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About Me: 

I spit hot fire, but I'm not a rapper.

Favorite Bands: 
United States
Super Hot Fire
Writing, reading, crafting, music-ing
Favorite Songs: 
Every single Paramore song there is
Favorite Places: 
Paramore shows
Favorite Movies: 
Nightmare Before Christmas
What month were you born?: 
What day of month were you born?: 
What's a fun fact about you?: 
I'm swag
What was the last book you read?: 
Tenth of December - George Saunders
Favorite Paramore show you've been to: 
2013 Spring Tour


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niggah be like whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi there! :D

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Hello x)

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ps, your B-day is like 6 days before mine. that's crazy!! haha

how old are you?

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haha, i know! i saw it on your topic (e-mail)

oh, and i alreday sond you an e-mail with a picture :D (actually 2 of them)

we share the best name ever, haha

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Your video was incredible. I don't think any of us could have said it better, and it really expresses how all of us fans feel. Thank you!!!!!
p.s. I took screen shots of the text in your video and I made it my desktop :P

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i love your vid!! it's amazing!!! :D

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I loved your whole I (still) love Paramore thing, it was amazing :)

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Dude, We Have The Same Birthday!!

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Damn you're lucky

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LMFAO oh man this made me think of doing a face in the hole over rosie o's woman.

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I'll take any woman I please. Rosie better look out her wife is next!

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:D This thing is sorta confusing with all the noobs and repetitiveness. PFC boards FTW! haha

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we will get it :D! today i was 13 rows from those abs, and omg they must be rock hard. i have been doing crunches alot haha. aww i wish you could. im going to alot this month (i suppose it makes up for the rest of summer being bleh) but im going to use this to my advandage. i can look like a jumping sweaty idiot at shows, and that burns calories which means my crutches will be more effective so in the end, gwen abs. if she is 40 with 2 kids, a 17 year old can have them :D! i hope you can see paramore lots on their next tour :D!

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LOL i just love everything Italy so i feel like i've been cheated somehow haha.

Eeeek RPatz quote oh yes. =D

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hahaha ikr!!

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Leo Rupual. k bye

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Paulinnneeeee =] tis jennyriot.
woopp. lol im all patheticly hyper.
haha in love with tom felton =]

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hey !!! , wee this is sick !! haha

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nightmare before christmas FTW

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hey pauline!!its jade!! this site is so cool im soo happy a bunch of boardies finally won haha