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About Me: 

I have the best family and friends in the world, I have the best job in the world, with the best fans in the world, I live in the best place in the world, get to travel the world, and eat the best food in the world, and get to see everything that this world has to, I am very blessed!!

Favorite Bands: 
Deftones, Death Cab for Cutie, Thrice, Sigur Ros, Paper Route, Mew
Jeremy Clayton Davis
Worm, Schzimmy Deanie
Franklin, Tennessee
Music, riding my bike, all unhealthy foods, shooting my guns, hanging with all my best friends, anything that's dangerous...count me IN, people watching, and good conversations
Favorite Places: 
HOME HOME HOME, and Ghengis Grill
Favorite Movies: 
Dumb and Dumber, Shooter, Frequency, Saw 1-ALL OF THEM, Drag Me to Hell, The Departed, Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, Life Aquatic, Twister, Anchor Man, Batman
Favorite Quotes: 
"that's what she said"
What's a fun fact about you?: 
I never sleep, speaking of this it's 4:09 AM right now and I'm still WIDE AWAKE
What was the last book you read?: 


0Zlevae's picture

You have a great sense of humor ! Both you and Taylor haha

XioalexisMujica's picture

Forrest Gump *o* amo esa película♥

Michelle Arteaga's picture

hi Jeremy!!!!!! you totally rock, every sound you make with the bass in every single song is just amazing, if i could describe paramore in one word it would be A-W-S-O-M-E

LauraEspinosaPalma's picture

Que bonito! Igual de bonito es Taylor pero por que no puedo ver el " About" de Hayley?! Maldita, lo tiene privado buuuh!!

cramming-ideas's picture

you are my favorite bassist in the world! I love your flipping thing with taylor whenever you two do it together! hope to see you soon jeremy and ofcourse taylor and hayley. such the best band ever

Lempomeous's picture

you have a very adventurous life! :D
maybe i should consider being a musician

ClarenceStephanieBrioso's picture

You are totally cool <3

paramorenetbr's picture

Happy Birthday!!!I love you.

vi.carol's picture

I just want to say that I think you guys incredible! When I was younger, I used to watch MTV only to see your videos, I really loved to watch "Misery Business" and "Ignorance" but I never repair the name of the band. Two years later, my friend showed to me some of your musics and I was in love with your song. This year I went to one show, here in Brasil, I still don't believe that I saw you. I enjoy so much that night!!! I can't wait for you come back! luv ya's picture

OMG!!!! I went to your concert the very first time and I loved it! you guys rock! <3 I love you guys so much!!!! <3 and I love all your music!! <3 You and Hayley Taylor are the Best Ever!!! <3 :)) And I am so going again with my bro he loves you to guys <3 I can't wait for Hayley's birthday to! <3 :DD HAPPY BITHDAY ALMOST HAYLEY!!!!! <3 Love Ya! <3 So Much!!!! ^^ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 And hey when ever you have time can you tell Hayley I said Happy Birthday to her when it comes I know you guys don't know me that well yet and I know We have not met I really hope I can meet you guys when you come back to do your concert but I been listening to your music For Awhile now! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 You Guys are so way better then any singer and any band and any Rocking Band You are just to Awesome! <3 I love it!!!! <3 <3 I So Can't Wait for the next Concert! <3 you all seem so nice and Hayley seem really nice to <3 <3

Anais Sevunthana's picture

Hi Jeremy i'm new here I love you as a fan of course.. You had the best job in the world??? It's my first post???

afagaoi's picture

Aweeeesome band. Jeremy you rock♥ hoho

aleron223's picture

I love you Jeremy!! You're hilarious and awesome. I hope I get a chance to meet Paramore and you one day!!! I love playing the bass by the way so you inspire to improve myself.

paramore37889's picture

taylor you r AMAZING. (side note: I <3 your new music a lot more than your old. Also, we happen to like a lot of the same movies and bands. PARAMORE <3 wish I could go to one of your concerts, never been to one been waiting for two to three years.)

albzz100345's picture

heya :)
I had the awsem oppitunity of seeing u at birmingham on monday n i was on your side near the front so i could see u really well, i thought it was awsem on 1 of the last songs when you did the horn sign inbetween playing bass notes as ive never seen any1 do that before :) thnx for the awsem show

Mrs. Emma York's picture

Jeremy, I love you this big.

That's what she said.

PARAMOREFAN1085's picture

LOL ur so cool jeremy,I lov u so much ;) Stay dangerous :)

ElisandraAraujo's picture

"that's what she said" was awesome....LOL

facuparawhore16's picture

Hi jeremy you're the best lmL

Its Vay's picture

Hi Jeremy, you beautiful talented beast! We LOVE you guys SO MUCH here in GREECE. please come for a concert! :D

viranatio12's picture

Hello, Davis. I am Vira Natio from Indonesia. One thing I really want to say is, you are my inspirator in playing bass. I am a bassist and I want to be a professional bassist just like you. I really love your style in playing bass. You can make a complex bass pattern, but people will enjoy that pattern. That is the best thing you have. Thank you for being my inspirator. I hope someday I could go to Paramore show and I could go to the stage, and I would meet you first to say hi and thank you to you. Once a again, a billion thanks, Davis.

DT14's picture

"that's what she said" lol. Jeremy you're really funny. You're one of the reasons that bassist are one of my favorite members of bands.

imoneofthosecrazygirls's picture

"that's what she said"

OMG Jeremy i love you XD

CanYouFeelThatPressureCauseICan's picture

I love Sigur Ros and Death Cab For Cutie too!

hayleywilliams4life's picture

jeremy i love you so much that i spent four days and nights on paramore sites looking up ur quotes and looking at pictures of the band without you hayley and taylor i probably wouldnt be here today thank you for being you and being so talented and being my escape from the rest of the word i love paramore so much i cry thinking what if paramore broke up and i laugh at what if they all went as solo artists for a day you are my insiration and if i could only have one of you the members of paramore to reply to this comment i would be forever greatful because i love you and i know you love me and the rest of your fans because if you didnt you wouldnt have a fan site for them i havent been able to go to a concert as i had no one to take me but i know you love all your fans not just the ones at the concert if paramore ever broke up i would die literally becaus ei love you guys soooooooooooooo much it hurts to think you would and i have all your albumns and singles because i am such a huge fan of paramore you hayley and taylor are amazing you might not be the original paramore but the three of you are so much better the farro brothers were fools to leave the band and i love every single paramore song ever but my favourite is turn it off and my favourite album is RIOT becaause it is amazing your music has so much meaning in my life so please please promise never let paramore break up because soooooooooooo many peple would be sad and heart broken so please please please reply to this comment and you will make me the happyist paramore fan ever

megaparawhore's picture

love you xxx

jennkilljoy100's picture

And you're the best person in all the world, love u jeremy!

HerNameIsLuana's picture

You are amazing jeremy, always so lovely with us! WE are blessed for have you, hayley and taylor in our lives. I love you!

Susan Sponge's picture

I love you Worm ♥

ruti's picture

Love you Jeremy!!!!!!! :D sending love from Costa Rica

JackBrown's picture

I'm studying music BTEC level 3 and I need to do some performances. I was hoping to sing Last Hope but I can't find a backing track so I was wondering if you guys could upload one that I could use? You would help me out soo much. I really want to sing it and I need it for the 9th of May :(

xXParamoreFreakXx_2's picture

Dear Jeremy Davis, I'm a big fan of you, Hayley, and Taylor. I look up to you guys so much and I appreciate the music yall create. I would have to say, you BETTER keep making music because I am counting on you guys. I feel as if I have grown up as yall have grown up writing music. I relate to most of the songs and I really appreciate the bass guitar. I also enjoy Taylor's solos too. I really love you and you're amazing. P.S. I was to your right last night in Houston..I was jumping up and down and making a heart with my hands..when the others around me were calm, lol. I came to the concert hopped up on coffee and energy drinks. :D <3 See you at Voodoo. I've been waiting for yall to come to my state. Is there any way to get backstage passes? I hope you can let me know! If not, I understand, you guys are on tour and have many fans to attend to. -Love, Heather

Beauté's picture

Aha unhealthy food, i'd have to agree

EJ Alvarado's picture

Jeremy, you're such an amazing person in every aspect, love ya!
P.S. You rock!!!

mariellerocks's picture

Jeremy rocks and everyone can't deny it!

megaparawhore's picture

love you so much schzimmy deanie

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Still.Into.You.ParamoreFanForever's picture

wow, what can i say...i LOVE you guys! your my inspiration for me being a Vocal Music Major today :) i never could afford to go to any Paramore concerts until this year. NOW ILL BE SEEING YOU GUYS IN MAY AT THE TABERNACLE IN ATL!!!!! OMG!! seriously everybody knows in my town that im the BIGGEST fan EVERRR!!! its such a blessing to be able to finally see my idols in person (and not having to play The Final Riot up on max and pretend i was there in chicago with you guys). cant believe my dreams are FINALLY coming true!! now just waiting for the PFC to come available again & waiting on news about meet & greets I HOPE YOU GUYS DO ONE!! plz! but I LOVE YOU GUYS AND KEEP ROCKING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Michelle' GA,USA

Shadow_Punk112's picture

Hiya! Wasn't sure where to comment for this, but:
I was wondering if someone could please say if Paramore is coming to South Africa or not,cos they actually have a huge fanbase here. My friends and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them, but can't exactly afford to go see them live in other countries.If anyone could shed some light on this, I'd be very grateful, thanks!! :)

iamacaticorn's picture

Oh hey Jeremy, I have a question...actually, 2. Nah, make them tree LOL. Okaay, first, why is Schzimmy Deanie one of your nicknames? Second, what is the meaning of "that´s what she said"? I don´t live in the USA, so I´ve never understood that XD And finally, third: Why are you so amazing? Haha, ignore that one, I already know the answer ;D

silentlyforte's picture

Hello! I'd just like to say, thank you for your music, it's actually inspired me to make a band of my own. You are so inspirational and have impacted me so much and I can't wait to see you in concert some day!

biancan0w's picture

I love you!!! :)

Ezequiel Futterwacken.'s picture

I Love Saw movies! marry me now. ok no.

emogirly543's picture

I really want to go to a concert but my parents won't let me ._.

djsmook's picture

Aloha Jeremy! Love the bass playing style you got! Keep on rocking the hell outta venues and hope to see you and the band back in Hawaii very soon!

parafan90210's picture

Seeing you guys in Detroit in May. Good luck on the rest of your tour. Can't wait for the new album. The bass is definitely the next instrument I want to take up.

Erica Maia's picture

Hello Jeremy !

DanielPinto's picture

hello jeremy you know that one day before you have your 16 birthday i burn and when i play the bass to so you are one of y idols and i like death cab for cutie

Erica Maia's picture

Jeremy , My Hero (8)
Dude, you're my idol!
I deeply respect you!

Leticia Gomes's picture

i love you, Jeremy you are so handsome, your wife had luck!