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Posted by fueledbyadam


Koniih.-'s picture

he looks so tired :/ And I think that the tattoo is another religious one, like an angel 'cause I can clearily see the wings and the orange might be the clouds. I'm sure that its an awesome tattoo!
Sadat's picture

why so serious? lol, nice pic
blueink's picture

nice pic :D
frnk's picture

I'm dead! *-* OMJ! so hawt;;) Kat is a veeery lucky lady, lol, btw we NEED to see a picture of that new tattoo, I've been begin one for ages come on!
jessyneuenhofen's picture

I think he needs sleep
Jon Riot's picture

can we please see more of the tattoo
Quinta1231's picture

hmshkshsfff :D
Martyna_I_am's picture

so sweet :* and ur tatoos *_* AWESOME!!
itslilianayall's picture

Let us see more of your tattoo Jerremy!! (:
schzimmyizzy's picture

oh, he's so perfect :)
madeleine0310's picture

Nice, very nice
lookingup's picture

cuuuuuuuuute ?
G.a.b.i's picture

jsdhygcfkjsd jermmmmmmmmm
Arantxa Cuvas's picture

*w* awwww I love you!
shinylizard's picture

baby cute
shinylizard's picture