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Jeremy's Flip at Reading Festival

Jeremy's Flip at Reading Festival
Posted by fueledbyadam
September 02, 2012
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on September 2, 2012 - 12:39pm
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Jeremy's flip during 'Pressure' at Reading Festival 2012.



Cecilie J.L's picture

He did it again, lovely boy!
JustAngie's picture

perfect as always *.*
Daai's picture

i'm sorry but Jeremy you're a s*of P¨* hahaha in Argentina it's like say "you are a great person" )? haha what people say is defy the gravity <3 :)
LariRioT's picture

@Biapoltronieri's picture

Amazing!! I love you Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor!!
DrDreiJoe's picture

briellasga's picture

OMG!!!!!! how can you do this, Jerm?? *o*
IaraWilliamsSykes's picture

I love this!! Jeremy voce é muito linda fazendo o flip!(♥)
Yasmine101's picture

I am proud to say that I walk around my school with a Paramore backpack. :D
J4N1_P4R4MOR3's picture

Wooow!! Jeremy's flip is so amazing <3
Sing it back 2 me's picture

AMAZING!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I WAS THERE!!!! <3
natbro's picture

i think thats one thing people wait for at paramore shows, love it :)
cuyi's picture

OMG jeremy is crazy *-* love it
Paramorealive's picture

oh Jerm you're so awesome.
jasmine84's picture

Love it :)
valadouladrakaki's picture

only some monkeys and Jeremy can do this :D
madee's picture

Can't wait to hear the new album!!! So excited.
Isa_Paramore_2's picture

Wow is awesome c:
larasn's picture

breakie20 @FansFrParamore's picture

Yeah, you rock Jerm ! :D