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Photos From Malibu

fueledbyadam's picture
on February 5, 2012 - 11:54am

Here are some photos from just before one of the band's producer meetings in Malibu last week.


JerissonH's picture

Maybe Taylor's taking the pics
Feñita's picture

Where is Taylor??????
lookingup's picture

amazing place! *-*
laurenb16's picture

wow that place looks absolutely amazing!
G.a.b.i's picture

it looks like taylor doesn't wanna be in the shot anymore
bitchinlizzard's picture

I wish I could Skidoo.. And I'm loving the jacket, Hayley. I want one!
Haayleyelyah's picture

Where ir taylor? :(
Vepsu's picture

great photos! love you!
Ginnyginn's picture

Where's Taylor :O
AParapuchis's picture

jajajaja so lovely that place and you guys ... u' rock XP but comeon where's taylor.... is he taking the photos? ....
Little_One's picture

Loving that seat! :D
Quinta1231's picture

Where is taylor?? ;o
JerissonH's picture

Gosh!! What an amazing place!!! Wish I was there.. xD.. Where's Taylor?
secretus aderator's picture

stunning, amazing, beautiful! Love you guys!
tommy_9's picture

Love u guys!
Cute_Doll's picture

Gosh! Beautiful place!!! And Jeremy you're so handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *-*
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