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  • Twilight
    November 25, 2008


  • Twilight

    How can I decide what's right? When you're clouding up my mind, I cant win you're losing fight all the time. Now can I ever own what's mine? You're always taking sides but you won't take away my pride, not this time. No not this time.

    How did we get here? I used to know you so well.
    How did we get here? I think I know

    The truth is hiding in your eyes and its boiling in my blood, just hanging on your tongue... but you think that I can't see what kind of man that you are, if you're a man at all. Well, I will figure this one out on my own

    I'm screaming I love you so
    (On my own)
    But my thoughts you can't decode

    How did we get here? I used to know you so well
    How did we get here? I think I know

    Do you see what we've done? Gone and made such fools of ourselves.

    How did we get here? I used to know you so well
    How did we get here? Why won't you show yourself?
    I think I know

    Oh there is something I see in you
    It could kill me but I want it to be true.

  • Twilight
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November 25, 2008
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Theresapart2's picture

All my favorite things wrapped in one
IvanCris's picture

I really love Paramore and I'm very happy that my favorite movie has a soundtrack from my favorite band. Decode is awesome
andik esudowin's picture

go go go ...
sheibenitez's picture

Amo Decode, amo Paramore, Amo Twilight ♥
paramoresavedmylife .'s picture

aronoliveira's picture

Very good!
paramore rocks 1997's picture

I love twilight + Paramore. My favorite song is The only Exception. Love it <3
keepcalmPARAMOREon3000's picture

MY two favorite things: PARAMORE<3 and TWILIGHT.
paramore_riot07's picture

i love paramore especially hayley...very pretty xxxx
ParamoreSimone's picture

i loooove paramore
Rodrilorini's picture

MoisesCampos's picture

Soy de peru.. y amo decode en peru se dice amanecer.. el español de twiligth los amo hayley jeremy taylor los conoci de tres y despues descubri que antes eran cinco pero para mi son paramore lll los amo saludos desde perú
chihayafuru's picture

I really love Paramore! I love their songs! And I love Hayley! <a href="">how to buy instagram follower</a> <a href="">how to buy instagram followers</a>
KarEnJulietPerezUsuga's picture

me encantó
luis arvizu's picture

good songs, but the series is not very good
AngelinBlack's picture

I don't like twilight but I love these songs!
lizisparanormal's picture

lizzylovesparamore's picture

god, decode is amazing!! sucks that they RARELY play it on the radio </3 they should though cause its such a good song..... better than those dumb annoying rihanna songs!
CamiParawhore's picture

I'm listening all album from paramore haha <3
LovelyIsabella's picture

Katerine Mishelle's picture

Felixsz's picture

Its_Esther_4ever's picture

i listen to theses songs on my ipod everyday; Its an Umbreakable habit
prettylittleliar's picture

LOVE this song <3
BetyParawhoreForever's picture

Hayley, i love you *-* !
RjDancy's picture

i love this song im a big fan.
JanenMoneraCortesLegarde's picture

i so love you guys
silia adams's picture

love them so much! <3
brenda atziri's picture

I love this super song decode!! i love paramore, are the maximum
Akbar Gaskarth's picture

its cool