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    Posted on Apr 8, 2010
    fragilebrokenthings says
    Edited on March 30, 2012

    So here's the game :D

    Click on the last comment's profile & read it, then come back and say something about it, try to say more than 2 words, first one starts with mine:D


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fragilebrokenthings's picture
on April 8, 2010 - 1:46pm

So here's the game :D

Click on the last comment's profile & read it, then come back and say something about it, try to say more than 2 words, first one starts with mine:D


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alainamazing's picture

your picture made me laugh :) and my number one favorite movie is also The Avengers. :O and you have an awesome taste in music!

The Floor Is Made Of Lava's picture

can I call you Tony?? I think it's an awesome nickname!! oooohhh and I love Corpse Bride and just general Tim Burton's movies!! xD AND THE AVENGERS!!!!!!! baaahhh hehehehe and your avatar is lovely too :3 = you seem wonderful :)

TonyVandelinder's picture

tammy, you arent the only one who hasnt been to a paramore concert. i have never been to any concert sadly.

always_seeking's picture

I have an aunt who lives in Australia, and your taste in music is very good =)

thatredhead.'s picture

I love your profile picture! It's so creative. I'm a nerd also- and you like so many awesome things. :)

Last_Honest_Look's picture

i love secondhand serenade and my chemical romance aswell.And i love how everything about you is a fun fact! ;)

Peter-man's picture


paramore9090's picture

You like paramore and Flyleaf and you also like makeup. you have never been to Tokyo

kil'r qween's picture

First of all, love your profile name. Your a twin and people falling over interests you;]

Last_Honest_Look's picture

i enjoy every paramore song aswell.

kazumi's picture

wow i like drawing too! And same here, I've never been to a Paramore concert...T_T

Snow1156's picture

I like green day just like her but its not my fav band.She pretty cool though. I like the name of her band.Rock on!!!!!!

BlackRose939♪'s picture

You live in with the same name as the place I live in, except the two places are in totally different continents... ;)

rawrieatyourbrains's picture

your profile picture is awesome


i think you have a fun happy personality, your in a band would love to hear you sing and you love anime!

BlackRose939♪'s picture

She has a great taste in music and I love the fact that her favourite bands are listed in alphabetical order ;)

Minnow26's picture

WOOOOOOH mee too i love killer queen. :) :) do you like other queen songz? also i love your taste in music as well. death cab is aweshummm and so is coldplay.. i can play like all of their songs aon da keyzz hahah. ps i loove that tuck everlasting quote you have on ur pro. soooo clever hahaha :)

kil'r qween's picture

I admire your passion for music. I'm very passionate about it as well. You're right, whatever you gave up for music is TOTALLY worth it!!!!
Very cool how you're into retro rock bands. And your birthday is the day before mine. How rad(yes, I said rad)!!

p.s. And yes, my username is inspired by the Queen song "Killer Queen" LOVE that song!

Minnow26's picture

@kil'r qween is your username possibly inspired by 'killer queen' by queen? heheheh if so you ROCK.

anyways. i looooove love the smiths. they're fabulous. and also anima is so fun. Sailor moon used to be my favorite show ever and its anime heheheheh :) :)

BlackRose939♪'s picture

Your a leftie (me too!), you love anime and you want to be in a band! Basically, your awesome!!!!


You have a ton of Paramore posters, and you're a die-hard Paramore fan. And It's almost your birthday. :)

Paramoop's picture

You really like your Pink......

kil'r qween's picture

You've got a birthday coming up. Happy Early Birthday!!!!!!


you need a profile pic :P

Phillip_6's picture

You speak your mind.

bleachedhair's picture

U like music and horseback riding. u r addicted to coffee

HeadbangWithHayley's picture

You have great taste in music & love how Paramore brought out your passion for music!

Minnow26's picture

I loooove zeppelin so much and the foo fighters haha, Dave grohl is like my hero. You got good taste in music

The Floor Is Made Of Lava's picture

yay the epic girl from Brazil!! xD hey my cousin has the same birthday as you!! :O But what I haven´t told is that I think it´s awesome that you skateboard!! and you still look awesome on your pic :3 xD

mimicherif's picture

love your taste in music, and i love drumers :3
btw, im obsessed with dallas green city and colour/alexisonfire (;