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my 23rd bday cake! such a surprise! (it’s inspired by caia koopman’s little red riding hood)… <3

my 23rd bday cake! such a surprise! (it’s inspired by caia koopman’s little red riding hood)… <3
Posted by Hayley


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That cake is great!! It looks delicious
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Happy birthday hayley! That cake looks amazing!!
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beautiful cake!
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happy B'day hayley
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Looks delicious
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Beautiful cake!
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wow that was look good :D

k lindo pastel
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Yeah, me too. I love this cake and I'm sure that it tasted veryyyyy very good... Send little piece of it next year, please! ;)
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i wish i was there and not just for hayleys cake but to c HAYLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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*.* ?
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it looks good
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A little piece please! uashsuahusaa
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anyway the cake is the weirdest thing, I saw in my life! AHAHAHA ....... so pink color, good but is cute and cuddly, I hope you enjoyed it! ajaja
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You said that the cake is great! And it is ..... I want to eat that cake?) Give me that cake now! (Joke) but if you can give me a little .. :)...... is so rich ... I curse a little! I hope you enjoyed it for me?! Hahaha ...... I hope Hayles I love you!
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Red Riding Hood? Lol this looks like it is really great cake :) HAPPY LATE BDAY!
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haha thats great :D
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that's awesome! that cake had to taste delicious :D congrats Hayley :)
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is so cute x3!!
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yummy! glam cake btw!!!
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wanna taste it.. :D uuhmmm..
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cutest cake ever! :))
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*U* is soooo cute!!! leave me.. a bit!!!! ^.^ made me want to eat! ¬¬ I hope that you had a nice birthday!!!! from Chile.-
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it so cool!!!! *.*
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i wish i could celebrate my birthday just for once :( any way happy birthday to you :) the cake look's amazing
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OMG 0_0 P.S: nice hairr ...ahaha :)
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It's really cool! ;)