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Photos From Malibu

fueledbyadam's picture
on February 5, 2012 - 11:54am

Here are some photos from just before one of the band's producer meetings in Malibu last week.


Aussie_Paramore_LoverXD's picture

where is taylor??????????? :'(
BlackRose939♪'s picture

That is one awesome chair.
Nicole Lawrence C's picture

Nicole Lawrence C's picture

Hayley-Im coming !! ;D
schzimmycindi's picture

I wanna go!!
Iffahhh's picture

Where's T????
Emilio Marandet's picture

Excellent Pics!? and taylor?¿ xD
minihayleywilliams's picture

Beautiful, they are perfect as always. Taylor, come on to the party
♫unkonown♫'s picture

That is such a beautiful sight to see:)
Para_Blueeyes's picture

beautiful placce:) and i really like hayleys hair
Tefa_acm's picture

Where is Taylor? :/
Firingheart's picture

Lovely Place And Nice Picture + Epic Band = The Best
paramorechloe's picture

Pretty sure Hayley wears the same clothes all the time ahahha
Je_3's picture

ohhhhh such a beautiful place *O*
JosefinT's picture

i love the pictures! and the setting is so beautiful! so jealous :P
Ivonne andrea's picture

Que linda !! :)
OriTeran's picture

I love the place! Looks great, and so so you ;) #ItNeverEnds
Jon Riot's picture

looks awesome, still no pics of taylor - i kno he is taking them and he hates having his picture taken xD
Nick A07's picture

Geez that's a cool place!
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Moorea's picture

Looks great guys. Taylor still upset about that camera thing Hayley? xD
SaraRoomero's picture

Niceeeeeeeeee? ILoveYou
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ParamoreItsTheLaw's picture

TAYLORR ....Where ... are you ? i know you took the pictures but .... i need see you :D
madeleine0310's picture

Taylor is hiding againXD
paramanic4ever's picture

wanna be there so bad!!!!!- and not just because its warm there and here we have snow, but 2 be wif paramore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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panda98wayy's picture

Great shots guys! I presume Taylor is taking the photos and that he isn't a fan of cameras LOL!
Myonlyhope's picture

Nice view! :)