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About Me: 

So, basically, i'm like everyone else on this site. I freaking love Paramore. No, that's an understatement. I love them more than life. Which isn't hard, because I hate life. Anywho, i got my best friend into Paramore a few months ago. which was awesome. because now we fangirl together. nbd.

Favorite Bands: 
PARAMORE. DUH. You Me At Six, Bring Me The Horizon, Marianas Trench, All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Escape The Fate, Falling in Reverse, My Chemical Romance.
Kira :)
Please, just call me Kira. I have a friend that used to insist on calling me KiKi... If you call me that, sleep with one eye open.
Hamilton, Ontario. My nana and favorite aunt still live there <3
i love writing. it's what I want to do in life, and it makes me happy. I also have a passion for music, though i'm not much good at it.
Favorite Songs: 
Paramore: Let the Flames Begin. Hello Cold World. We are Broken. Born For This. When it Rains. Careful. Misguided Ghosts. Turn it Off. Playing God. And a few more I can't be bothered to remember. You Me at Six: The Consequence. Always Attract. Contagious Chemistry. Bite My Tongue. The Swarm. Underdog. Playing the Blame Game. Stay With Me. There's No Such Thing as Accidental Infidelity. Fireworks. Loverboy.Save it For The Bedroom. The Rumour. Pierce The Veil: Caraphernelia. Million Dollar Houses. Wonderless. Asking Alexandria: The Final Episode. I Was Once, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps A Cowboy King. BMTH: Chelsea Smile. Crucify Me. F*ck. Blessed with A Curse. The Sadness Never Ends. Diamonds Aren't Forever. Football Season Is Over. Black And Blue. Flyleaf: Arise. In The Dark. Stay. Swept Away. I'm So Sick. Cassie. The Kind. This Close. All Around Me. Uncle Bobby. Red Sam. Again. Chasm. So I Thought. Tiny Heart. Marianas Trench: Lover Dearest. Sing Sing. Acadia. Alibis. Say Anything. Ever After. Porcelain. So Soon. Masterpiece Theatre I, II, and III. No Place Like Home. By Now. Desperate Measures. Truth or Dare. Toy Soldiers. NeverShoutNever: EVERY SINGLE SONG. eheh. My Chemical Romance: Welcome To The Black Parade. Sing. I'm Not Okay. Cancer. Blood. Ghost of You.
Favorite Places: 
Hmm. Well, I love Florida. And Toronto. OH! Definitely Washington D.C. And Pennsylvania. and New York. :) And also, basically any forest.
Favorite Movies: 
The Hunger Games, Harry Potter Movies 1-7, Spork, The Happening, Repo! The Genetic Opera.
Favorite Quotes: 
Does "Memento Mori" Count?
What month were you born?: 
What day of month were you born?: 
31st. Halloween!
What's a fun fact about you?: 
When I fangirl, sh*t gets scary.
What was the last book you read?: 
Uummm, do Josh Fransexy fanfics on Wattpad count?
Favorite Paramore show you've been to: