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Got this print today from Gallery 1988.

Got this print today from Gallery 1988.
Posted by Hayley

Got this print today from Gallery 1988. Ariel in floaties... Heheh!


A_Parawhore's picture

oh so cute! :D
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Wow! It's awesome. I love you and Ariel <3 no matter what! :D
paleta_kooqeta's picture

^^ se parecee a mi kaudnooooo tenia el pelo rojo xD
Bravo_Two_Six's picture

thats pretty awesome :)
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R▌▌▌carda's picture

You and Ariel! The perfect combination! Hayley, I'll always love you!
LaGirl's picture

I'm so excited we have the same print! I went to the opening last week and got #1 of 25. Twinsies!
allweknowisbecca's picture

haha cayoot!<3
eve_paramore's picture

is so tender and sweet! makes me want to get an so image in my room!!very very beautiful! evelyn from argentina
Haayleyelyah's picture

it's beauty and cute... like you!! i love you hayley
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Lavinia Pires's picture

Is cute!
Pablo.a's picture

It's so nice! :3
lud_3's picture

it's beauty and you :)
Nisia's picture

Nice ;D
PARAMORE_11_3's picture

so cute
HeadbangWithHayley's picture

Thats soo cute :')
mariia parawhore's picture

ohh is fantastic...
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Does STARfish could be a rockSTAR ?
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Wow!! :D really nice!
SACerz's picture

aww thats awesome! i love ariel!