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Yelyahyall ▌▌▌
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Favorite Bands: 
Paramore, PVRIS, New Found Glory, Shiny Toy Guns, MewithoutYou, Twenty One Pilots, General Ghost.
United Kingdom
Emma Way
Favorite Movies: 
Wayne's World and anything Marvel.
Favorite Quotes: 
I guess Im just learning that you can't prove to anyone who you are, you just have to be it. - Hayley Williams
What month were you born?: 
What day of month were you born?: 
Favorite Paramore show you've been to: 
24th August 2012 - Reading Festival. 21st September 2013 - Cardiff. 22nd August 2014 - Reading Festival. 3rd - 5th March 2016 - PARAHOY!


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I don't actually remember. I think I was xD

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not much either. Listening to music ;)

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what's up? :DD

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Hello there :)

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Awesome! whereabouts you from?

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wow thats got suck

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i know right we got a new superintendant and hes realy strict. and my school is realy small so he can see what every one is wearing. its hard to get away with alot of things there. i only have 24 in the whole 7th grade. y are some stict places never fun.

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i love hayleys red hair but its my parents and the school. u caint wear feathers wind pants and your can be deid but it has to be a naturl color. so id be sent home if i wore hayleys hair. no colorful streeks nothin.

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hey i love harry potter and candy and red hair but my parent wont let me get red hair not evan dark red hair.

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hey !

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thanks !!

Summer Riots Fall wiv New Eyes's picture

naw dang! hehe we had to do that non stop running wen we were training 4 x country gr tehe

yea definitly! hi five! lol

wuu2 atm? :D

Summer Riots Fall wiv New Eyes's picture


im great, a little sore from netball but otherwiase great lol :D
its cool to meet another emma, cos i had three emmas at ma old skwl, three emmas in my new class and one of ma best friends r called emma lol
i agree with u saying tay is the best g tarest in the world and i fink jerm is the best bassist in the world too hehe
anywayy, how r u? :D

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and i'm sorry about my horrible english !!

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Hi my name is Mariana! I'm from Brasilia- Brazil! I'm 16 naw and i love paramore 2 like every one here! i just wanna say hi and how are you ?

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Hahaha yeah in Scotland it rains all the time:l Even in the summer:)

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Im alright, could be better. Off with the flu just now:|
Where about in the UK are you from? Im from Aberdeen, Scotland. Pretty boring up here:L

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Heyy!:) How are you?:)

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Please click on "Bravazo" and vote for my video :) thanks You can vote 2 times each hour :) Thank you very much.

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yeah, me too *---*.. I recorded some videos of the show, if you want to see I step later ;) .. or any photo

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I'm fine ;D..I saw in São Paulo, Brazil..was perfect *O*

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Hi :D...thanks for the comment, and I do not know why the lion.When the show started, Hayley came with it :P..
How're you??

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ok thanks:)

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Hey! :} i saw you commented on my picture, thank you so much :D i didnt think anyone would comment it haha. How're you? :D