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Dan Smith is the man. I'm stoked on it.

Dan Smith is the man. I'm stoked on it.
Posted by taylor


nasutar's picture

Whoaaa it's on arm isn't it?
Wafi Mohamad's picture

that is insane tattoo!
Allison_9's picture

OMGGG NO FREAKIN WAY! Dan Smith from LA ink??!? daaaaaamn!! that tattoo is GOLD!
It's_Beth_Y'all's picture

that's amazing. i love how your tattoos are on the same arm, its so cute (: xxx
Para_Blueeyes's picture

OMG!!!!!!!!!! duuude that looks pretty cool:) really goos job! It really is pretty. ahh!!:) i love it
MyEldest's picture

Insanely pretty. Wow.
bekah1513's picture

That is so beautiful
AnneNichole's picture

Now I want both - the tattoo and you.
krysrokk's picture

thats beautiful!
danielalp55's picture

that is the most beautiful tattoo i have ever seen i think im getting one like that or something
Emma3'sparamore_2's picture

That is pretty beautiful :) Roses like a boss.
ParamoreHannah's picture

looks a bit like Hayley's tattoo!!!
ZoeElizabeth_2's picture

Thats amazing! Its beautiful! :D
Renegade_4's picture

That's a sweet tattoo!
matthewRIOT's picture
matthewRIOT's picture
T-Bald37's picture

Awsome tattoo!!!!
JerissonH's picture

xD.. Awesoomee!
Samara Alice's picture

Taylor *-------------------* I loveYou. You are beautiful *------------*. E essa tatuagem ficou ótima *------*
SaraRoomero's picture

Nice? GENIAL!! I love you Tay?
Ken5na's picture

That is so beautiful! Really, really nice..
Nick A07's picture

Nice tattoo. Who's is it i wonder?
lud_3's picture

that is beutiful, awesome... I WANT TOO!! xp
Fredia Aylin Sanchez Clemente's picture

wow! is perfect beautiful! i love you! Taylor I love You!
Eliana14's picture

I Love Your New Tattoo Is Divine??? Looks Good???
ReinaCatz Reyes's picture

I love it, Especially the black and grey shading:)
paramoregaga11's picture

Oh my gosh, that is beautiful. I love it! ^_^
paramanic4ever's picture

Norisha17's picture

Beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.< :D
makesomecoffee's picture

awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , :3