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Feedback and Suggestions

  • Feedback and Suggestions
    Posted on May 24, 2010
    ParaWebCrew says
    Edited on May 20, 2013

    In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Paramore merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created a new “Feedback and Suggestions” category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

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ParaWebCrew's picture
on May 24, 2010 - 1:51pm

In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Paramore merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created a new “Feedback and Suggestions” category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

Wanna report spam? Check out the spam report thread!

Regarding PFC: Please read THIS update.


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-PiLoT-'s picture

Do you need any moderators? id happily do it. pm me

Ethneo's picture

We desperately need a Paramore show in South Africa. Please

LauraFernandez's picture

hi, I'm trying to complete the form sent to me by e-mail, but do not have the zip,
how do I get it?

dailyshow798's picture

Why am I not authorized to view Hayley's profile anymore I used to be able to but now I can't. Is it specific to me or is it a cite issue?

Vicki☮Paramore's picture

Is subscribing up to the newsletter still working?

wanted to check that i was signed up so i filled it all out but when i click subscribe it doesnt do anything, loads nothing. ?? xx

michelewu1's picture

I went to Monumentour yesterday and it was the best day of my life. I bought a Paramore official Monumentour t-shirt and I love it; I wore it all the way home. Unfortunately, I washed it last night (inside out and with warm water, just like the label says) and I was met with the paint coming off and now the paint is cracking. Theres a huge spot with the white paint completely off and I am so upset, I was really in love with this shirt.I'm disappointed that it was such a bad quality. The white paint came off all over my washer and other clothes. I was wondering if there was any way if I could maybe get a new one or a refund.

ashley_shauna's picture

Where can I find my exclusive member code? Ive looked everywhere and I really want to buy the bracelet but can't without my code.. reply asap thank you. xoxo

CoryHendrickson's picture

I have the same issue as M.SKRBEC9. I know I received an email back in April saying I have a code for M&G tickets, and I am wanting to go to the MN State Fair show on 8/28, but I never once saw a chance for me to use this code for M&G tickets. What's going on?

m.skrbec9's picture

Looking to go to the MN Grandstand 8/28 concert and get M&G tickets. Can someone please explain the process? Do I call or can I go online? I know I need a presale code, which I have one, but will it work? Someone told me I need a Fall out boy presale code. Please respond ASAP!

Viikeri's picture

Hey Paramore!
Me and my girlfriend are gonna have our first-year-anniversary day 25.6. and I REALLY want to give her something special. And that's why I am contacting you right now, right here.
My girlfriend, Karoliina Kuusinen, is a huge fan and she loves you so bad. She listens to you all the time and I've started to like you also as our one-year-journey has gone forwards. And yeah, I propose you a question that is it possible that you could send my girlfriend a simple hello. It doesn't have to be anything too complicated: like a short video, or picture or just a message or something. I bet she'd freak out if you did this to her. That would be SO amazing.
She is a really special girl to me and I just want to make her happy and with your help she wouldn't be more happier.
You really rock a lot and I wish you all the good. Keep doing what you're doing right now - that's the best way.
Bless you!
Teemu Viikeri, Finland

EwokKwok's picture

Hey. just wondering but i really want to get the paramore bracelet for members only. where do i get the exclusive code? thanks

riniel005's picture

HELP!!!!! i really need to find this shirt its my favorite. my artist friend decided to use it as a canvas :/ it was my favorite one. if anyone finds one let me know. I'm an xs. not likely but I'm hopeful. thanks

treblemelody's picture

Can someone please tell me if Fall Out Boy and Paramore Meet and Greets are at the same time? I'd like to do both Meet and Greets. Thanks!

generic username's picture

I want to delete my account, can't find a way to do it.

jacob wood's picture

will they be coming to england if so when because they will make a mint off it and why not a jumper with paramore latest album cover on it

iamagashman's picture

why is the site admin messing with my account? can't even send an email with explaination... LAME!

ksmith44's picture

Will there be m&g codes being sent out for the just announced show at summerfest in Milwaukee?

vmauro0206's picture

I really liked the zip up hoodie from the tour merch with the band name on the front and logo on the back but haven't seen it in the store. Will it eventually become available?

haleybugg21's picture

ive been waiting forever to get meet and greet tickets and I missed out on them again!!! how is it ever going to be possible. dream needs to come true!!!

James Lake's picture

My son wants to go to the Momentour. It's in a large city arena. At what age do you think it's okay to go? What types of things should be discussed beforehand with him? Any suggestions for him or me would be appreciated.

(I posted this question elsewhere, but couldn't find it when I logged back in. Hope that's okay.)

bvb916's picture

I Need Help!! I think I've gone blind. I really want to sign up for the mailing list, but I can't seem to find where I go to sign up for that. Everything I've read says to look in the upper right hand corner and that's not helping me! Can anyone help me out here???

IlyaFrolov3's picture

hello paramore, I from Russia, me 16, very much was pleasant your music, I badly know English therefore watched the translation of songs on sites, and now I translate the text in the translator, would like to communicate to you at least in correspondence on facebook, very much I hope that you will read it and you will answer))

Miss_Wildflower's picture

Hey does anyone know if there are meet and greets for the New Zealand concerts and if so how do you win them

WinTheWar's picture

Paramore has been a big influence in my life and I have enjoyed all of their music- that I can find and purchase. What I have a suggestion for is making all of their music available for purchase. In specific: The Summer Tic EP,2010 Summer EP, the B-Sides and all of the other songs only available on certain countries' releases and other such hard to obtain songs. The B-Sides released on the box set made me kind of disappointed because it was on vinyl and many, even if purchased, would have no way to listen to them. I thought the idea of the box set was a neat idea though! With the Summer Tic EP; I've seen many people searching for a way to purchase it.
Because of this demand and no way to purchase many of these songs, many resort to illegally downloading them which hurts Paramore. I would venture to guess that other people feel this,but I want to give my money to Paramore because I feel they are a great band and they have my respect. Their dedication to their fans is really inspiring!
This wild goose chase trying to find their songs is annoying, and I urge whomever is in charge of these kinds of matters to make a way that we can purchase their music! It makes me really sad that I can't support Paramore and that only a select few can obtain some of their songs. I don't know if there is a reason for songs only available through certain means. It makes me sad and disappointed but if there is a reason for it I'm all ears. Also, if ParaWebCrew can't help could you direct me to someone to contact about my request?
Thanks in advance to the ParaWebCrew, Paramore and their record label.
Love you Paramore!

Tolstoyce's picture

I would recommend making the Three Bars Vest (the one sold on the Self-Titled Tour) available in the store for Christmas! I would definitely buy it and I know a lot of other fans who couldn't make the tour really like it!!

doublavae02's picture

So. 8 years ago I met my long time girlfriend suzanne on friday night...november 15th I am planning on asking her to marry me. I would love for the band to do something as crazy as that request may seem. But if it weren't for the band all those years ago...we never would have met. If anybodyhas any suggestions, please let me know.


paradreamer17's picture

The store says my code for the member-only merch is invalid, is anyone else having this issue?

tragically_hip's picture

I just tried it on the bracelet and it worked
Have mine. KRxJlH

danzrlove's picture

I got a fake out on that code. It was accepted until I tried to pay for the item now it is saying it is invalid. I have attempted to cntact someone to find out when and how I will get my code. :(

paradreamer17's picture

Thanks! It worked! :D