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First Paramore Concert?

  • First Paramore Concert?
    Posted on May 10, 2010
    DassahluvsParamore says
    Edited on March 30, 2012

    When was your first Paramore concert and what was your experience?

    I have never seen them live before and they are finally coming close to me

    on may 16th in vegas so that will be my first concert im soo excited (:

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DassahluvsParamore's picture
on May 10, 2010 - 1:33am

When was your first Paramore concert and what was your experience?

I have never seen them live before and they are finally coming close to me

on may 16th in vegas so that will be my first concert im soo excited (:

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ParamoreISthebestband_2's picture

Its amazing.

Beware of Spock's picture

12.12.'09 in the o2 Dublin!!
I cried all night!!
And some girl was jumping on my feet cause she pushed in front of me and had her hair in my mouth so me and my sister shoved her at stood back at the barrier!!
And when I got home, my toes were swollen because of her!!

Fan_4_Paramore's picture

First time and only time was Sheffield Arena 11th November 2010.
Oh my gosh they were amazing :D
I wanted to cry , It was my birthday present :D

can't_be_too_careful's picture

First time I saw them was on the 2/2/08 @ Brixton Academy, London. :)
It was also my first concert EVER.
Such an amazing experience. Great support acts too; Conditions, Kids In Glass Houses and New Found Glory.

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@DassahluvsParamore, on my first Paramore concert(19/10/10)Hayley called out a man to sing Misery Business on stage!!! So yeah, i know how frustrating it could be not to be picked.Lol.
But i know you could be more frustrated since it's a girl AND beside you!

I spent half of my allowance for the month to get the front rows and yeah,it's definitely worth the money.
Though i wish i could catch any of the things the band throws to the audience. Getting a drum stick would be awesome.

PressureFlip's picture

february 2010. it's a shame they don't come to australia more often

Zander Star's picture

I was at that show in Vegas too I was on the floor like maybe a foot away from the stage. The first I saw them was Warped Tour in 2005.

dinaaaaahonfire's picture

16th November 2010 - Birmingham, England LG Arena
Brilliant, as expected.

Paralove♡'s picture

I was on the 4th December 2009 in Berlin! It was the fuckin best night of my life! Hayley pointed at me :D Omg they're so amazing live!! ;)

ytiacparamore's picture

9/5/10 Honda Civic Tour. I saw Jeremy, Josh, and Taylor walk onto the bus. I was the only one who saw Josh and Taylor. They were just laughing and having a good time, walking out of the building. But I was 100% sure it was them.

parawhore♥'s picture

my first concert will be in 57 days in argentina cant wait :D

mcfreezie's picture

auuugh! i've never seen a paramore concert. they came here to red rocks during late summer/early fall, and i didn't have enough money for a ticket :(

ALi P_2's picture

7/28/2010- Honda Civic Tour in Mansfield MA at the Comcast Center.
It was the best night of my life. i went with my best friend and it was so much fun!!!!!!!!!

mimicherif's picture

well 53 days until my first concert, i can't barely sleep.

miariama's picture

the first time i saw paramore was on the 30th of November 2009 in Stockholm (Sweden), i remember queuing for 8 hour until we finally were let in. we ended up in the first row on Taylors end of the stage. I think there were about five opening acts, it took about an hour util paramore came on stage, and they played the intro "your father told you once..". During the concert you felt so connected to the people in the arena, it was a pretty small concert with only 3500 people, i still get goosebumps when i think about it.
the second time i saw them was in London at the O2 on the 13th of novmber 2010. we had seats at the back of the arena but it was still amazing, the band was able to get the whole crowds to sing along, which is not an easy task when there´s 20 thousand people in the crowd. But the most amazing number was when they played the only exception, everyone had their phones in the air, i can´t even imagine what it must have looked like from the stage, but the only word to describe it is BEAUTIFUL.

paramoreislove_6's picture

My first paramore concert was in Bakersfield, CA BNE tour. I had tried to see them previous times but never got the chance so when I saw they were going to be "close" (three hours away) I bought the tickets immediately. I bought pretty good seats so it was AWESOME.
Later I found out they were going to be in Anaheim and bought those tickets too at the last minute and dragged my mom along, but I don't regret the long drive to Bakersfield.
When we went to the Anaheim show the band was actually outside signing stuff for people who won some radio contest and they gave away two cars. It was pretty awesome and surreal to see them that close. My mother was a little more excited than me...she really liked Taylor lol.

stacey beware of you's picture

i went to the Auckland New Zealand show on the 8th october, it was AMAZING, never been to a concert that good, ever

Izzy-Bella's picture

I went to the Honda Civic Tour August 15th. :D It was amazing. Me and my friends were 28 rows from the stage. And a girl from my art class was right in front of us, lol. But they were awesome and they let a girl come on stage. We were all jealous, haha. And my friend was there and got to meet them. D: Lol. He said they were really nice and down to earth.
And I really really really really hope I can go to another one this summer.

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yeah first was 2009 in cardiff, wales. it was amazing! but the last one i went to in november 2010 was the best ever.

DassahluvsParamore's picture

aha yeah def. a lot of head banging going on if you see paramore live (:

Emma -D's picture

My first Paramore concert was on the 12th December 2009.
My uncle and mum took my friend and I to Dublin.
It was brilliant. I was seriously stoked. My friend told our other friends I went mad.
Of course I did. It was an awesome night, and it would have been silly if I didn't headbang. :p

DassahluvsParamore's picture

aww hopefully youll get to see them this year or maybe next year. In september itll be my 2nd time seeing them live in concert. it is soo worth the money and time youll have so much fun (:

PRMRkelli's picture

Oh my god you guys are SOOOO FREAKIN' LUCKY!
I've never seen them live, but OOOH HOW MUCH I WANT IT :(
Closest to me was in Finland, November 29th 2009, but I couldnt go (I live in Estonia)
So yea, I'll just hope that they'll come here next time. :3

Halerrrs's picture

August 1st on the Honda Civic Tour!!! It was my first, and it was so amazing! I wasn't on the floor, but I was front row on the side. It was still awesome!!! And I got to meet them!!!! They were soo nice, it was the BEST night of my life!!! And I got to spend it with my best friend in the world, since we both loooove Paramore! There was so much energy, and I met some great new people that were sitting next to us and also standing next to us in line for the meet and greet. It may have been my first paramore concert, but definately NOT my last! ?

Ginga Da Ninja ಠ_ಠ's picture

My first is next week and I'm so excited!!!!!!! 8D

DassahluvsParamore's picture

I reccomend you definetly get floor seating its sooo much fun and hayley is alwasy calling people on stage the concert i went to she claled the girl RIGHT next to me on stage i was so mad like helooo hayley im right here! ha but it was still superr fun.

jumptheskyline's picture

i've seen them live three times now.
my first one was when they were with jimmy eat world.
it was april 25th, 2008 at RIT campus in NY.

it was amazing.
they're such a wonderful band live.
you'll love it

Sasha_5's picture

I've been trying to see them since forever!!! And finally my cousin bought tickets to see them on the Honda Civic Tour. So I finally go to see them this year. Usually, when I go to concerts, I'm in the pit, but for this, I was all the way in the back. I'm still planning to see them again...this time, in the pit!

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My first Paramore concert (and sadly my only one to date) was Wembley on the 18th of December 2009.
It was amazing, the atmosphere was crazy...and we got the first ever paramore on stage proposal! I was seated cause tickets sold so fast but i found that it didnt really matter too much because the view was amazing (i was also injured and couldnt stand for long periods of time)
When paramore came out i forgot about everything apart from the band and the music...and my friends screaming in my ear :D

Have a great time! =)