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duet with Hayley Williams?

  • duet with Hayley Williams?
    Posted on Apr 24, 2010
    faye=) says
    Edited on March 30, 2012

    someone you would like to have a duet with hayley williams?

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on April 24, 2010 - 4:32am

someone you would like to have a duet with hayley williams?

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RossC's picture

A clone of Hayley Williams. Who's with me people? :D

Bonjour's picture

@Matt yeah that would be cool too. I loved when she did a live duet with him singing Always Attract.

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I would love to here her do a duet with the Swellers.

MidnightFelicis97's picture

Josh Francheschi's voice goes well with hers.

Alex''s picture

Lady Gaga or Kings of Leon :D

haylez. ♪♥♫'s picture

We the Kings.
All Time Low.
And Juliet Simms from Automatic Loveletter.
Either of those would turn out amazing!

FueledbyParamore_10's picture

Amy Lee all the way. It would be awesome for them to sing together, first because they are two absolutely AMAZING singers, second because its two different kinds of music, and third because Paramore and Evanescence are two amazing bands.

It would also be cool for her to sing with Jen Ledger, she is the drummer for Skillet(another AMAZING band) and she has a great voice as well.

ShelbyTaylor3's picture

Lacey Moseley or Casadee pope!

WeaknessIsOurStregnth's picture

me!!!! i wish... ok, maybe avril?

SWeight's picture

amy lee!

paramore_freak_6's picture

Travis McCoy :P (:

AustraliaNeedsMoreParamorexx's picture

i agree with @ThisHeart_ItBeats... i rekon that would be AWESOME!!! because they both have such unique voices, it would be perfect. Or some one like The Cranberries. im not too sure though

CornFlake's picture

i think she should sing with alex from all time low or juilet from attomatic loveletter or lady gaga!!!! or meeeeee

ThisHeartItBeats's picture

hmm...... id say lacey mosely from flyleaf. they both have amazing voices

Ginga Da Ninja ಠ_ಠ's picture


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Some country star... so that she'd be singing a country song.. because THO I LOVE PARAMORE better... when hayley sang that country song in nashville she WAS PHENOMENAL.. so either a country singer..... or Ke$ha that'd be effin' hilarious & amazing .. & there both from tennesee

ParamoreKitty♫♥'s picture

MEEEEEEEE! do i count????

Qùεsτ4morΣ's picture

.. yeah . it's right

Qùεsτ4morΣ's picture

.. manny pacquiao .. ! ugh . i didn't even spelled it right .. lol .. ahaha . *google*

xXdecodemythoughtsXx's picture

yes hayley williams def
and maybe Kasey Smith from Romance On A Rocketship

jazeeyamoree's picture

im thinking...AMY LEE!
or p!nk :)