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i LOVE PARAMORE and PANIC AT THE DISCO!i also like anime & manga pretty.odd.(reference)I'm went to a PARAMORE concert in september of 2012.the last day of the honda civic tour,!I'm a very happy person and have my days where i seem like a,can't change it so why not except it?anyway,i play cello,clarinet,keyboard\piano,and percussion.i love anyone as long as they're nice&respect me. I'm a person who's a look at the glass half full type...well most of the time anyway. I pretty much don't have much of a life....wait-scratch that.I have a life...I read,draw,sing,watch tv,ride my bike, and such.I do fun stuff on the weekends, & have an annual spring break road trip every year with my mom.I'm a certified band geek and PROUD.Professional fangirl.well,the whole point of me typing this was that I'm talking "about me".Hope y'all enjoyed.toodles poodles!
smile O_o

Favorite Bands: 
PARAMORE!!!,beatles,F11,Panic! at the Disco(P!ATD),meiko,medic droid,One Direction(JUDGE ME :D),OF MICE AND MEN!,evanescence,hollywood undead,greenday,muse,death cab for cutie,magnetta lane,caribou,tegan and sara,MCR,avril lavigne(not a band but i love her),hello goodbye,smashing pumpkins,nine inch nails,yeahyeahyeah's,the smiths,the DOORS,sixpence none the richer,bring me the horizon(BMTH),silver sun pickups,cobra starship,red hot chili peppers,rise against,u2,breathe carolina,red jumpsuit apparatus,hey monday,LADY G!,forever the sickest kids,madonna,the cranberries,no doubt,goo goo dolls,flyleaf,FOB,foo fighters,gym class heroes,the offsping,p!nk,METRO STATION,on the last day,natasha bedingfield,3oh!3,all time low,cash cash,nickasaur <3,ivy league,two door cinema club,the summer set.i know i like a lot of bands.....what can i say.i LOVE MUSIC! :)
United States
lari,ele(pronounced the way you say the letter l in spanish),thumper,rissa,laris
los angeles
noodles,skiing,virtually any unhealthy food,music,cello,hayley williams face,and brendon urie
Favorite Songs: 
all paramore songs,all panic! at the disco songs,all songs by christina perri,something by the beatles,all avril lavigne songs,paralyzer by F11,,everywhere we go by hollywood undead,girls freak me out by summer set,DIAMONDS AREN'T FORVER AND CHELSEA SMILE BY BMTH...and many more
Favorite Places: 
honda center,grand canyon,zion national park,vegas,knott's berry farm,hollywood,four corners,lake tahoe,NEW YORK<3, the House of Blues :)
Favorite Movies: 
howl and the moving castle,across the universe,IT,grease,edward scissor hands,lord of the rings,hairspray,forest gump,twilight series,princess mononoke,juno,nick and norah's infinite playlist,and hsm 1 2 and 3!I have no shame for the last one!I love high school musical!brings me comfort
Favorite Quotes: 
"one mans trash is another mans treasure" -I have no idea who said that "WE!ARE!PARAMOOOOOORE!" -HAYLEY WILLIAMS! "hi!", *in shock* *starts to hyperventilate* "you ok?""oh,yah.hehehe...can i have a picture with you?""of course!here,stand right here." *puts her arm over my shoulder* screams inside! tehe. -conversation between me and Hayley!(there was more but that's my favorite part) "It takes a lot of faith to give love... and even more faith to let yourself be loved. such a risk that seems so worth it." -Hayley Williams "no sh!t sherlock!" -don't know who said that "BE UNFORGETTABLE." -Hayley Williams "Hey new york!Nice last name ya got there!" -Taylor York
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What's a fun fact about you?: 
I'm double jointed,and eat things on my plate one at a time making sure they don't touch
What was the last book you read?: 
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Favorite Paramore show you've been to: 
SEPTEMBER.2010.IT WAS THE RADDEST CONCERT EVER!SOME RANDOM GUY RAN UP TO ME AND GAVE ME A BACKSTAGE PASS!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!it was honestly one the best days of my entire life.I'm not exaggerating in the would relive it a thousand times if i could.


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i like your profile pic too! yeah, she is so pretty! haha, and thank you so much, Larissa :D

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haha thnx, i like yours too! :)

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Did you think so? Thanks, worked hard on it :)


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