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Jimmy Eat World, Sunny Day Real Estate, New Found Glory, Death Cab for Cutie, Thrice
United States
Franklin, TN


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Hey Guys, i couldnt find your email addy so I've had to resort to this lolol

I Love You Guys!!! But really, I have a Request & i dont know how else to put it...

I am a very large fan of yours & i own all but your last Album & I would Love to see you guys in Concert but you never play anywhere near my area.

I was wondering, Hell, Im begging you guys to hold a concert in my Area. I live in Mountain Home AR & we just 2yrs ago Built a Concert Hall where we've had Willey Nelson, Casting Crowns, Skillet, Nickelback & a few others play, But i WOULD LOVE to have You guys here....

Below, you will find the link to the Hall's Website & hopefully you can work it from there. I really am begging Pretty Pretty Please for you to play here and I Do Not Beg....

Thank You so Much for Your Time Michael Case SPN

PS. I also hate to ask, but I've been in Nursing school for the last year & I'm just wondering what happened that You're going in a new Direction??? I Love your New Songs & the style so far & Im just wondering what caused the Change.....

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Hi, there is a girl I know and she just loves you and the music you make! It's almost her birthday and my question to you is if it is possible to make like a 5 second movie to wish her a happy birthday? It would nice if there was an easy way to make contact with Hayley by mail or something, I hope you can answer if this is possible or not!
It would be so awesome if you could do this, thanks in advance!

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what is the best way to contact you through email

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Paramore...keep on rocking

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Hey guys, Thank you for being such a chill and down-to-earth group of peeps throughout your success and fame over the years. Knowing that you're now based in LA I just wanted to give you a heads up about a really bomb Christian church I used to go to when I was in college. It is called "Reality LA" and the pastor is Tim Chaddick. He's hilarious and basically my hero. If you ever get a chance, check it out. (I don't mean to sound like an advertisement. HA)

By the way, know that you can add Mary Poppins to your list of fans. She is the one I can thank for introducing me to you guys in the good 'ol days of '06.

Keep it real

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hey i love you paramore you guys saved my life from total darkness with your music and i just love you all

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Hi Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor!
My name is Sky! I have been fans of yours for soooo long and I'd like to say you guys have really changed my life. You guys are what bonded me and my boyfriend! Our song is actually "the only exception":)! We attended your concert on May 15th in Boston, MA at the House of Blues for my birthday and I caught Jeremy's guitar pick at the end of the show and gave it to Tyler.

Ty and I are extremely competitive with each other when it comes to presents because we want to prove who loves the other one more.

I was wondering if you could help me out with something. Tyler is obsessed with you guys and his 18th birthday is coming up on October 30th. I already bought tickets to your show in Worcester, MA at the DCU center on November 15th for Ty for his birthday. We have GA Floor tickets but I made the mistake of not buying tickets into the meet and greet. I was wondering if there was any chance I could get us on stage while "the only exception" was playing. I feel like that could really put my gift over the top. If you guys could please email me with any opportunity you may have even if you can't get us on stage that'd be great. My email address is: I love you guys so much<3 You're the best!

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Thanks guys for a banging night out on the 27th at wembley its 3 days later and i still ache from all the jumping. Plus i met some amazing new friends that night. Just don't leave it so long to come back again.

cheers Chris

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Hi Guys is there any were I can buy the official UK tour t shirt from I was there at Wembley closing the tour but didn't get one

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Hi Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor :)!
I know that I'm super late BUT I wanted to say thank you for your amazing show in Zurich on sept. 8th. It was my first time seeing you live in concert and I've been waiting for this day to come for more than 4 years. It has been the best night of my entire life. And the best thing about it was that I got to be in the front row *-* because I've been at the venue 3 hours before the doors opened. You mean so much to me and your music and your lyrics.. just WOW. I can relate to every single song of you and it just fills my soul with happyness. So THANK YOU so much for that night. It has meant so much for me. It took me on a 2 1/2 hour ride to see you because I live in the very west of austria but it was so worth it. I wish that I can meet you guys one day and that I'll be able to see you again!
Thank you for making such good music and for taking care of your fans. I'll always look up to you!
With love, Tanja.

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Hi Guys!

A few weeks ago I had the change to be on stage with you!! I was on September 5th in Amsterdam!! You totaly made my dream come true!! Thank you so much for that!! I hope to see you soon live again!

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hi :) I really hope you'll read this!

I had the honor to be on your amazing concert in Neu-Isenburg, Frankfurt. I can't find the words to say.. Thank you :* When you said that we should keep fighting I thought that maybe I could fight my depression and anorexia.
You give me hope and strength. Just because of you I got the faith to someday be a good guitar player. Hopefully as good as you Taylor (I freaking love you)!

And maybe today I woke up to the cold reality to see that not a thing has changed but for 1 1/2 hours you let me feel weightless, free and unbelievable happy. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !! <3
Hopefully next time I can be the lucky girl to go on stage with you :) I would do everything !
And I'm gonna be in the front row not matter what!

Thank you for everything and keep being that awesome! Love you guys :)'s picture

Hello PARAMORE and Paramore fans - Europe!!
"Parahoy", right?
It's in the U.S
So, us living in Europe, with less money to fly to U.S then cruise
Are kinda left out
Any chance of a similar "Parahoy" type, cruise, plan, for central Europe ?
Because, let's face it, us Europeans know how to rock out, too and have a taste for a little luxury

On behalf of
Paramore Fans, from Ireland and U.K

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Hey guys,
Is there any chance to meet you one on one in Neu-Isenburg??
It's my birthday.. Not that it isn't already awesome to see you live but that would make it perfect.
I don't know what I would do without music and you in times of depression. You inspire me to not give up on playing the guitar and singing.
I love you guys :)
I would looooooooooove to meet you !

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Hello Paramore, with a little delay i want to say thank you for the amazing Show in Zurich. I still can not believe i've seen you in real life. It is simple from now i do not live without your music. The next time you come in Switzerland i hope it will be in Murten. During the year it have two Festivals : Wake and Jam, Stars of sounds. Or it have a concert Hall at Hotel Murten. If it does not it does not matter i will come where you go but it will be super cool if yes!
You are the only exception!!! Love you so much!!!!

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iTunes festival OMFg

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is there going to be a meet and great in amsterdam this thursday?

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Can't wait to see you next month I'm excited. Fresno

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We'll wait to see you again at Jakarta. See you guys!

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The Self-Titled Tour - Manila, PH. Please make it happen. Thank you.

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Hey lovers !!! Can't wait to see you guys here in Melbourne January next year !!! Hope you do a meet and greet. I got my fan club presale tix and I have a countdown already. So pumped !!!! Much love xoxoxox

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come back in manila please? 2014 ((: thankyou :))

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come back in manila please? 2014 ((: thankyou :))

kristine2420's picture

come back in manila please? 2014 ((: thankyou :))

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I went to my first paramore concert this year in sao paulo and, omg, it was the best day of my life! only to see a picture or video my heart feels like it will explode!!!! my friends and I did a cap for hayley but we don't know if it came to her :c can't wait to see you again, love you guys so much <3

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you guys are the best :))

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HI HAYLEY. i'm the one who is saying that come back in manila on twitter, please come back in manila. many people are waiting for you. waiting paramore to come back. i want to spend my birthday with you in the month of april, 2014 because my birthday is on april 24. by the way my name is kristine cata. i hope you grant my wish . hehehe. i'm a fan since 2009. its been 4 years. i loveyou guys. god bless in your group.

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Hey there people would just like to say I love the new album you guys did a awesome job and my girl friend just got me tickets to come see you at Manchester in sep and I can not wait as I have been following you for years. When you 1st played at Leeds fest years ago I new you would be great :) keep up the good work looking of would to you rocking my socks off once again x

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Hoping you'll also have a tour in Asia next year. By the way, your performance in TCA and Conan are AMAZING AS ALWAYS!

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Hi Best Band of The World! In less than a month i'll finally even. I hope we will be able to exchange a few words. Please, please,please!!! See you next month in Zurich. Bi :)

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Hey, Guys! First off, you guys are like my favorite band!!! Second off, I live in Fairfax and i am sooooo excited that you are coming here!!! And third, one of my really good friends is your (Jeremy's) cousin!! She is the one that got me listening to you! YOU ALL ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!'s picture

See you on November 1st in Austin, Texas after waiting half my lifetime to see my favorite band live. Love you guys and stay beautiful!

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I can't wait to see you guys in Worcester in November! I love you guys!

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Hi guys. I'm from Spain and I'm in love with Paramore, but you're not coming here this year. I read that you're going to French or Germany; why not to come here?!?! I really need to see you, I love you.

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Im so excited To see you guys in Chicago!!!
got my tickets and my train ticket or I may drive !!
6 hour drive DONT CARE cuz i get to see PARAMORE !!!!
C A N N O T W A I T ! ! !

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I'm probly going to be crying at the va show lol

B3header14's picture

I think I'm going to be crying when hayley comes out on stage

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Got my tickets to the show in Fairfax, VA! I am so excited!!

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I was in Milan 18 days ago near the stage, near you! I'd spent the best day of my life there, I hope my parents let me come to see you again in Bologna this September ❤ fingers crossed! xx

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Paramore ... see you on July 20 in Argentina: D love you with all my heart ♥

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I love paramore i hope to see them live and in person some day


W love you paramore you have inspired me very much im not a super new fan but i know alot of your history..... im going to buy all your albums... i must -vikki :)

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i want you to come visit nepal, so i can meet you all :D

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Hi Paramore!
Did you considered come to El Salvador? :D
Please? :* We love you <3

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Can you have time to make a concert someday in the PHILIPPINES! I would buy your tickets like... a thousands times. :) Please do concert here in philippines! :)

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My english is not really good but i hope this doesn'matter... I'll be at your concert in germany! I am soooooo happy about this but please pick my video so that i can talk with you and tell you everything what's in my brain and more! I would cry until the next concert here where i can go. So as the saying goes : every day a good deed so make a crazy , loopy girl really really really happy so that she can sing "It's not a dream anymore nooooo!!!" YES please make ME really really happy! For that i will do everything REALLY JUST EVERYTHING