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sorry i didnt reply :) havnt been on here for ages :) i went to the liverpool show did you?

Yelyah Williams♥'s picture

Hey Dudeee!!!
sorry for the late reply?? did you enjoy the show at liverpool =D?? did you go manchester last night too? =D

love them so much there amazing!!!!!!!! =D
what you been up too??

Yelyah Williams♥'s picture

wow leasowe!! thats mental im from meols witch is so close to there!!!!!
yeahh i went to belfast and yes it was unbelivable i was crying my eyes out!! its honestly the best thing i have ever seen in my life and well worth travelling all that way!!
paramore are unbelivable arent they!! it was something else that night something that is impossible to forget =]

Yelyah Williams♥'s picture

and wow !! you seen them on the 16th dec 2009 and so did i!!!! i also went to ireland to see them too!! in june!! =D

Yelyah Williams♥'s picture

hahahaa it is!!!!
your from the wirral!!! so am i !!! where abouts do you live?? are you going to see them in liverpoolbecause so am i !!! and then manchester!!!!! =] ten days after!!
wow i cant believe your from the wirral i have prob seen you around!!!!!!!! =D coooooooooooooool

Yelyah Williams♥'s picture

im goooooddd!!!!!!!! =]
how are you ??
i just dont feel well a bit!! ::(

beth_paramore's picture

Wow! :D Im so exciteeddd :D
You got to see them last year too! I tried to get tickets to Manchester but couldnt :(
we live in the same place! well i dont live in leasowe but i live on the wirral! :D

Yelyah Williams♥'s picture

yeahh im seeing them in liverpool!!!!! =]
and also manchester 10 days after =] cant wait!!
its gonna be my 4th time !! =]
how are you??
and yeah you have fun too!!!!!

parapril's picture

I KNOW IM GOING AND SO EXCITED AHUAHFJKBVHZ i just havent changed that bit of my profile...
you know what, ill do it now :L
but yeah like i was saying AABGDBVJKSDGFUERJBUFGHTJH
and yeah they were amazzzzzzzing :'))) are you going to any dates on the november tour?

IThinkWeHaveAnEmergency3's picture

Heyyy :)
Ahh cooool.. Yeahh it was soo goood, they're aree just amazing :)
And ahh yeaah so we dooo hahaha
No problemm ahah
Byeee.. :D

paramore'sbiggestfan's picture

! i love all the things you love! :O especially twilight (H5) i like love it! and i was gonna move to canada! we have sooo much in common! and i love 30 seconds to mars and all the people you like OMG this is sooo coool, and im like soo hyper:L


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Thanks :) Evanscene are badass :D