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Paramore at Reading and Leeds

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on March 12, 2012 - 5:12pm

Paramore have been announced as one of the headliners for the 2012 Reading and Leeds festivals alongside The Cure.


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Oh cool. Where is this gonna be at?
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Yes!!! I'm going to be working at Reading Festival this year, so I get to see them for free! Best news EV-ER!
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Oh I wish I lived in the UK. PLEASE COME BACK TO SWEEDEN :D
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I'm moving to England.
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YAAAAYYYYY I cannot wait for this!! I wasn't going to go, but once I saw Paramore were there, I just had to
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Crap, why don't I live in the UK? COME TO SWEDEN AGAIN!
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WHEN IN THE NAME OF GOD WILL YOU COME TO GREECE? sidenote: I love how you put the bars sign next to the name :')
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Please come to South Africa... Or do a UK tour in June, in London, we going to be there for download, but cant stay for reading :( Please!!! Need to see PARAMORE live :D
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GOT MY TICKETS!!!!!!!!! I'll be sure to stalk Paramore after they perform ;D
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got my ticket :D can't wait!!! it's going to be awesome!!
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I'm SO near Reading!! -Needs To Breathe- :')
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Yay!! I Love It,I Love It,I Love It,I Love It!
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Please come to Pukkelpop Belgium 18/08 !! You guys are so damn amazing!! ^ And you've got a lot of fans here!
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Wow. Paramore AND The Cure ANd Foo Fighters AND BBC AND The Vaccines AND YMAS and Kasabian AND.... too much goodness all in once place.
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Omg just Paramore alone are enough for me to want to go plus so many great bands, Must save up the money for it, i want to go soo bad this year :)
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so epic omg. congrats dudes
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Wooooo YEAHH! Live stream plz???!!?
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The Black Keys, Florence + the Machine, and PARAMORE!!!!!!!!!!! Can I just live at this festival for all three days!
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Ticket for Leeds bought literally seconds after hearing Paramore were playing! CANNOT WAIT!
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stoked... even though i dont live there :P
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Utah.. just.. come to Utah. Please?
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please come back to argentina!!
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so is this like a tour? or a one day thing? and how does everyone know that is not in US?
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GUUUUUUUUYS! PLEASE COME BACK TO ARGENTINA! I can't go last year D: I cry a lot but I know if you come back, I will go and I be the happiest girl in the whole world. Please! Come back :) I love you guys! ?
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Why do I have to live in Denmark so I can't see you guys live?! GAAAAH! But you know, cool anyway :D
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Kind of far away :(