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Jimmy Eat World, Sunny Day Real Estate, New Found Glory, Death Cab for Cutie, Thrice
United States
Franklin, TN


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As a hardcore fan ( might actually be the biggest fan of yours ), I'm unlucky enough to be born in Greece..So you know where this is going..Please, Paramore, come in Greece just for one show! It's my biggest dream to see you and meet you. Actually it's my only dream.

thepasserbyarmy's picture

when can you come to San Antonio,TX yall never come to San Antonio and its my dream to see yall, plz respond :)

kramnivrek's picture

My girl has been going through a really hard time and she adores Hayley Williams a lot. I was wondering if she can give me one video clips or just saying hi to my girl.. please. i just want to make my girl so happy on her birthday please... please just only a short video clips.. please.. her name is Cindy.. just mailed me in or message me in my facebook account Mark Kervin Vicente.. thanks a lot hope you can give me a chance.. or just a simple fan sign.. please hope you give a chance..thanks a lot..

Campbell1997's picture

Dear Hayley, I'm an Artists with a Mental Disablity and a huge Paramore Fan! I would like to give you "The Bank Of America Tower" in Midtown Atlanta. It's a 12x48 in canvas. Please reply at Shelvey Dickerson 3245 Oak Drive Lawrenceville, Ga 30044 or If mailed then I would like to have your picture with your autograh on it! Thanks, Shelvey Dickerson

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Hi Campbell check out

gelineyeah's picture

When are you guys coming back to Manila? :)

JoeyTheJoker's picture

come back to Chicago! I missed you guys! I was on a deployment!!! when you guys came, or Hawaii. you guys can come to Hawaii lol.

Wisewolf's picture

So, basically. I logged into my account after three years. Ha-ha, this place is different, but the feeling is the same~ I'm kinda confused though, does the band no longer go here? There hasn't been activity from their profiles in a long time. K, thanks~ Love you all!

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Are you able to view hayleys profile?

Jack.'s picture

Alright so what are the odds you guys will ever see this.? I bought Meet&Greet tickets to see you guys back in June 19 for the first show of the Monumentour. The info for that day said to be there at 430 & i didn't get there til 530 cause of traffic. (it was in Hartford Ct & i Live in Port Chester NY) I was so stoked for this cause i've always dreamed of it & i was crushed when i got there. Hayley i swear we made eye contact during the show & i almost cried. That's the third show i've attended & intend to see you guys many more times. I just want the opportunity to meet you guys.
xoxo Jack

BSC YB's picture

Hi Paramore, there is a year that you gave a concert in Switzerland. It's a long Time, so come back, pleaaaaaaaseeee!!!!!
Love you so much!

0Zlevae's picture

Hello guys my name is Osa :) or Oz..
I have a question for each of you

Taylor: Taylor i love guitar personality (if that's what you call it lol) just in the sense that you rock like craaazy! My question to you is how good of a guitarist do you have to be in order join a band? How did you start playing guitar? thinking of making a band with friends :) Big inspiration to all guitarists!

Jeremy: Man i love your bass playing skills dude and that flip around the back you do with Taylor ahaha My question to you is, How good of a bass player do you have to be to join a band? How did you start playing bass?

Hayley: Oh Hayley you are one of my biggest inspirations! If there's one word that describes you and Paramore it's Resilience! My question to you is how nervous do you get when you step up on that stage? Do you get afraid of messing up or do you just 'let it happen'?

You may not have the time to read this but Paramore taught me to never give up so here i am :D:D:D:D mwahaha You can answer to my email:

Again Taylor York i really do look up to you and hopefully one day when i make it up the ranks i can play beside you and rock the world together hehe take care guys! :)

kobuzz's picture

Will there be a makeup concert for us who missed seeing you due to illness in Dallas this year?

SamanthaRoseOrvis's picture

I just woke up from the best dream in my life! I went to a private concert of Paramore's and I brought drumsticks and Zack played with my drumsticks and Hayley invited me to the mic and I sang the whole Ignorance song and then Hayley sat next to me and autographed my drumsticks. Then I woke up. Ughhhh I want to go back to sleep nowwwww.

TalaBeybeh's picture

I uhh... just love you so much. :)

BSC YB's picture

Hi, i do not know what day you're formed in 2004, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARAMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's been 10Years that you exist and i hope we can even still you for Years, Years, Years,.............!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greetings from Switzerland!
Love you sooooooo much!!!!

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Bearrock's picture

Hi. My name is Christopher and I love your music. Without it I wouldn't be complete. I first heard it from my brother and remembered the name, so that when I was 13 and was in need of some new music I remembered the name and discovered Riot. I'm only 15 but Paramore will always be with me =). Have you guys ever considered creating a musical out of your music? If you're interested I have a few ideas so you could email me at =D

Bobby66's picture

Hey! You guys should add more stuff to your store! I can't find some of your music on there. Like your misery business singles that have other songs on the b-side. I can't find those songs anywhere else!

megan lll's picture

Hey paramore my name is Megan im 15 and thanks to my oldest sister I grew up listening to all of you and love all of you I cant get enough of your music and it has helped me get through major issues in my life I hope to meet all of you one day until then I will always love you guys and chick

trixiefromparamore's picture

dad wants to audition as your drummer pls reply pls pls pls my email is pls :(

endalicious's picture

HI,Hayley,Jeremy,and Taylor!my name is Endah.I'm from Indonesia :)
I always believe that God knows the world doesn't need another band other than PARAMORE. Keep rocking the world,guys!<3

caiogosuen's picture

My name is Caio and I'm from Brazil, I have a band and we did a Ain't It Fun cover, hope one day you guys see it!

PARAROCKSs's picture

please come back here in Philippines <3
there are so many die hard fans heree..wanting to see you again!! \m/

helpmeplease's picture

Hello, My name is Miguel I'm From Chile and I need a favor,I need a video where you sing a happy birthday to my girlfriend in her 18th, please i want give her the best gift in her entire life, please help me!!!
if you can do it, please answer me to this mail

Ollydolly03's picture

Come to Scotland Paramore please !

cali_PA2013's picture

Paramore is AWESOME!!! Love this bad so much and been following since the beginning <3 Hope to see you guys perform live sometime soon or in the near future! dream come true <3

MarjorieAlindogan's picture

Ilove paramore wooooohhh!

ricotaku's picture

New Paramore,Old Paramore doesn't matter point is they still make great music this new album is the best one though <3

Srsammykins23's picture

I got the digital downloads off the site but how do I download them?? I clicked on them once and now it's saying its not working :(

Akash Yadav's picture

New paramore is good , but.....
I loved the old paramore :(
If they can change to what they were before....

A Fan

titik nur hidayah's picture

I just wanna say

keith450's picture

hey I was wondering what does your paramore setlist lokk like for monumentour stop at meadowbrook

Geraldo's picture

Hey guys! I'm still not over the concert in PR the first time was awesome and you actually surpassed it this second time. You guys are a great band and when I got to meet guys I've noticed you were pretty down to earth people. One thing tho Hayley did someone backstage gave you a notepad? Please let me know. Because it was mine. You can see it in my profile picture :). Best regards hope to see you guys in PR soon again.

Paramooorrreee's picture

Can't wait to see you guys here in manila again <3 I just love to see you perform live for the 3rd time :")

PARAROCKSs's picture

yeeeeppp <3


Hayley.... I love you and Paramore as a whole. I love your pop music and rock music alike regardless of what others say, I mean make money where you can, but honestly... You have completely broken down your voice. It cracks so easily and you're trying to replace the hard notes with these strange voice things you do. Your voice is amazing, but you're running out of breath and crushing your voice with each performance. I'm not saying to stop, I know you can't just stop, but please take it slow. You're hurting your voice really bad and I can tell. If I can tell, so can others. I'm not just saying this because i'm just some hater that's trying to bring you down. I love every song you make and have heard about every song that Paramore has made. I probably annoy my family out of their minds with all the RIOT songs and others that I sing. I love every song from "One of those crazy girls" to "Pressure" and back to "Misery Business". I even considered getting "Misguided Ghost" tatted on my back. Your music has help me overcome so much in my life. My fear of judgement as a black girl listening to rock music, the heartbreaks over a very certain guy, and just pain from everyday life. You help me carry on. You and your amazing air of happiness overwhelm me and you inspire me every day to be like you, but please, if you care about your voice, you'd slow down. I realize you're just a person, not a god and it's difficult all around, for everyone but please please please, I beg you. When all your other fans may turn their backs as soon as you switch to pop, I will stay believing in you,
but please, give me something to believe in...

A fan

Return adress:
(Please respond,love you guys!!)

thisisandress's picture

I'll be watching you guys live one day, until then I can rely on your kick-ass songs playing on phone.

Alessandra2016's picture

You guys are the greatest band in the history of the earth to me! :) I have loved you guys ever since Misery Business came on the radio for the first time :) I just wanted to say that I love your new album. Don't pay attention to all of the hate, because all of the people that do not like it hate change. All bands have to mature their sound and you guys definitely did :) I am coming to the Monumentour on July 26th I will be sitting in the front row of the sixth section. And I will probably yelling the loudest and singing all of your songs :) See you then!
-Alessandra Tanase

blafon90's picture

How does one get notified if you guys are going to be on USTREAM or something of that manner? Lets face it the odds of one actually getting to hang out with you guys would be slim. I think that's a cool way to connect with your fans. Thats something I wouldn't want to miss ... I'm not into twitter but if thats the only way I'd just join to follow :)

JJ Edgar's picture

Seen you guys twice, Hayley you are my inspiration to my music that I write and all my songs are influenced by your talents and your passion in the way you write your songs! Cant wait for the next time you lot come back to the UK! <3

shafixaikawa's picture

im obsessed with u paramore..your new self-titled album song really myself calm so much when Im stress..wish u can come to Malaysia again for 2014 or 2015..please!!!!!!!!!!! love u all so much

Clarizjane's picture

kudos paramore love you all guys.hope you can visit here in the philippines again.

This Time I&#039;m not giving up♥'s picture

I love you Paramore! My name is Hayley too but spelt Hayleighe!:) You have got me through depression (I was past the point of cutting myself and thinking otherwise) And your songs gave my life meaning.
I love you!
We are Paramore!!!!!!!!!!!

Tere Patiño's picture

Paramore! ♥

TheRecklessParawhore's picture

French fans are waiting for you guys! *_* You're amazing!

all_hope_is_lost's picture

Happy unbirthday to you all. Cannot wait for the day to come when I go to one of your amazing shows <3 May the odds be ever in your favor.

BSC YB's picture

Happy New Year!!!!!!! I wisch you all the happiness of the World. 2014 to be a great year for you. Love you so much!! Hope to see you again!