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Twister is coming true. Dude for realZz I hate tornados. Ever since twister.

Twister is coming true. Dude for realZz I hate tornados. Ever since twister.
Posted by Hayley


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TWISTER is an awesome movie :)
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i think you have an emergency! lol see what i did there? ;)
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the song by paramore "emergency" comes to my head. "I think we have an emergency"
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I think we have an Emergency.
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Thanks God you survived!
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i've never seen a tornado with my own eyes!
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i've never experienced one!
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and ACTA of course...
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Yeah, come to Poland. we have snow :D
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Oh no! Run Hayley!!! We'll protect ya'!
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thx God i live in Poland ;] come to Poland Hay ;D
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oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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I'd be pretty terrifying... We don't really have these in France...
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i think we have the same TV...
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:I Hope you guys don't get injured!
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"(...)Heaven knows that you're safe... And better than ever.(...)"

Aaaaah scary!!!
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Hayley you should sing so loud and blow it away!! Plz be safe dont wanna lose u people!!
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be safe!! :O
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I`m worry about you guys!:(
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In twister ;o
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It's okay, th only thing that matters is that you're all safe now guys!
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Hope your house is alright!!!and all I worry is you Hayley =">
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really? keep your self. I worried about this :(
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Don't get sucked into Ox, or we won't get anymore music from you.
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You're ok now ?? :O
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Tell me about it. I hate twister too. Hope you be okay hayley. We're all counting on you.