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My new toy :) '58 Junior. Sounds ridiculous.

My new toy :) '58 Junior. Sounds ridiculous.
Posted by taylor


FunkiGates's picture

good guitar, looks like my guitar, but mine is a SG....xD ...i like it
Nathalia_12's picture

That's one good looking guitar!
kevinweaver1168's picture

hey taylor you look like an awesome guy to meet
Ken5na's picture

Goin all Billie-joe on us? XD
Little_One's picture

My friend has the Epiphone version :P

That's a beautiful guitar. *-*
Moorea's picture

well it's probably good, it's a Gibson. It looks sick Taylor! I love sunburst guitars like that, my acoustic looks very similar :D
PARAMOR3FAN's picture

wicked awesome!
emma1998's picture

omg! that looks like the perfect copy of my guitar, no joke! :D x
Berry Juice's picture

very sick
XxKunsangxX_2's picture

Ridiculously Good? OrBad?
josue_2's picture

muy fina.... ya que tiene una nueva debería de regalar la vieja.... XD
Tiajane Loughran's picture

Aw that's wicked mate!
TayValin's picture

It's awesome.
itsclaudiayall's picture

Gibson awesome? is very cute *-*
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Skye_2's picture

My sister's old boyfriend had one JUST LIKE IT!! It's amazing!!
musicmonster's picture

Sweet guitar!!!
LillyBaker's picture

sweeeeeet !
PlayingGod18's picture

Awwww yeaaahhh!!!!! I have an accoustic thats green. loooovvvviiinnnggg your Gibson.
ParamoArchie20's picture

Oh Wow, I wish I could have a Gibson, SO BEAUTIFUL(;
Freewriter's picture

omg I wanna cry now :p it's so beautiful :))
Thaís_19's picture

wow... just... wow. :O
ali-we-know's picture

ahhhhhh jealous! :D
aika_fromphilippines's picture

i love it! nice!
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riotgirlxD's picture

I like it! :P
victor_2's picture

you can help me?? what kind of strings u can recommend to me.please
LocaporParamore's picture

wow beatiful your new guitar hahaha xD
KiriJean's picture

Hmm, Nice Guitar. I Like It. :)