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    Posted on Jan 1, 2011
    JonnyLilley says
    Edited on March 30, 2012

    Anyone here love sport, have a favourite sport or support any teams/clubs, or does anyone think sport is stupid and pointless.

    Personally i love football (soccer if your American) and support Leeds United.


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JonnyLilley's picture
on January 1, 2011 - 7:34pm

Anyone here love sport, have a favourite sport or support any teams/clubs, or does anyone think sport is stupid and pointless.

Personally i love football (soccer if your American) and support Leeds United.


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Chloé.Warman.x's picture

i love football play for cardiff city ladies under 16 and just got my first welsh cap three weeks ago and i also support cardiff :)xx

Callum_23's picture

I like Football (Soccer) Tennis and Formula 1.... i support Liverpool FC

ORANGEHAY's picture

I Love Football/Soccer & Table Tennis... I Love Mostly Extreme Sports Actually but I haven't supported any clubs or teams...

paramore made it happen's picture

i like softball skiing im goin to try snowboading and im doin basketball cause our junior high girls team is to small... so what other sports do u like to play

paramore made it happen's picture

hi hower u today

Pum's picture

love swimming!!
and i hate soccer world cup U-20
coz colombia isn't there anymore

parawhore_mcr's picture

ughh my whole comment didn't post I also said that David Beckham is my favorite soccer player he is on LA Galaxy

parawhore_mcr's picture

Love soccer and field hockey!

sonia13's picture

Football/Soccer :D

loveme_tenderrr's picture

Bball best and team would be Lakers ! (:
But watching baseball is sick i love NY Yankee's ofc
Hockey would be NY Rangers
and soccer which i dont enjoy too much would be Barcelona and Manchester United.

RunParaWays's picture

i played softball for 2 yrs and did cheerleading for 5 :)

Kevin Kaizer's picture

I play basketball. Sport is not stupid.

I never had a team or a group. I just play in streets(street rules).
I love it, its much more fun than usual.
I'm a big fan of AND1 basketball.

Arja's picture

I do martial arts. Soon black belt. Ehm, and I love to watch soccer. And of course a lot of other sports.

headphones's picture

i've played football (or soccer whatever..) for about 12 years and i still think it's the best sport ever. i don't have a favorite football team but i still watch a lot of football. i also love watching hockey :))

MetalMatt's picture

i pretty much support and play all of these ^^

Football (American): Rams & Chargers
Baseball: Dodgers
Track (shot put and discus)
Hockey: NHL Red Wings

bbrandonn ╯°□°╯︵ ┻━┻'s picture


Kiira's picture

Basketball (UNC Tar Heels :D)

BreakfastWithTiffany's picture

whoops i mean "Skiing" not "Skying"

BreakfastWithTiffany's picture

my list starts now!

baseball ( Phillies! )
football ( Eagles! )
basketball ( 76ers! )
hockey ( Flyers! )

And many many more

R4R45's picture

I love playing hockey :) (field that is) and athletics :)
but AFL is just stupid!

Kiira's picture

I love Basketball, and I play it at school. I like college hockey.

insertparamoresongtitlehere's picture

Love to play tennis and soccer
Love to watch american football (chicago bears)

stacey_10's picture

I love AFL and NBA :)

javaChip56's picture

since we don't get snow in the Phils., i just enjoy running(but only 10km runs)..but if we did have snow, i would have skiing.. i also play ultimate Frisbee with my friends. :D

i'll_stop_the_whole_world's picture

i love basketball. its like my life. and im american and i support the LA LAKERS!!!(:

BornForPARAMORE_8's picture

@PressueFlip you go for the Storm?! *shakes head* lol kidding, but hey there is something we disagree on...

JonnyLilley's picture

@tragically_hip Don't tell me that you also support Manchester United :(

cre8ive0971's picture

i love down hill skiing. this is my first year racing but i have been skiing for about 9 years.

himynameismaja's picture

I love volleyball and I've been playing it for 3 years, but I also love to play all kind of sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, table tennis, and etc. :)

AnetteSL's picture

I love PLAYING football (soccer), but i don't like watching it on tv.... HAHAHAH! I always say that i support liverpool, but i never watch them on tv.... xD

I LOVE watching handball.... or whatever it's called in english...
I am a huge fan of... hahahaha I have no idea what "landslaget (NORWEGIAN)" is in english! :S

Yup.... ehehehe.... :P