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Dan Smith is the man. I'm stoked on it.

Dan Smith is the man. I'm stoked on it.
Posted by taylor
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nasutar's picture

Whoaaa it's on arm isn't it?
Wafi Mohamad's picture

that is insane tattoo!
Allison_9's picture

OMGGG NO FREAKIN WAY! Dan Smith from LA ink??!? daaaaaamn!! that tattoo is GOLD!
It's_Beth_Y'all's picture

that's amazing. i love how your tattoos are on the same arm, its so cute (: xxx
Para_Blueeyes's picture

OMG!!!!!!!!!! duuude that looks pretty cool:) really goos job! It really is pretty. ahh!!:) i love it
MyEldest's picture

Insanely pretty. Wow.
bekah1513's picture

That is so beautiful
AnneNichole's picture

Now I want both - the tattoo and you.
krysrokk's picture

thats beautiful!
danielalp55's picture

that is the most beautiful tattoo i have ever seen i think im getting one like that or something
Emma3'sparamore_2's picture

That is pretty beautiful :) Roses like a boss.
ParamoreHannah's picture

looks a bit like Hayley's tattoo!!!
ZoeElizabeth_2's picture

Thats amazing! Its beautiful! :D
Renegade_4's picture

That's a sweet tattoo!
matthewRIOT's picture
matthewRIOT's picture
T-Bald37's picture

Awsome tattoo!!!!
JerissonH's picture

xD.. Awesoomee!
Samara Alice's picture

Taylor *-------------------* I loveYou. You are beautiful *------------*. E essa tatuagem ficou ótima *------*
SaraRoomero's picture

Nice? GENIAL!! I love you Tay?
Ken5na's picture

That is so beautiful! Really, really nice..
Nick A07's picture

Nice tattoo. Who's is it i wonder?
lud_3's picture

that is beutiful, awesome... I WANT TOO!! xp
Fredia Aylin Sanchez Clemente's picture

wow! is perfect beautiful! i love you! Taylor I love You!
Eliana14's picture

I Love Your New Tattoo Is Divine??? Looks Good???
ReinaCatz Reyes's picture

I love it, Especially the black and grey shading:)
paramoregaga11's picture

Oh my gosh, that is beautiful. I love it! ^_^
paramanic4ever's picture

Norisha17's picture

Beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.< :D
makesomecoffee's picture

awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , :3