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Ping Pong Battle

Ping Pong Battle
Posted by Paramore
July 21, 2009
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on July 21, 2009 - 4:35am
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Josh and Zac have a ping pong battle.



PauloIdanan's picture

I miss themmmm :(
Rayeniwis's picture

jaajosjaosjosjosjoajsoasjoajs :3
aika_fromphilippines's picture

they were so cute!
Renan Pires's picture

I miss 'em, but I think paramore is so much better now.
maddy loveu45's picture

I miss them, they were my favs. The band sound different now. Still fantastic but different :(
ILoveParamoreAndHungerGames's picture

x[ Miss them
Carla Webster's picture

Aw I miss them:(
naectro's picture

they shall come back...
Leusee's picture

They are so funny :DD
nicoleherdman's picture

even though they left, i won't 4get them.....:(
PRMR's picture

Why you left the band you were part of them
PRMR's picture

Hahahah you're so funny guys
flash_persona's picture

I miss them! i don't care what anyone else says! 2:21 :) his totally cocky expression... he doesn't know that he's 'bout to get his ass whipped!
parawhore98's picture

okay, people they moved on, Josh got married and Zac didnt want to be without his brother,be happy that paramore is still here/: ok?
Toxic X_X's picture

Gosh, I miss them so much.
PlayingLoki's picture

This never fails to make me laugh... and cry. I miss the Farros so much :(
hellyeahwilliams's picture

I MISS THEM!! This makes me so sad :(
lupita800's picture

i miss the guys too their hailrous
PARAMORE_90's picture

man i miss them so much :(
Cat Rayner's picture

josh and zac are so funny together
Snyder_B-ball12's picture

Dude, i love this. One of the funniest videos ever lol
jramos17's picture

wow this is one of the funniest videos i´ve ever seen, this guys are amazing, to bad they are no longer with the band
lena_4's picture that's so funny!!!!
paola watson's picture

jaja I love this video
ToeYoe's picture

wkakwakwa, this sick !!!
Hug_Me's picture

I laughed at their faces miss them !!!!!!! but paramore its still awsome
MileLovesParamore's picture

ParamoreFreak9083's picture

This is an intence battle! LOL
kikoq's picture

hha LOL XD
YeahYork's picture

lol whenever I am sad i watch this!