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well muh name is Amanda Cooley. i'm a hairstylist. i love puppies but mainly my puppy Haze. i'm in 3 bands but we are not big or anything just local fun stuff. i sing and play favorite color is gold but i hae the concept of money hahahaa. i'm all about yoga. i dobelieve in hair is red(natural!). i'm 19 and 5'2 of nothing but awesomness.i play video games alomst too much....i think they might be destroying my life actually.OH AND I LIVE MY LIFE FOR DANCING hahaha....thats all i can think of for now....

Favorite Bands: 
sooo once again u ask an impossible question! i fail!
Amanda Nicole Cooley
AmandaAmanda wisest of the wise, snuggles, nanner sue, panda poo
San Antonio TX
dancing, singing,keyboard,my puppy,video games,stylin hair,traveling,being surrounded by frans and family, going to shows,painting,photography
Favorite Songs: 
hahaha wayyyyy too many but my ipod is playing Anthony Green as of right now
Favorite Places: 
canada......ay? places i've lived(alambama oklahoma japan), dallas tx, dance studio, my car, being ALONE in my room,
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the road to success is always under construction-my mom
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i have a gnome named Ggavin(first G is silent) and he has a pet skunk named flower. or the fact tht i love the atmoshpere of an airport
What was the last book you read?: 
Evil under the sun-Agatha Christie
Favorite Paramore show you've been to: 
most definitly the one at the woodlands in Houston TX on May 31st. you guys were on tour with no doubt annnd my best friend cody and i didnt watch no doubt we were on the hunt for you guys! annnd we epic failed at it.UNTIL we saw Zac, whom we have a pic with. soo we ask zac where everyone else is he says he doesnt know we wait by the bus. keep in mind we're the only ones there at the time then outta NO where more people pop up. so we wait some more by this amazzzing red bus. we wait up until this big black bus comes rolling by and cody shouts AMANDA i see hayleys hair in thhaaat bus! sooo yeah we fell for the Decoy bus....thanks guys! but our kickass hotel room made up for it i guess. oh yea we only love Zac now jk


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i like your hair is black,its not cool...........