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The Runaways/Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

  • The Runaways/Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
    Posted on Apr 27, 2010
    DeadEndKid ★ says
    Edited on March 30, 2012

    This most likely applies to the older Paramore fans on this site...

    Who else is a major The Runaways/Joan Jett & the Blackhearts fan?

    Who else is beyond excited for 'The Runaways' movie !!!


    Any Joan Jett/ The Runaways discussion is very welcome....

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DeadEndKid ★'s picture
on April 27, 2010 - 6:42am

This most likely applies to the older Paramore fans on this site...

Who else is a major The Runaways/Joan Jett & the Blackhearts fan?

Who else is beyond excited for 'The Runaways' movie !!!


Any Joan Jett/ The Runaways discussion is very welcome....

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HaNnAh_8's picture

i love Joan Jett and The Runaways & the Blackhearts
to be fair :)

renegade_rach's picture

I've seen Joan Jett and the Blackhearts live, they were supporting Alice Cooper a few years back :)

allweknowisRIOT_2's picture

haha im 13 and ive liked joan jett since i was in first grade.never seen the movie but it looks good. dead end justice and cherry bomb are my fave runaways songs. i love rock and roll and bad reputation are the best....

Crushx3's picture

I thought the movie was a bit rubbish to be honest - it was bit boring, but then I am not a massive fan so perhaps that influenced my opinion. But I like the music Joan Jett - Bad Reputation was kind of my anthem for a few years lol.

Jergy's picture

I love Joan Jett & The Blackhearts/The Runaways. Joan Jett is
absolutely amazing!
I saw the movie and couldn't get enough! Best movie! Definately worth seeing. I admit, I almoststarted crying at the end. Its was so depressing.

But I am only 14 and I love them!

ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch CHERRY BOMB

ish_4's picture

i am only 15 and i am in love with joan jett and the blackhearts as well as the runaways !!!!! joan jett is one of my favorite women of rock! a legend she is! i can't wait till i see the runaways movie.

Eevie's picture

joan jett is amazing =) i got to see her when she opened for green day at marlay park in dublin and was blown away tbh and im so glad i got to see her, i'm also a fan of the runaways

violet cullen's picture

Ehh, I dont like them. Makes sense 'cause I'm young :)
But the movie was fantastic, I really enjoyed it alot. Kristen was amazing, so was Dakota.

MidnightFelicis97's picture

it's coming out in the UK on friday.

MidnightFelicis97's picture

because they're an older band
Common sense isn't something for you is it?

UpTheWall's picture

why more likely to apply to older paramore fans on this site?

Diana_41's picture

@JazFaery?oh ok thanks. Im thinking about buying it in dvd.

4's picture

I discovered The Runaways recently, I heard they were doing a movie about that band, so I started looking on youtube, listen to some songs and I really liked their music. So I went to the HMV and bought cds. I knew Jaon Jett before but I didn't know that she was in a band before.
I saw the movie last weekend it's really good, Although like @JazFaery? says it's a bit inaccurate.
Also,the french Dubbing is horrible. I watched the movie in englis.h then I was curious so I watched a little bit in french and I couldn't stand it, I really hated the french voices they gave them. (my mother tongue is french)

FrankieDayAlan's picture

I saw Joan Jett and the Blackhearts in Manchester when they opened for Green Day and they were really good.
I'm also a huge fan of Kristen Stewart and can't wait for the movie

DeadEndKid ★'s picture

Hahaha, this is an old discussion! Im glad people are finally commenting :)

Well said, Zander Star. Joan will be 52 in September and is still rocking hard!

As for the movie... its a bit inaccurate in some parts and the timeline is a bit fast and wrong, but definately a great movie. Its more of a 'The Joan & Cherie Story' rather than the story of The Runaways.
(Im pretty picky cos I've been a huge fan for so long, lol)

Kristen Stewart did an AMAZING job playing Joan. She absolutely nailed Joan's posture and moves on stage.

Zander Star's picture

Omg being an artist myself I admire and am complete awe of that woman! Joan Jett is a fucking legend and she's much older now and still rocks harder than some people who are way younger than her.

Sarah Hayley Maiden's picture

i saw joan jett live when she was the support act for green day. id listened to a couple of her songs before hand but when she actually cam on the stage i was amazed at how amazing she was! but i dont think id class myself as on of the huge fans...

Diana_41's picture

I love The Runaways. I havent seen the movie though. Is it good?

Paramore182_4's picture

I'm only 13, but I love alot of her songs! I listen to A LOT of older music, and I don't really like that many bands from the 2000's. I guess I don't exactly qualify as an "older" fan, but, oh well :)

Young Loaded's picture

ya well im 16 but id love to check'em u think u could tell me the names of their best songs or albums? if u could thats great...just post them on my profile thnx..

jess XD

bethwasbornforthis's picture

Well i'm 14, so i guess i don't qualify fpr the older paramore fans at all lol. But i do like a few songs, wouldn't say i'm a major fan, maybe just a fan XD,

ParaChick-13531's picture

awww, lol, sorry i dont know anything about the singer exept she was total rock chick. The chik from Twilight played her in the movie and apparently did all her own singing. I didnt like her in Twilight but mabey she'll be better in this :)

DeadEndKid ★'s picture

No one!?

Wow... I feel old.

DeadEndKid ★'s picture

guess I'm showing my age....