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From The Field: Cleveland

From The Field: Cleveland
Posted by ParaWebCrew
September 15, 2011
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on September 15, 2011 - 1:01pm
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Yasmine101's picture

Its funny because I use the word punk so much so when I saw this I got so happy! :)

"What's up Punk" I'm going to start using that now! LOL
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kalyuParamore's picture

Hayley and her hair real fire
LilytheParawhore's picture

Love the microphone XD
Leonardo_16's picture

The band is Hilarious XD
KarlaWilliams's picture

I loved the microphone :)
Cami Tejeiro's picture

I love the microphone! :D
fuckingloveparamore116's picture

oh hayley you and your brush
alexiizdewilliams's picture

i love the microphone
dull's picture

I love the hairbrush microphone :D
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Rylee's picture

Tattoo sheet has a triforce!
Rylee's picture

Skyhole.. haha XD I would steal the hairbrush. BWAHAHAHA! bandcamp reference!!!
xlovexparamorex's picture

I love PNN and this microphone ?
Matilde Angarita's picture

Taylor I love all your crazy dances! could you come and make a dance in my home please? jajaja LOL Love you guys
TheHBOMB's picture

i just absolutely love this video! ?
IPutMyHeartOnTheLine's picture

i only just realised the her mic's a hairbrush
IPutMyHeartOnTheLine's picture

the sky-hole, nice
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Paramoreisawesome456's picture

Paramore is awesome
paraMORE3_70's picture

i love this videeeeeeeeeeeo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Estephie SSponge's picture

who does not love paramore?!!!!! jajaja i love this video i love all the videos here at! all the videos are awesome the fan videos,music videos and others videos with them it just make me happy!
LastSecondChance's picture

Really need to see Paramore live, would be f*cking amazing!! :D
dandelion in spring's picture

Everytime when I see Taylor in a video I want to hug him I mean he is so cute and so funny:D I love him so much,and I love Jeremy so much,and I love Hayley so much!!
P_A_R_A_M_O_R_E_-'s picture

I love paramore :D
parawhore98's picture

And i missed this..........
The-only-AngelP's picture

I will luv 2 see Paramore live!!!! Come on guys Puerto Rico needs you!!!
misguidedghosttw86's picture

forever loving the pressure flip! :D