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Leavin on a jet plane

Leavin on a jet plane
Posted by taylor


immaparawhore_2's picture

i think you should fly to copenhagen..
paramoreluvur's picture

You better be on a plane to LA to record the new album :)
amelie4l's picture

I love pmre
18eabbade's picture

I Don't know what "Hey Nostradamust" is ( thing in the seat pocket) but I like it Also, LOVE YOUU TAYLOR! :D
paramanic4ever's picture

come 2 the uk!!!
Tinamore's picture

it better land in the netherlands :)
HeadbangWithHayley's picture

Ooh England a stop off point I hope! ;)
Haayleyelyah's picture

te amo taylorrrrrrrrrr
Eliana14's picture

I? TAY???
Little_One's picture

come to Newcastle come to Newcastle come to Newcastle :D:D:D:D please we miss you and i missed your show last time at the arena cause i had my own gig to go to but yeah seriously Newcastle!! :D
paramore.fan_2's picture

So um where you going? England hopefully?
lovesickmel0dyy's picture

taylor water you guys doing wekjfsdkfsd
Emilio Marandet's picture

:O Nostradamus! xD
stevenvdp's picture

you're making us realllllly curious !!!
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BlackRose939♪'s picture

Where you off to?? Lol XD