya. also, merry christmas paramore and happy friggin new year. y'all made it! smile.
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Hayley Have an amazing birthday! You inspire me to keep singing and doing music :-) Have a blast today! *sings happy birthday to you all the way from Massachusetts*
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Happy Brithday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Hayley Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuu :* And many many many many return
HayleyW_2's picture Like for Hayley Williams it's the best (L)
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Hayley! Happy Birthday you are a beautiful person :)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYLEY! I love you so much its impossible to say, you don't know me and sadly you probably will never meet me, but i just want you to know you are the most amazing person in the world and you saved me from the hell called loneliness. When i heard your music? my life changed, so thank you and I love you. :)
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happy yesterday birthday hayley!!!! (:
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Happy Birthday Hayley!!!
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Happy Birthday! and thanks for writing the songs that inspire me
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Happy Birthday from Israel!
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Got to college!
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happy birthday!!! Hayley.Greetings from Argentina!!!
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!! I hope it was amazing!!!
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Happy birthday Hayley!!! Ur amazing, keep rockin till the world ends!!!?
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happy birthday HAYLEY:)!!!!!!!
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happy birthday Hayles!!!!!!!!! Wish u the best! :D
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happy 23th birthday hayley hope u have a good year
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i sent her 23 tweets since she's 23. hehheheheh.
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happy b'day HAYLEY WILLIAMS :) wish u more more and more bestiest than before :) love u :) from : INDONESIA
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! hayley williams Twitter is trending it consider this as a gift from us! We love u Hayley. From singapore
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i know that was yesterday, but HAPPY, AWESOME and SWEET twenty three . LOVE from Portugal. :D
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Happy Birthday Hayley ! Wish you all the best :DD !! We hope you come back here at Philippines ! We Love you ! Happy 23rd Birthday ! Mabuhay Paramore
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Happy birthday Hayley! :) :) Belgium loves you! (and really wish to see you next year)
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Happy birthday Hayley!! I hope that you will have a wonderful day :)
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Happy Birthday to Hayley! Love Paramore,Love You
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Hayley Nichole Williams, ¡Feliz Cumpleaños. 23 años ya jhakfgsa sos UNICA. Hace 23 años hoy en día nació una niña litte que se convertiría en un héroe, una ídola, la inspiración para millones de personas. Esa niña es ahora una mujer de plena madurez. Esa chica, que no es sólo hermosa, pero talentosa, única, divertida, es una de las razones principales de que yo esté aquí ahora mismo. Feliz cumpleaños, Hayley Nichole Williams. Gracias por estar siempre ahí. Te amo. ?
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Happy Birthday hayley best wishes as alway :) come back to NY soon loved your perfomance at darien lake !!!
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I wish you a very happy birthday hayley, may god bless you always. lots of LOVE from Malaysia (: