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Thank you Poland!!

Thank you Poland!!
Posted by Hayley


Izunia15's picture

I am waiting for your visit in Poland !!!!!
MuscleRidgePL's picture

Poland is still waiting for Paramore
Michael96789's picture

paula_23's picture

yeaaah come here again, please !:)
Para1239's picture

Can someone tell me how I can send Hayley something(gift,...)? Please tell me. :)
domi120697's picture

przyjed?cie do Polski czekamy
beebbycak's picture

You're always welcome! :)
magdaleen_aa's picture

Prezencik z Polski :)
czikita207's picture

When I listen your music I feel the music, I'm losing control Of my mind, my body, my heart and my soul
sammrules's picture

mexico city yeahh!!!
sammrules's picture

Linda-louise's picture

Nom pretzels :P
SACerz's picture

Thats kinda cool. Hayley, i can tell that's your awesome house, and may i please have a pretzel?
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xlovexparamorex's picture

Polish fans love you very much!?
yugo fharhemus's picture

paramore the best
NikiLoveParamore's picture

'cause it's polish people. That's my idea & thx admins for that they did it. crazy pants & floor Hay :D
nasutar's picture

I love the floor and pants too. Especially the floor. I will have that kind of floor when I grow up!
AliceParamoreFan's picture

how can we send a letter to paramore???
Para_Blueeyes's picture

i like the floor and her pants:P lol
Dhea13's picture

polkadot pants, hayley?
PRMR's picture

Rock Yeah!
sndr_pl's picture

yeah, i'm so proud ! :D
Parawhore_129's picture

it's awesome PARAMORE it's fucking awesome i love it somuch ;D the best band of the world
Shannley's picture

This is awesome! c:
primachips's picture

I'm very pround. Poland is the best! :D Please, come back to us ;))
AbundanceOfAleks's picture

Poland is the best !!!! :D
Jon Riot's picture

So cool, awesome
para-i-want-more's picture

that is really cute!
LittleMonster's picture

We Love You, Paramore! ;**