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Now that the Farro brothers have abandoned Hayley, what should we expect?

  • Now that the Farro brothers have abandoned Hayley, what should we expect?
    Posted on Dec 30, 2010
    D3stiny says
    Edited on March 30, 2012

    Do you think it's a good thing they left or a bad thing?

    I think it's a good thing, since clearly they have some issues. Have you read their personal statement, they slander Hayley and her family.

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on December 30, 2010 - 12:12am

Do you think it's a good thing they left or a bad thing?

I think it's a good thing, since clearly they have some issues. Have you read their personal statement, they slander Hayley and her family.

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its a negative thing that theyv left but josh's statement was pointless and the things he mentioned were totally unnecessary. he thinks by adding bible quotes all over the place hes justifying what hes sayin but it just makes it sound as if he thinks hes better than the rest of the band. il continue to support Paramore because they are in it for the music, all three of them are. with josh it just came down to money and who got their picture takin more.

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Jesus Christ! They left Paramore, not "abandoned Hayley!" If they weren't happy with where they were at in life and felt like the only way to be happy was to leave the band, then they can leave if they effing feel like it.
I have to agree with their "slander." It has always been about Hayley from the beginning, which is unfair to the rest of the band.

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I wouldn't say 'abandoned' :|

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they started the band! It is definitely a bad thing they left.

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I thought they'd left paramore; the band. Not just 'Hayley'.

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they seem selfish and ungreatful... greedy.

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who's gonna play the drums now? are they gonna have auditions? man i wanna go to that audition!

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who's gonna play the drums now? are they gonna have auditions? man i wanna go to that audition!

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oops I mean DECISION*

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People need to get over the fact that Josh and Zac left Paramore and MOVE ON! It's none of our business why they left. It's not our job to pick sides and create drama over nothing.
Yes, it's sad that they left, but we got to move on and support their discussion.

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when i listen to paramore songs right noww, i feel like crying honestly. that seems a little ridiculous, but it's true. mostly because i'm just so confused. i always said paramore was my soulmate band, everyone thing about them was perfect like they were designed just for me. but now they're not the same, and that just hurtssssssss. and cuz i don't know what's really happened, or why. they have a lot of reasons but i'm hearing so much. that it's the record labels fault, that hayley wanted to go solo and was using the band, blah blah. i really don't think that's true but i just don't know. and that's why it's so hard cuz i'll always love & support them oviously, but i just wanna know the truth.

also, josh and zac STARTED paramore, they were the first ones! so how do they turn their back on what they started?? and they made a commitment to the band, now they're not honoring it, either cuz they can't or don't want to deal with it anymore...either way, lot of respect lost.

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I LOVE LOVE HAYLEY VOCAL & LYRIC, hopefully Jeremy & Taylor can fill in J Farro shoes. Writhig BRILLIANT songs like Misgided Ghoust, Boring Brick & Misguided Ghosts & Decode.
NEW Album VERY VERY important to win all Paramore fans & to make NEW fans.

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I think here are not getting anywhere with your comments, first of all I want to say that I love Paramore, demos, its 3 albumnes, etc. But when these problems occur (which always occur in the bands) the thing becomes tense. At first, before writing this, I read a lot about what they wrote each of the parties, and do not know if it's true or not, because if we count each defends itself with its own arguments, I'd like to dijiera in an interview or on a concert that's what really happened. As for the fans who say that Jeremy and Taylor's leave aside, it has to do because the problem was not with them, was Hayleys v / s the Farro brothers, I hate when these events happen, for my Paramore had continued so long : (. And I really want to be back before the group, new members, I think, I is not the same. As to what they told each other find ugly, good ono know the truth, and I think that the best is a clarification soon.

Paramore forever!

Creo que aquí no estan llegando a ninguna parte con sus comentarios, primero que nada les quiero decir que amo a Paramore, sus demos, sus 3 albumnes, etc. Pero, cuando ocurren estos inconvenientes (que siempre ocurren en las bandas) se vuelve tensa la cosa. En principio, antes de escribir esto, lei mucha información sobre lo que escribieron cada una de las partes, y no sabemos si es verdad o no, porque si nos damos cuenta cada uno se defiende con sus propios argumentos, a mi me gustaría que se dijiera en una entrevista o sobre un concierto que es lo que paso realmente. En cuanto a los fans que dicen que Jeremy y Taylor los dejan aparte, eso tiene que ver porque el inconveniente no fue con ellos, fue Hayleys v/s los hermanos Farro, Yo odio cuando pasan estos sucesos, por mi Paramore hubiera seguido siempre asi :(. Y la verdad quiero que vuelvan a ser el grupo de antes, nuevo integrantes, creo yo, que no será lo mismo. En cuanto a lo que se dijieron unos de los otros encuentro feo, Buen ono sabemos la verdad, y creo que lo mejor es una

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They left because they were unhappy- ijust back off em eh!

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the farros can do what they need to do. but josh even said he wasn't trying to make hayley or her family look bad, he was just stating the true story in order to explain why he left.
and not that i'm saying they DID abandon anybody, but hayley's not the only person in paramore. does everyone forget about jeremy and taylor?

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they are total jerks for going about it the way they did. i mean, seriously, they didnt have to be so rude about it and throw hayley and her family under the bus like that. i also think its kinda fishy that they didnt say anything directly to their fans here on i think they were jealous and greedy. oh, and selfish too.

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Oh and, there is still jeremy and taylor, so stfu :)

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I don't support the farros at all. after what they said, they are very ungrateful for what happened to them. Just because Hayley's dad was a douche, doesn't mean Hayley was all for it.

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I feel it's their choice and I'll support the Farro brothers in whatever they choose to do in their future, but I am vehemently against the statement they made against Hayley and her loved ones, which reminded me they're still well within my definition of family. I love them and I'll support them, but sometimes I want to hunt them down and kick them for good measure.

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Yeah, what about Taylor and Jeremy?

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so paramore was only Josh Zac and Hayley?? and josh and zac only abandoned hayley? what about jeremy and taylor? they are part of the band too.

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Hayley ?? How do you think Jeremy and Taylor feel ?? This is how Josh and Zac felt because everyone just though paramore is Hayley Williams . Well it isn't , they left paramore because they were unhappy ...... they didn't leave Hayley

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Maybe Hayley abandoned Josh and Zac?

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they haven't abandoned hayley. and there's still 2 other guys in the band ya know. remember jeremy and taylor?

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They didn't "abandon" her
they have to do what they have to do
and Jeremy an Taylor are still there

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Abandoned is a powerful word. But they didn't just leave Hayley behind, they also left Jeremy, and Taylor. Plus, you can't be 100% certain that what the brothers said was true.

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Well they didn't abandoned Hayley, Cause she's not the only one in the band. So you must not be talking about paramore.

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abandoned is a harsh word

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They didn't abandon anyone
And it's not just Hayley.
There's Taylor & Jeremy too!!

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I agree with ThisHeart_ItBeats... It's an old topic and your being overly dramatic. :/