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Who would you like to see Hayley do a duet with?

  • Who would you like to see Hayley do a duet with?
    Posted on Jul 29, 2009
    WaynesWorld28 says
    Edited on March 30, 2012

    I'd say Amy Lee and Avril lavigne..

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WaynesWorld28's picture
on July 29, 2009 - 1:45am

I'd say Amy Lee and Avril lavigne..

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Em93's picture

hmm id say either amy lee or billie joe armstrong yh or corey taylor lol :) would be interesting

zach-4315's picture

i think it should be her, and a person that sing the total opposite as her... hmmm... robert pattinson

Dylan_2_2's picture

Uh, no one. I like her as she is.

jack_lfc11's picture

billie joe armstong,
an max bemis really, r u serious

AshesPeaceLove's picture

Caleb from Kings of Leon
Max Bemis from Say Anything

yelyalgeorgie's picture

I would like to see her do one with this person you youtube called Gabrielle Aplin(gaberrz) This is her channel:
Check it out

MidnightFelicis97's picture

Patrick Stump.
Honestly, I'd die o_O

Billie Joe Armstrong or Matthew Bellamy.
They'd make a very interesting song together :O

lauralov's picture

Hayley doing a duet with Alex Gaskarth, would make my life.

dixiethan's picture

demi levato hahaha....because she is insecure with hayley...

yelyahgurl's picture

i think Yvonne Marder from renfue or Martin Johnson from boys like girls

halle_lujah's picture

demi lovato (i think their voices are both very similar) or Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco (because they both rock.) :)

SabrinaL146's picture

Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez.

oh..or Miley Cyrus :]

Izzy_20's picture

Danny Jones from Mcfly!

AJ_19's picture

Josh or amy lee

natalia rodriguez's picture

amy lee and cassade pope

Tricialeigh's picture

Josh Farro or Miley Cyrus.

Wendestiny's picture

Josh Farro!!

Lucy_28's picture

Deffo Josh, but Patrick Stump would be good.

bianca_38's picture

John Mayer, Jared Leto(30 seconds to mars), or maybe Demi lovato

JFarrofan1's picture

Josh Farro definatly

writingthefuture_inTN's picture

Josh Farro

ParaMarilyn's picture

ooh, or Katey Perry

ParaHelenmore's picture

I think Kate Voegele!!!

ParaMarilyn's picture

Kelly Clarkson or John Mayher

abubblenamedmary's picture

John Mayher, Pete Wentz (fall out boy), and MARTIN JOHNSON (boys like girls)!!!!!!!!!!

manda_fah_sho's picture

I would say one or all of these.
1. Jeremy Mckinnon with A Day To Remember.
2. John O'Callaghan with The Maine.
3. Craigery Owens with Chiodos.
4. Matty Arsenault with A Loss For Words.

Megan_58's picture


Megan_58's picture

Either Gwen Stefani, or Zac. Both are singing sensations, so it's a clse tie. [:

maevieflashbob's picture

Oh no neither of them especially Avril.

Don't mind Amy but they wouldn't go together.

Four Year Strong would pretty epic with Hayley Williams.

Paramores903fan's picture

Amy lee, M. Shadows i guess