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I love Paramore!! They are a great band. Not only with music but they are all just really great people. I would love to meet them. Maybe they next time they come to L.A. but somewhere a little closer to me? So anyway, I love playing the drums, however I don't have a drumset of my own, due to living in an apartment. I use my friend Grace's drumset whenever i go to her house though. I wanna learn to play Crushcrushcrush on the drums. I can't think of anything else really.

Favorite Bands: 
PARAMORE, Flyleaf, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, All-American Rejects,Flyleaf,Evanescence,Jimmy Eat World,All-American Rejects,Green Day,SIXX:a.m,30 Seconds to Mars
Jacob Adrian Ortiz
Jake. xD,J,Jacoby,Mr. Rocker,Paramore Fan!
Los Angeles, CA,California
Paramore, music, drums, eating, sleeping, swimming.,drumming,swimming,music,food,sleep,Rock Band 2.
Favorite Songs: 
All of Paramore's songs but my MOST favorite is Brick By Boring Brick
Favorite Places: 
Los Angeles, CA; Franklin, Tennessee,California; Franklin,Tennessee!!
Favorite Movies: 
Coraline. Up.
Favorite Quotes: 
"Don't Hesitate when the time comes, just act!",just act!"
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What day of month were you born?: 
What's a fun fact about you?: 
My left leg and foot are a little longer than the right side, like pretty much everyone else.
What was the last book you read?: 
War Between the Classes
Favorite Paramore show you've been to: 
Nov. 11, 2009. Hollywood Paladium, Los Angeles, California.


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ewh i need a new profile pic lol and i probably need to edit all this stuff about me and be up-to-date...

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saw your comment in a discussion and I'm bi and I've had many crushes on straight guys I could never have too, so I feel your pain! So many of the best ones are straight or with some other guy.

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yeah it was bad I mean I have been in the pit before but this was just out of control... worth it tho I love them =D

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ya. I love the forums!!! xD

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we didnt get to talk for that long because they had to sign things kinda fast..i got maybe a 10 second conversation with hayley still so it was still really cool!

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yeah i freaked out afterwards too! after the signing i had the BIGGEST hyperventilating scene..well it was in my top 10. people were staring at me haha cuz i was like OH MY GOSH I JUST MET THEM and i was crying so much ..but it was one of the coolest things ever

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ive been to one other one where they opened for No Doubt, but this will be the first time i see them at one of their own concerts!

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hey im going to the show on Oct.1 too! haha

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So, have a great fun on the show! I'll probably go to Berlin on 4th December to see them.

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Oh, You've never been to a Paramore show? But you live in L.A., United States. I used to think there aren't fans from the USA who didn't take the chance yet...You know, I live in Poland, I'm proud of it, but there's no chance for me to go to the show.