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I'm Matt, and I'm an aspiring writer. I reckon Paramore's pretty cool.

'Specially Hayley, but then again, what self-respecting 19-year old boy wouldn't think so? But I digress.

Well, I used to live in Auckland, New Zealand. Currently, I'm in Vancouver, Canada, and it's a reasonably good life I have. I'm writing a story that's kinda based off Left 4 Dead, called Sickened, which I hope to get made into a movie someday and starring Hayley as the main character.

Here's a link to the Prologue of it on the Paramore.Net Forums:

As well, a big short story of mine, Pater Morsus;

I'm partial to werewolves (and redheads (Hayley in particular - go figure :D)), and I used to have a cute, handsome little yellow budgie, Chalkie, back in New Zealand, but I had to leave him behind when I moved to Canada :(

Did I say that I'm an aspiring writer?

Favorite Bands: 
Paramore, Disturbed
Matthew Co
Matt, Tequila Mockingbird (Alias), Mattrocks/Rocks (The latter's what the Parateers generally call me :D), Co, "The Co Meister" (@TheCoMeister on Twitter)
Auckland (But living in Vancouver currently)
Writing, PC Games (Left 4 Dead, World of Warcraft, etc.), Warhammer 40K (Space Marines in particular) And Other Stuff
Favorite Songs: 
The Only Exception, Let The Flames Begin, Decode, We Are Broken, Misery Business (The Final RIOT!), Careful, Brick By Boring Brick, Where The Lines Overlap, Fences, Born For This, Ignorance, My Heart, All We Know, Pressure, Misery Business (on Guitar Hero :D) (In that order)
Favorite Places: 
Auckland City - Sylvia Park, and Nando's (A Chicken Resturant) (Fitting - Nando's IS in Sylvia Park :D)
Favorite Movies: 
Tropic Thunder, Zombieland, Kick-Ass, The A Team (2010 Movie), Inception, the Underworld series, Van Helsing, and others I can't remember at the moment
Favorite Quotes: 
'How can I get that special, unique, organic flavour if I have to wash my hands?' -Unknown 'I'll be more enthusiastic about encouraging thinking outside the box when there's evidence of any thinking going on inside of it.' -Terry Pratchett 'And on the 7th day God ordered a double-ristretto, Venti non-fat organic chocolate brownie frappuchino, extra-cold with foam and whipped cream served upside down double-blended AND HE GOT AWAY WITH IT!' -Me 'Girlfriend got a chastity belt on? No problem! I can pop that kitty so that you can get to the goodies inside! Also doing all lockboxes, PST!' -Fiennes Lockpicking Services (World of Warcraft) 'And then Jesus said; 'Follow me and I will give you eternal salvation.' And then the disciples asked; 'Can we get Might or Kings instead?' -The Book of Noob, 11:12 (World of Warcraft) 'Hate is merely a lack of imagination.' -Graham Greene (Not absolutely accurate) 'ALPHA! MIKE! FOXTROT! ADIOS, MOTHERF- *explosion*' -The A Team 'Where's my farm? Where's my farm? *Pulls out two big guns* HERE'S MY MOTHERF*CKING FARM! *shoots* F*CK BABY! I'M ON A ROLL! *Stops* I'M A LEAD FARMER, MOTHERF*CKER!' -Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey Jr.), Tropic Thunder 'Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden and silver light, The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of night and light and the half-light, I would spread the cloths under your feet: But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet, Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.' -W.B. Yeats 'The strangest truth is that we become what we think about.' -Earl Nightingale 'It's A Sin.' -Tequila Mockingbird 'When your eyes have been opened, you can't close them again.' -Anon.
What month were you born?: 
What day of month were you born?: 
What's a fun fact about you?: 
Weeeeell, erm. I like werewolves. And I can move my hair around like it's a wig (which it isn't)
What was the last book you read?: 
The Lost (A Warhammer 40K Gaunt's Ghosts Omnibus) by Dan Abnett
Favorite Paramore show you've been to: 
Auckland Concert at the Trusts Stadium, 4th March, 2010! FRAKKING FIRST CONCERT EVER (Complete and Paramore-wise) 7 DAYS BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY (11th March) AND I'M FRAKKIN' LOVIN' IT! :D:D:D Got me a red Brick By Boring Brick T-Shirt at this show. Cherishing it :D It's been knocked over, though, by... Auckland Concert at the Vector Arena, 8th October, 2010! I WON ME A FRAKKIN' MEET AND GREET! And the band is so frakking awesome (Although Jeremy wasn't there)! I gave them two copies of my main story (L4D:L2S - one's for Brandon Chesbro) and a wooden rubber band launcher, which Zac and Josh were overjoyed to recieve (Their jaws dropped when I showed them how to operate it, especially Zac's when he fired it. Someone said, 'Oh, no! You gave the band a weapon!' :D). And Hayley's so frakking adorable! She's smaller than I though she'd be, but she had really beautiful eyes that the pictures don't do justice for most of the time! I would've hugged her if we were allowed to :( A most awesome concert :D


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I haven't been on here in like a year and a TON of stuff has happened to me that's still going on. But anyway, how have you been?

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As in the words of Paramore.... "Things are looking up, oh finally."
Everything is well, Athena came and we talked about everything and now we are workin on our friendship every day. I thank you for your help (:

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I'm doing alright at the moment. A lot of things have happened. I didn't know if u read on the last post, but I'm not friends with Emma anymore, and I just went through a very hurtful experience with my best friend who is like a sister. But I was able to straighten everything out.

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Yours Happiness.

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replied on the thread.

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In reply to your reply, though the situation with Sarah was kind of messy, I don't think it was the kind of situation you should feel you'll "burn" for.
It's situations where one purposely tries to harm another in some way, because that pain will bring them some kind of pleasure, they should look back on themselves with such blame and anger. There are a lot of nasty things that have happened out there that call for that kind of reflection ,but in your situation, it's not like that. Though reflecting on it and learning from it is always good, as in any situation, you don't have to feel so down on yourself. You're not a bad person, and what you did wasn't horrible. There was just a misunderstanding. But you didn't hurt her. You obviously mean well, and you have the ability to care so deeply for other people. That's an admirable trait :) And some people just aren't compatible, or the circumstances aren't right, etc, but someday that trait will be recognized and your love will be returned by somebody. Hold onto that hope, and at the same time maybe put your focus into other things. Work, hobbies, exercise, anything. I'm sorry the healing process after these kind of things is getting tougher and slower. :( But remember it's not impossible, and even that reassurance will help.
Remember you have people who are there to support you at your lowest points,and though the situation is your own, you're still not alone. Everyone's got some kind of inner struggle and the great thing about communication is the ability to give and receive encouragement when one can't find it in themselves quite yet. Your light at the end of the tunnel is still there, there's just something fogging it from your view. But think of how different each year of your life has been from the next. New events, people, lessons, etc. You've got a whole lot more of those. That's why things change, and that's why things get better. They've got to, sooner or later. So with that said, try and hold onto your hope:)

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someone deleted it :/ sorry, what did it say :) x

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Hey I read your comment on my profile, and I just wanted to say thanks. I know you were trying to help, and you did. And as far as @Sandy, I don't like the fact that a 14 year old is talking to me like that, even if she is having a hard time. I'm 19 and I've had my share of younger people, much younger, acting like the boss of me, not saying that is what she is doing just putting that out there. I know it wasn't the best choice of words, and I know arguing is pointless but when someone acts like they are right and I am wrong really gets me. And as far as @Matt or midnightfelicis97, his post about "Paramore are emo. get over it." made me mad, it might be what HE thinks, but people often mistake punk for emo, which they are not. Thank you for understanding, you are one of the few people who haven't left a rude comment, but a comment saying what you said, and I completely understand why. And not rebellious just don't like when people say something like it's a fact when it's not, or saying I'm wrong when I'm really not. I just need to ignore things that may make me mad and just leave it alone since it is kind of a waste of time. Thanks again.

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But that's impossible for them to know. I see people's points, I take them in and I make a judgement from that. I'm able to accept other people's opinions as being that and leaving it at that. But if they continue arguing with me why should I stop? Most of the time it only ends when people say to me "let's agree to disagree" and I WILL pretty much just say "yeah that's fine".
I enjoy debating greatly. I really do like hearing what other people think, why they think it and arguing it with my own point. I really find it interesting. I don't get why people would want to stop that or get involved or whatever in a way just because they don't like the method but I've had countless debates like that and there's no change in feelings towards the other party, it's just on the topic.

I don't know. I'm not gonna change who I am and I don't think it's even slightly right for this guy to be judging me. He can judge my actions and my words from this but he's reading deeper into it and coming to conclusions that are completely irrational without asking first.
Of course, I could lie but at least that would come from me and not him. I know me better than he knows me. Although apparently he thinks otherwise.

I dunno Matt. Only thing I can say to you is that he's being very prejudiced towards me and I don't really think it's fair.

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Fact is that I can sit here right now and say "he's really pissed off with me. He's saying whatever he can to turn people against me and it isn't fair". That would be an understandable initial feeling.

I don't have that. I understand his points and reasoning.

Thing is though, he doesn't understand that I understand it. And why? Because I haven't changed to his ideal of myself.

Fact is that pretty much all of the things I highlighted below are wrong.

I don't enjoy this. If I did would I continue to strive to sort it out? Hell no. Where's the logic in that? At the same time though I have tried very hard to just sit in the shitty mess, play along and comment and just be nice in the community. I've tried it more than once and it just felt like a shit tip and I hated it. That's just me though.

I haven't driven people off this site at all. I'm not being blamed for their lack of willing and their own weakness. Yeah, I could be a bit more considerate and compassionate or whatever but at the end of the day there are people like me on the internet and there are people who are 100x worse than me. At least I hold off from telling people to slash their wrists etc.

My harshness isn't intended as harshness. Believe it or not I can quite well say the phrase "You are fucking retarded" with complete calmness and with an earnest attempt at joking.
I just don't enjoy emoticons so it doesn't convey the same as "You are fucking retarded XD". Y'know? That's the difference and before you or he suggests it. I'm not gonna start using emoticons. I hate them.

As for the last bit. I fail to understand being "addicted to the rush of thinking I'm right". How could that work?
As a concept it's illogical. There is no sense to it. I am right in what I say a lot of the time, I've more than once admitted to being wrong but 99% of the time it's opinion so there is no right and wrong. I've been told before that I don't respect people's opinions. That I don't understand them. (aboveee)

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I'm just gonna throw his assuming comments in here just to show you what I mean.

"The way I described Matt was senseless, because he IS capable of being nice, he DOES mean to be harsh when he wants to be, and his actions CANNOT be blamed on his personality or who he is."

I don't MEAN to be harsh. I don't think "I'll be a dick to them". It isn't an intention. It's just the way I feel and that isn't the same thing. I say what I feel and think. The way that he phrased it makes me out to sit here and actually think of what can hurt them. I don't do anything of the sort.

"Some of them are going through a rebellious phase, where they want to oppose everything. They get bored, and make a harsh statement to aggravate the community."

"They believe that they have the upper hand when members stop replying, but people do that because they get tired of being around their negative attitudes. Almost everyone is driven away."

"Besides, there's a huge difference between honesty and disrespect."

"He claims that his carelessness, disrespect, and disregard for the community's well being are part of his personality (or who he is), that his harshness is never meant, and that he is incapable of being nice and giving compliments. We all know that's senseless."

"People have been getting hurt, and are being deprived of one of their favorite bands' online community, because they don't want to be around certain members."

"It seems he's addicted to the rush of thinking he's right about everything. Does he want us to believe that most of the people that post a topic, comment, or reply are wrong? Sadly, he is making some young and impressionable members think that what they have to share has no value. That's what I mean by 'destroying the community'. Hopefully, he will realize that what others have to say is often acceptable."

Just read them. I'll continue my point in the next comment.

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As far as the swearing goes though, do you change yourself for the fact that you could offend someone?
Look at Rach's current hair. That could offend many people. Your clothing could. Look at the amount of press you get on women wearing burka's (idk if that's spelled right). I know they're a bit different but it's apart of you. It's how you express yourself. People might not agree with it, they might be offended but it and they might even like it.

I'm gonna continue with this religion thing for a sec though just to emphasise.
They wear and do what they do because it's what they believe in. They believe in it 100%. There MAY be some connections to things like bombings or terrorism from people within that branch of religion and I've seen people then moan about the "paki terrorists". How women wearing burkas must be preparing to bomb places and all the rest of it. I think the arguments are outrageous on both accounts because I know a lot of what's been said from their side too but at the same time. It's prejudice and it's a general thing to hate. It seems ridiculous when you think about it, right?
Same with swearing. Just translate it across. Swearing isn't bad. It's the circumstances that you use the words in that can be. I know you understand, just wanted to throw that out there.

As far as Emicia's concerned, ever thought she can just be like that? Angsty and forceful? To be honest I hate people that try and change who people are just to fit their idea of the norm. Before you or anyone else says anything I don't want everyone to be like me or Luci or whatever, they can be who they are perfectly. I just want them to be more aware of other people and I think Emicia is. She words what she's saying carefully enough but what she says might be construed in such a way that would be "forceful". To be honest I haven't seen anything wrong with it but I haven't been on the forums in general that much. idk ^

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Heyy :) You're from New Zealand huh? Cool, I was born there :s

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I get a lot of support for who I am. My "fearlessness" or whatever you wanna call it. I really do. On here, twitter, Tumblr and in life I've been told that people like my not giving a fuck attitude.

I'm aware that there are more diplomatic ways to go about speaking to people online but most of the time I shouldn't have to be having the conversations I've been having. I hate the webcrew and their lack of work (and believe me, I've offered up some awesome suggestions in the past and only one of them actually had something doing with it). I hate how much of a mess the forums are, I hate how little of a shit the users give about it and I hate how they argue to the point of denial when confronted about it.

When I started on this site I was a lot more enthusiastic and I was probably what you'd call "nice in general". Sadly though the lack of respect can be VERY disheartening and it can become annoying. Now it doesn't annoy me, I'm not that bothered about repeat topics. I'll let them know and press the point but I don't have any feelings about it and I usually end up thinking of the person who created it as an idiot if they try to keep it. For obvious reasons.

I actually don't know why Truthishiding seems to think I hurt people and I'm destroying the forums or whatever. I'm active in some discussions every now and then and there are a lot on the boards now I have touched on. I have no reason to. The other users and myself are NOT hurting the forum. We're actually improving it and since I've been here it has improved a lot. There's always someone online now who will tell people about repeat topics. We have moderators and yeah, that's pretty much down to me. I may be considered as rude or whatever by some people but in comparison to what I've done and what other people think of me by getting to know me I literally couldn't care less.

Sorry for spamming you page. It was just getting a bit frustrating.

OH, and he deleted the comment on his profile. Ignoranceeee.

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We're all very different people with very different opinions and just because of the way I express myself it's seen as wrong. There were some people in my "emo" topic lately and they were pretty much wanting me to shut my mouth and sit down. Do not say what you think "no one cares". "you'll never convince anyone you're right". etc etc.

What is that? I've had it more than once mind from many different people. I can understand that they don't agree with me, my methods or whatever but they expect me to just disappear because of that?
Is it fair? As far as I'm concerned you need people on either side of a spectrum. I'm just the side that shoots his mouth off, is apparently always wrong and swears none stop "just for the attention".

You are VERY right by the way in saying that I don't want to cause trouble. I don't do any of this with the intention to piss people off. Why would I? How pointless. And you're right again, if I were to actually try it then I would be doing it more and you sure as hell know I'd be VERY good at it. To be honest I'm pretty fed up of defending myself time and time again to people who STILL have the impression that they know a thing about me.

I'm seriously hoping you're noting the amount of assumption that @Thetruthishiding has made about me in those 3 comments alone.

You know how I work, I don't have issues with people and I don't hold grudges. I know nothing about anyone and I won't profess to knowing so. My comments are usually very objective but perhaps not the most diplomatic but they pretty much NEVER go near the user as a person and their personal life.

Matt, I like how I am on this site. Believe it or not I've influenced a hell of a lot of people into being more outspoken (look at Luci and Emicia for instance). I'm not saying that I made them who they are today but I'd like to think that I've helped them a bit. (mooooore up there, last one, hopefully)

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I don't think I'll ever stop swearing as a I do and I have noted that a lot more people in every day life swear a lot too and I don't mean because I do but because they realise that they mean nothing.
If I say the words "That's shit" and "That's poo" the ONLY reason that they are considered different is probably because "poo" is seen as a childish word and "shit" is seen as an obscene word.

Note how American Television allow the word "crap" to be used at any time of day. UK don't allow that. (It might be the other way round, can't remember). We allow words like "bloody hell" which is considered to be a swear word but idk if they do or not.

Yeah, I know why it's seen as a bad thing but it doesn't mean it should be. The origins of the word "fuck" isn't a bad one either. It's not like people stood around the cross whilst Jesus was on it repeatedly telling him to fuck off or whatever. It's just ridiculous and the reaction people have to it considering what the words are and what they mean is absolutely absurd. I understand if you disagree but it's my standpoint on the matter.

I dislike Paramore fans as a whole because of their over enthusiasm, and I mean way over, their ignorance despite EVERYTHING Paramore sing about and the fact that so many of them are so jaded towards the band and what it is.

I can understand "omg, Paramore have a new album out that is actually amazing. I'm in pure shock" as a normal person would type it. But one of these fans? "OMg paramore have a new album out I can rbeathe i dont know what life means anymore i wanna laugh and cry at the same time and it hurts and i love hayley and the rest of them and ill play it forever literally without stopping and i love it already and omG" or something to that very annoying effect.

This is my personal view on the matter but I don't like stuff like that. It might sound absurd to you or to other people but to me it is just beyond irritating. (more above)

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Okay. The main reason that I am "like I am" or whatever you wanna call it is the lack of respect for the community as an entity.
Not just from the fans who spam the forums with the topics but from the web crew as well. Should the members have to go around day after day requesting deletion of topics, arguing why they're bad and then having to put up with the aftermath of the boards mucking up and us getting 3 pages of topics about Paramore coming back to the UK?

Should they have employed moderators, teenage girls, to do their job? Rach and Sandy are NOT happy in their job as moderators. They are really not at all. The PWC aren't even helping. Rach and Sandy are making their job SO easy and yet they aren't even trying to help out when Rach/Sandy can't do it. To be honest, the whole system is absolutely disgusting. If it was a minor band like say Automatic Loveletter then fine, perhaps they could get away with that. But this is a forum that has 240,000 people on it, run by a company that is very well known in the music industry AND it's their most famous band and this is what we get?

Then there's the lack of respect from the fans. YES, I know I've said it time and time and time again about repeat topics and all the rest of it but what the Webcrew/Moderators have done to avoid repeats at all possible costs to then STILL get ignored is pretty disgusting. That's the fans though. I can let it go once or twice from members. But the same ones time and time and time again? No chance.

As far as my swearing or whatever goes, it's everyday wording for me. I don't have to be in a bad mood to drop the f bomb, I just have to be saying a sentence. You can see it as bad if you like but I really don't believe that there should be words that are classed as bad. Words are words. As I've said millions of times it's the meaning you put into them that counts. (Continued above)

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waddup yo

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I saw your post on the Parateer topic and I've been having the same problem.

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Yes, but I looked at Episode I a long time ago. I will probably have time to look this coming weekend.

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Oh Okay

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thanks for the advice :) :)

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hello :3

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Some Disturbed for you from the Mayhem Festival in my neighborhood:


Ten Thousand Fists (partial):

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I couldn't believe xD She sang 'em pretty good, right?! I'm so happy ;DDDD

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Haha, haven't started at all. Been busy with exams lately. Can't wait for it to be over. I've been building up little plots in my head but yeah...i'm a procrastinator when it comes to starting and especially finishing a story.

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So, how are you? you've got me a bit worried for not showing up for almost a week. Glad to see you again :D

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Hey, don't really know where to start so i'm just going to ramble until i reach my point. I'm actually the type of person who 'observes' the forum in my free time even though i don't participate in the discussions much. So anyways, after reading the 'discussions' about the 'controversial-no-offense-topic', i thought of checking out the 'Parateers topic' and that's when i saw the comment you posted about the last person switching off the light as he/she leaves the room.
Well i gotta say, that 'image' you've created there is now stuck in my head. I think it's actually beautiful in a morbid way. And i'm thinking of writing a story based on that!
So yeah, just want to tell you that you've just inspired me, thanks. :)
(though of course, i'm a procrastinator when it comes to writing/finishing stories).

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Hey! Aspiring writer!! I am too!! But sadly i don't think I would ever be able to bring out the stories crowded in my head. I always become blank-minded whenever I start to take over the pen and paper yah know? I write poems and essays,but not stories. :( How I'd love to. :|

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I love your stories :D
You're a really good writer.
Keep it up (:

I'm a writer too but I never know how to end one of my stories. Bad habit :\

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heyy i plan on writing a book to but every time i get to writing it i write a paragraph n then stop cause i can not put all my ideas on paper can u help me???

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it's really cool that you give people advice...what made you want to any way? i mean it's great that you do but just a curious question...

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heyy i know its been awhile since you gave me advice but i just wanted to say thanks! alittle better with the friend of mine so yeah thanks again!

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Supp :D
just wanted to say thanks for the advice :D

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Hey matt. Here's a song for ya. Again, it's kind of harsh, but the stuff that helps you grow is the stuff that hurts.

I think you could relate. Hold in there.

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Be Strong, Matt!!

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Hi can you comment on my discussion called ' story telling' ?? Thanks

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Hello Matt.

I read your Apology topic. I was very sorry for you. I know just feeling sorry won't save you or help you a lot. But I just want to know you that I'm completely with you. At 300%, okay? Whatever is going on in your life, I am here for you if you need to talk. You know, maybe for you doing some confidences to a fourteen year old girl seems kind of odd... but I just want you to know that.

Also, don't ever forget this sentence:

If you feel alone, know that the world is a lonely place but it would be even lonelier without you in it.

It's from Hayley, of course.

Keep your head high and be brave,


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Unfortunetlly my computer is blocking your thread from me so i will coment on your profile (:

So this friend of mine, I tried talking to her in the nicest way possible and she is still ignoring me and rolling her eyes ect. So i figure if she doesnt want to save our friendship and all the good times we had so be it. I am pretty much giving up and i feel as if because ive let her go that my life is getting better

Thank you for helping me with this problem (:

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thanks :)

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Matt. You're in love with the idea of love. You've met Hayley once. And as much as it hurts, you know the truth here. You don't know her. You can't be in love with her.

Just mull over that one.

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thanks :)

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There's no nice way to say this, so I'm going to give you a reminder that I am a nice person and I'm only doing you a favor.

You have GOT to stop obsessing over this girl, man!

You were so upset over your life a few weeks ago you contimplated suicide. You are in NO PLACE for a relationship because you need to love yourself before you can love another person. There will be other girls, but we have got to focus on YOU.

Do your work. Focus on getting healthy or whatever point where you feel comfortable in your own skin, because that's obviously something that bothers you and it's hurting you. Knowing that you procrastinate a lot kills you but you don't know how to fix it, so talk to a counselor or read up on it. Do something because you are not okay and I can see that.

You're lonely, I see that. It sucks, I'm lonely as fuck sometimes. BUT you're seriously tearing yourself apart. Please, please focus on yourself before anyone else. You're awesome, kind, and I honestly think you've got a huge heart that some girl is going to love one day. But you have got to love yourself too.

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Sorry, I didn't notice your comments in the middle there.

It has nothing to do with me not believing her.
It's the other way around.

and fyi

the webcrew never deleted any of my comments they just left me a warning for no reason.
I emailed the webcrew last week about it and heard nothing back.
I then asked Rachel Fabuleux to inquire about it for me last Thursday or Friday and she blatantly ignored my request.

If she had just replied back and said "I can't" that would have been the end of it.

None of my comments even come close to some of the stuff that was said on this discussion from last week
Where are the webcrew warnings to those people?

To top things off I didn't even make a comment on that discussion.

If I'm going to recieve a warning I want to know what it's for.
Thats what I have a problem with.