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Favorite Quotes from Paramore Song

  • Favorite Quotes from Paramore Song
    Posted on Dec 15, 2009
    mynameis... says
    Edited on March 30, 2012

    what is your fav quotes from PARAMORE song?


    MINE IS :

    1. next time u put a finger, i'll point u to the mirror (playing God)

    2. im going away for awhile but i'll be back dont try to follow me (misguided ghost)


    what about you?

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mynameis...'s picture
on December 15, 2009 - 10:14am

what is your fav quotes from PARAMORE song?



1. next time u put a finger, i'll point u to the mirror (playing God)

2. im going away for awhile but i'll be back dont try to follow me (misguided ghost)


what about you?

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XParamoreandMeX's picture

"I'm only human, I've got a skeleton in me, but I'm not the villain despite what you're always preaching. Call me a traitor, I'm not collecting your victims, and they're getting stronger. I gear them calling, they're calling..." -"Monster"

"What do you actually expect? A broken mirror to reflect? You know anklebiters gave you a false perception. And why do I defend your ignorance? Oh, why do I defend the state you're in?" - "Anklebiters"

"Tell me where our time went, and if it was time well spent. Just don't let me fall asleep, feeling empty again." - "Pressure"

"Second chances they don't ever matter, people never change." - "Misery Business"

"That's what you get when you let your heart win." - "That's What You Get"

"Ignorance is your new best friend." - "Ignorance"

"It's really not your fault that no one cares to talk about it, talk about it." - "Emergency"

knbmusic's picture

It's not that I don't feel the pain it's just I'm not afraid of hurting anymore -Last Hope
It's not faith if you use your eyes -Miracle

pkemp1992's picture

I made a list for my phone to cycle through randomly to display on my phone homescreen.

The first one is my next tattoo (as a programmer)

worst_eyebags's picture

<p>Keep your feet on the ground,when your head on the cloud - brick by boring brick you don't deserve a point of view,if the only thing you see is you - playin god it such a cold cold world,and its got me down,(hello cold world),but l'll be right back as long as it spins around - hello cold world</p>

firebolt's picture

I'm only human I've got a skeleton in me.
Second chances they don't ever matter people never change.
Why do you care what people think?
You can't be too careful anymore, with all that is waiting for you.



Danceitblue's picture

She's ripping wings off of butterflies (Brick by Boring Brick) :D

simple savannah's picture

well maybe i know somewhere deep in my soul that love never lasts-the only exception

Jimmy96's picture

u know actually when I think about it their aren't many bits of any Paramore songs I don't like!

ParamoreTH's picture

crushcrushcrush - Rock and roll, baby
Don't you know that we're all alone now?
I need something to sing about
Rock and roll, hey

brick by boring brick- ba da ba da ba ba da ba da

careful - I settle down
A twisted up frown
Disguised as a smile

Klem's picture

We are broken, what must we do to restore our innocence and all the promise we adored ?

All the BNE Tour Intro

This heart, it beats, beat for only you. My heart is yours.

She lives in a fairy tale somewhere too far for us to find

Leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream

It might not be here where i feel safe
we all learn to make mistakes

You built up a world of magic
bcause your real life is tragic
If its not real u cant hold it in your hands
you cant feel it with ur heart
but if its true u can see it with ur eyes even in the dark

I'd never sing of love if it does not exist but darling you are the only exception

Now i'm told that this is the life and pain is just a simple compromise se we can get what we want

See i'm trying to find my place

woo lot xD

giliamarable's picture

open your eyes like iv'e opened mine, it's only the real world.
a life you would never know

Jimmy96's picture

Next time u point a finger i might have to bend it back and break it, brak it off!

Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone,
Just the one two I was always counting on.

ReadyToRock's picture

you're so right! :)

ReadyToRock's picture

none of it was ever worth the risk
But you are the only exception

it's so cute :>

sockpuppy's picture

can you remind me of a time when we were so alive? do you remember that? do you remember that? (franklin)

i never traded it 'cause i've always wanted this (looking up)

things are looking up well finally (looking up)

geez, there's so much more.. couldn't possibly write them all down. or even remember.

hayleywilliams rocker's picture

If only time flew like a dove. - Paramore's song Hallelugiah

This heart beats only for you. -My heart.

Could you remind me of a time when we were so alive. Do you remember that? Do you remember that?- Franklin

kaylaakentt's picture

I loves:

Where's your gavel? Your jury? What's my offense this time? (Ignorance)

I'm just a person but you can't take it. (Ignorance)

You can't be too careful anymore when all that is waiting for you won't come any closer. You've got to reach out a little more. (Careful)

We all learn to make mistakes and run from them. (Misguided Ghosts)

I watched his wildest dreams come true not one of them involving you. (Misery Business)

Well maybe you should tie me up so I don't go where you don't want me. (Playing God)

There is something I see in you. It might kill me, I want it to be true. (Decode)

Stay with me, this is what I need, please? (My Heart)

She lives in a fairy tale somewhere too far for us to find. (Brick By Boring Brick)

Well you built up a world of magic, because your real life is tragic. (Brick By Boring Brick)

I wonder how am I suppose to feel when you're not here. (That's What You Get)

triciamazing's picture

that's what you get when you let your heart win ..
- that's what you get -

forgetting all the memories try to forget love 'cause love's forgotten me
- decoy -

keep your feet on the ground, while your heads in the clouds ..
- BBBB -

now I've got a feeling if I sang this loud enough you would sing it back to me ..
- where the lines overlap -

and I'll confess that I can be a little selfish ..
- whoa -

seems like it getting harder to believe in anything and just to get lost in all my selfish thoughts ..
- turn it off -

I'd never trade it in, cuz I've always wanted this! It's not a dream anymore ..
- looking up -

I'm not going 'cause I've been waiting for a miracle ..
- miracle -

mynameis...'s picture

"stuck on u till the end of time" -stuck on you-

mayram.'s picture

i want to know what it'd be like to find perfection in my pride, to see nothing in the light. -turn it off

give us life again, cause we just wanna be whole. -we are broken

keep your feet on the ground, while your heads in the clouds. -bbbb

now ive got a feeling that if i sang this loud enough, that you would sing it back to me. -where the lines overlap

second chances they dont matter, people never change. -misery business

Tara Cullen-Farro's picture

@[J3LlyBlOb1234] Thank ya! I knew it sounded familair! Lol.

Annalizaaa's picture

1.) Things are looking up,finally(Looking Up)
2.)It's only the real world(Careful)
3.)No one is as lucky as us(Where the Lines Overlap)
4.)You don't know what love is(Emergency)
5.)Maybe if my heart stops beating it won't hurt as much(Never Let This Go)
6.)You built up a world of magic because your real life is tragic(Brick by Boring Brick)
7.)Screaming Hallelujah(Hallelujah)
8.)I got a lot to say to you(crushcrushcrush)

katie_89's picture

when i was younger i saw my daddy cry and curse at the wind. he broke his own heart and i watched as he tried to reassemble it. (the only exception)

tell me why, we live like this, keep me safe inside. your arms like towers, tower over me. (we are broken)

Where can I turn? Cause I need something more
Surrounded by uncertainties I'm so unsure of
Tell me why I feel so alone cause I need to Know to whom do I owe (conspiracy)

J3LlyBlOb1234's picture

@Tara Cullen-Farro Its from the Brand New Eyes Intro

Tara Cullen-Farro's picture

This heart. It beats. Beats for only you. (My Heart)
Once a whore, you're nothing more. I'm sorry that will never change. (Misery Business)
I'm just a person but you can't take it. (Ignorance).

I have alot more. Lol.

@Alimanium What song is that from? Is it the Ignorance intro from the concert?

J3LlyBlOb1234's picture

1)Open your eyes like I've opened mine, its only the real world.
2) I'm not the same kid from your memories, now I can fend for myself.
3)This heart beats for only you, my heart is yours
4)Oh, you are not useless, we are just misguided ghosts.
5) Next time you point a finger I'll point you to the mirror.
6) You treat me just like another stranger, well its nice to meet you sir I guess I'll go best be on my way out
7)I've seen love die way to many times when it deserved to be alive.
8)If God's the game that your playing well, we must get for aquianted because it hurts to be so lonely to be the only one whos holy.
9)Keep your feet on the ground with your head in the clouds.
10) I wonder how am I suppose to feel when your not here cause I've burned every bridge I've ever built when u were hear.
11)I can feel the pressure, its getting closer now we're better off without you
12)There's evil in your heart and it wants out to play.
(There are some more that I cant remember right now)!

LadyLoki's picture

if this counts
"god know the world doesnt need another band...but what a waste it would've been" and
"all the best whys to lie are told with fingers tied"

heyheynow's picture

"and daddy's not a hero, he stole your chariot"..for now.

SergioPlaza's picture

I thought that we'd make it
Because you said that we'd make it through
And when all security fails
will you be there to help me through(conspiracy)