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Love my new tattoo!

Love my new tattoo!
Posted by Hayley
January 27, 2012
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on January 27, 2012 - 11:58am
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Represents me and my 2 sisters. Each unique and yet still growing together.



AngelInCamo's picture

Haley, I love your music and love the fact that your basically saying its ok to me different. Plus i love what your tattoo actually is.
tintinb.'s picture

whats the tattoo??
AlineAguiar's picture

'o' gostei muito! voce é um exemplo pra min hayley!e sem esquecer eu ♥ seu cabelo !. inglish: 'o' liked very much! you are an example to me hayley! without forgetting and I ♥ your hair!
Lara Anne's picture

<p>what an awesome tattoo&lt;3 but don't get to inked up Hayley, your skin is so beautiful and pure naturally:)</p>
Wisewolf's picture

Hayley, keep your body pure ^ ^
eNnophie's picture

awesome.....but I prefer a little tattoo on your sexy body
jeanie14's picture

iloveparamore101's picture

Wow thats cool on a scale of 1-10 how much did that hurt?
fredrusli's picture

ouw, hayley.... stop making your body dirty !!!
AdePriantoSD's picture

yeah!! \M/
theempire567's picture

what is the tattoo of? still since a member of paramore got it,it must be a bad ass tattoo btw i know her names hailey
maniii111's picture

I want a Paramore tattoo...when I'm allowed.
gothickgyrl's picture

yay go hayley. i have lots and i love them xx
MariaMinieriRoby's picture

ParamoreFTSK's picture

Looks like it would really hurt, especially in the place that it's at.
headphonesup's picture

I want one! :)
hector espina's picture

es un dragón?? o tal vez un mapache cabreado??
ClaraBlue's picture

wow... awesome♥
American Tragedy's picture

Oh no, not again... Hayley, listen, stop, please!
lostgirlluver's picture

it looks like it hurts at first, but afterwards it must be worth the pain.
fade909's picture

<p><em><strong>coooolll </strong></em></p>
hayleymyidol's picture

thats a big tattoo. must hurt a lot :(
MayMichellynMoran's picture

its BIG!
tchoune82's picture

Damn !! it's a BIG tattoo, ouch :(
LariRioT's picture

Aposto que ficou linda >< tudo na hayley ficca lindo #WeLoveParamoreForever
HrissW's picture

awesome <3
drylrocks's picture

You are the coolest everrr!!
yamilet constanza's picture

if I cn just makes me your name and a symbol of the beautiful butterfly .. all in honor of you that are best
like.this.97.11's picture

The only tattoo i'd like to have is a red butterfly with the world : PARAMORE !!! We <3 u hailey ! P.S. veeeery big tattoo, it must hurt :/ But it's beautiful, like u <3

jajajaajjaja muy hermosa hahahaha