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my name is adam. i work at fueled by ramen and help run our artist websites. check out some of my photos below and leave me a comment!

but please...keep in mind that I don't decide where the band plays shows, I can't make them play a show in your country, I can't open up a webstore for your your country, I can't tell you anything about any shows that aren't already posted on the 'shows' page above so please don't comment here about that.

thank you!

Favorite Bands: 
jimmy eat world - american nightmare - frank turner - less than jake - alkaline trio - the get up kids - glassjaw - bayside - paramore - fake problems - hot water music,less than jake,glassjaw,the get up kids,mastodon
adam drew samiljan
fueledbyadam - smij,smij
wellington florida,florida
music - travel - books - dogs
Favorite Songs: 
anything on the josie and the pussycats soundtrack
Favorite Places: 
san francisco - chicago - florida - new york city
Favorite Movies: 
big - stand by me - superbad - wet hot american summer
What month were you born?: 
What day of month were you born?: 
What's a fun fact about you?: 
Mister Rogers wore sweaters to conceal extensive forearm tattoos commemorating his short stint as a Merchant Marine. That has nothing to do with me but I found it interesting
What was the last book you read?: 
paradise screwed by carl hiaasen
Favorite Paramore show you've been to: 
paramore with bayside and the sleeping at the knitting factory nyc in april 2006


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When do the runners up get contacted?

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question. what do the winners for the Hayley Contest win? for the self title tour contest.

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My photos of Hayley aren't showing up and this week is almost up. I have some really good pics that I want to share. :/ Any idea why this is happening?

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Hi Adam,
I´m just passing by to say that I heard a lot of fans saying that they wanted paramore´s sunglasses like the ones that are in the uk tour boxset. So I thought maybe it would be interesting if you guys could sell paramore´s sunglasses not just in the box but as a merch.
thanks bye

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hey i got a question if your signed up on here is that the same thing as newsletter thing where we will get an email?

sophy's picture

hello Adam, i need to know if in argentina will M&G :D

is very important for me! thanks for the reply.

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hey :) if I send a gift for Hayley to official fan address will she receive it?? tnx :)

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i hope that they will have a concert here in the philippines (specifically in cebu)

i so much haley! and the band of course!!!! Keep rocking my world guys!! Wish you all the best and GOd Bless you alL!

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Hi, do you have any information about Meet and Greet @ São Paulo - Brazil ?

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You're turning into an old curmudgeon.
I don't give a shit what your opinion of me is but show some common courtesy and say Thank You. (December 24, 2011 & December 17, 2012)

tragically_hip's picture


After all these years you're still perpetuating internet bs about Mr. Rogers on your about me. Get the facts right before you post such nonsense.

respectfully yours, t_h

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How do the PFC members know what seat they're getting?

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If you're talking about the Paramore show in Pomona, you don't get assigned seats, it's first come first serve. So my advice is to get there a few hours early to get the best seats!

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Help!! It's just that everyone is so confused on the presale tickets. Mosty, about the time they go on sale?

IanKrysztoffDavila's picture

Hi! you are cool :d

Jesskm's picture

Your birthday is on the same day as mine! Woo!

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Hahaha the thing about Mr. Rogers isn't actually true, he wasn't ever in any branch of the Military, but it would be hilarious if it was!

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Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Show this video that we made for him birthday please ?
and our site:

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Hello Adam! How are you ! Or if I can't write "YOU" I can write " Mr. Samiljan, How are you?" :D

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Hi, haven't got my PFC email so I can log in yet. and I have waited more then 24 hours. please help:)

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hey, any chance we could get better merch in an updated New Zeland online store? im sick of looking at the same page with no new merch, it costs sooooo much to ship from the US and i just want more paramore stuff! preferably more shirts?

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You're an addict on saying SOON. :p

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dude, where's the new video? I've been waiting so patiently!

Oh_star's picture

That's fine :) thank you!

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Hello adam
I hope I have a question you can answer me.
to pay for the membership of the exclusive paramore fans I have to pay by credit card mandatory?
Please Help me

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You should post the MTV EMA link because Paramore is up for "biggest fans!" I'm sure many of the fans on this website would love to know about it and vote for Paramore! :)

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Hi! I just saw the plans for the European tour and I have a question. Why can't you come to Stockholm instead of Gothenburg? Gothenburg is the backside of Sweden!

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Thanks for taking our pic at the Paramore concert in Hawai'i! It means a lot to us since we were picked out of the hundreds of people there! :D

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adam, I want to ask you something. I'm from argentina and I want to join the paramore fan club, where I have to pay and how much?

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hi i have i really important question i guess. so i have really been wanting to buy the spray paint coach t-shirt (or whatever its called, you know what i mean) but then i realized something really weird... why isnt "my heart" listed on the back with the rest of the songs ont the album??? :/
thx :)

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I have a little question for you.
The water bottles are out of stock. Is it gonna have an another batch or not?!!
Thank you! Have a nice day! =D

paramore_ is_ amazing's picture

hey, quick question....when do we find out who won the trip to Warped Tour in San Diego?

purplerose87's picture

Hi, could you guy's please update or elaberate on what's going on with the FBR 15 show at Terminal Five because I'm confused and so are other people? Is the presale just for PFC members and regular tickets will go on sale through Livenation or ticketmaster- or how will this work? Thanks in advance.
xoxo Kelsi

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Hey Adam,
Does Paramore already have a committed drummer to the band? Might be an easy question if anyone can tell me.


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Adam, the Paramore still ice cream tshirt will be sold in paramore web strore?
I'm from Brazil, and I want it!!!!
Say yes, pleaaaaaase!!



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Hey, I don't know but you could get someone to update the (Paramore Brazil). And I can do it :) Send me a message if you agree.



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Hey Adam :)
I have a little question..I won a pick from the Sticker book contest, but I haven't recieved it..I'm just asking because some girls already have it and I guess I'm just scared that mine got lost in Colombia mail or something hehe...Thanks for your help :) Have a nice night :D

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Hey Adam I have a doubt: I want buy something in the Paramore store but I'm from Argentina and I'm not sure if that's going to get home... how I can know that what I buy in the store is coming to my country? :)

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Hey bruv, just wanted to ask, the san diego trip thing, it only applies to americans? Cos im kinda interested, (like duh) ^.^ , but sadly im from singapore....

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Hey! You know me as @catacalifornia from twitter. Muahah! Just wanted to say hello, and thanks for all of the fantastic things you do for Fueled By Ramen!

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I forgot to mentioned, I'm french !

LoveParamore02fr's picture

I have a problem :( I really want the last Tshirt "At the bottom", but when i want to pay, the padlock in the URL of the website is red with a cross on the "HTTPS" so, my mom didn't wanted to paid because of this problem.. She thinks it's not safe.. Could you please tell her that it's safe, or can you resolve the problem ?

Vidya Shanti's picture

what do you do?

michluisexoxo's picture

hi i made a paramore tshirt want a design ? message me in

Saray Williams's picture

Hi Adam! Can you put the "Glow Bracelet" on SPAIN STORE? I can't buy it :( Thanks a lot!

Sams ♫'s picture

Why the winner of the sticker book contest wasn't announced on Monday, June 13th?