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Paramore Wins At Teen Choice Awards

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on August 8, 2011 - 4:12pm

Congratulations to Paramore for winning two Teen Choice Awards last night! They were named Choice Rock Group and the latest single 'Monster' was chosen as Choice Rock Track. Thank you to everyone who voted for the band to win!


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i voted like hundreds of times!!! lol love you guys
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Bakan! Paramore es lo mejod!
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=) well done
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fico muito perfeita essa foto *-*,
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congrats, guys =D sorry for commenting late. I've known this news since that time, but I can only congratulate you guys this time.
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YES! They deserve this award :D ^_^
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So glad u won the awards, the right people won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
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Congrats!:) you deserve the awards!:)
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Yous sure deserve your awards. :D Keep up with the good work! congrats
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you deeserve it, thank you so much.
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I voted for them:')?
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:D U realli deserved them!!!
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OMG YESSS I voted like 10 million times for paramore!!!
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congrats! paramore is a great band ever! I like I like I like I like :*
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you guys are awesome and deserve the award.
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Awwww...U R welcome guys...We did our best to vote for U!!!
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woohoo !! Go Paramore !!
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Congrats!! I voted every day and i'm so proud of you guyss (:
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Congrats Paramore!!!!!!!!!!!!! You deserved that.. I voted for you till my fingers broken!! :D I am sooo happy for you!
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of course!!!!! ohh yeahh!! paramore the winner!!!! wujuuuu!!!!! congrats guyss!!! i freakin love paramore!!!
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CONGRAAAATS.. i love you guys! You deserve thaaat :D
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congrats guys
I'll Never Let This Go's picture

congrats!!! you totally deserve it
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victory is ours ! :D
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yayy :)