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A really cool truck I saw today

A really cool truck I saw today
Posted by taylor


MeganWilliams's picture

awsome!!! :)
Celya Ayu's picture

wooow. it's cool!
Luis Arvizu Miguel's picture

Awesome, i wnat one i like...
secretus aderator's picture

siiiick :D
doodlesnatch's picture

I love how that hog accents the magenta color to the opposite side of that pink Lightning. I can't believe taste like this is still around.
AParapuchis's picture

Wahhhh! thats awesome man :DD :P

Ahh, I want one!
cheesedOOdle.'s picture

sick pic. i like the reflection going on on your car. with the tennessee in the middle. veyy niiicee.
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Great!! xD :D
Bartman2001's picture

Sweet indeed! Too bad it's not a Chevy!
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lol.. really cool..
allweknowisbecca's picture

smart...<3 xx
vick_rr's picture

wow,,remember a7x :)
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Awesome truck!
shaddaloso's picture

cool :)
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WOW! supersuper *-*
ikey's picture

woow.. thats really cool design
Cezar Williams's picture

tinacious's picture

piece of art you can drive around
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Sem comentários, baby *-* rs
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Haha, wow, that looks epic!
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Hey Taylor! Your right, cool truck.
♫unkonown♫'s picture

That is one awesome truck! ♥
lelio junior's picture

super ♥ fodaaa!!!! ;-)
Carla_29's picture

WOW! that's cool!!cool truck
Renegade_4's picture

That's sweet! I've seen an underwater scene mural before too.
Nick A07's picture

Where did that come from?