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We are the Paramore web crew, we will be handling all things related to Feel free to hit us up with any questions/concerns via the feedback tab.

Regarding PFC: Please read THIS update.

Wanna report spam? Check out the spam report thread!

Trouble logging in? Email us.

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Urgly Mind ~ spamming just about every topic, including feedback and sugguestions.

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why was the iamagashman account deleted without any explanation?

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IZZY34 this user stole some of my pictures and posted them for the ''grow up'' contest. can you do something about it ?

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DO Indonesia TOUR!!!

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My name is Phelipe Pereira and I am a member of the, and would like to know if these new rules already apply to the show here in Brazil for the day on July 25 this year in Rio de Janeiro.
I would be very happy to take photo with you and I am going to celebrate my birthday show for 17 years. I await contact.
Of a Parawhopes,
Phelipe Pereira

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Can you people come to Colombia this year please!!?? I'm begging you guys.

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Did you guys already start sending the PFC invitations?

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When can I join PFC? Been trying since 2011 and my patience is wearing...xD

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What is happening with PFC? I'm hearing rumours it has now been merged with Singles Club. If so how will that work?

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Hi ! I am a PFC member , but i can't sign in the PFC Chat and forum !!!! :C Please help me. !

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Oh no! Have you emailed Fan Club support? They should be able to help or provide more information.

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Can i please have a PFC intive PLEASE! i would seriously do anything. -Lizzy

here we go again.'s picture

send me a pfc invite. please.

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I want to be a member of the PFC, as I do? thank you

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I am a PFC member and i haven't received an code or any email information about the presale. Please help me.

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Hii..why can not I register on the PFC chat, blog and FAQ?

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When will new members be able to join the paramore fan club? it's been at least a year now, and the page says changes coming in 2012, but its already 2013

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Hey, are you the famous one with the PFC invitations? Send me one plzzz!!! And if I may ask, do u know when Paramore is comming to Brazil again? :D

daynalovesparamoree's picture

PFC invite would be rad! i just want to be a part of the prafamily <3

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Hello :)
I was wondering, is there any other way to join the PFC other than an invite? If not, how do you get an invite? Just from anyone?

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Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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I'm agreeing with @OnlyHuman5 and all the others with the issues about the Splash page. At first, I thought there was something wrong with my computer, but then it happened numerous times and I saw how other members were experiencing the same issue.

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We're definitely looking into this, thanks for your patience!

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Every time something takes more than a few seconds to load on here, it just takes me strait back to the "If There Is A Future We Want It Now" page.

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How can i be a PFC ? I really want to be part of it!!!,please help

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Man colombia wants paramore

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can u maybe ask paramore to have a signing in illinois? xD that would be the best gift in the entire world!

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Hey, good day!
I just wanna ask, should I get a confirmation email when I upload a Fan Photo? It's been 3 days already since I submitted a photo and I haven't seen my art work on my profile, neither on Fan Photos gallery. Please help me.

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Hey Kiwa, fan photo submissions are held in a moderation queue for approval. Here's your approved photo post: Great job!!

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Hi!I wanna be members on PFC,could you help me please?

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Hello, my comments are still getting mistaken as spam. I received a message from you in august saying wou would fix that, but it's been two months.

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Hey Dimitris., working on a solution now. Please check your profile for details.

Sorry for the inconvenience here. Thanks for letting us know about the issue!

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Will Paramore ever come back Chicago,IL? Thanks

Ritzcraicers's picture

Hey uh when will Paramore come to Boston Massachusetts? Thank you.

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Hey, all official tour dates are posted @ as they are announced. We don't have any advance information of tour scheduling, sorry!

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Hey, any news about Paramore at Reading 2012, I know this is unlikely but any chance of a signing?
Thanks :)

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All official tour dates are posted @ Check for any official news or contact the event organizer for more information. Hope this helps!

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Hey! I was just wondering when Paramore was going to come to Pennsylvania. If anytime soon, could you please contact me at Thanks.

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Hey, all official tour dates are posted @ as they are announced. We don't have any advance information of tour scheduling, sorry!

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Hey! I already have an account for the Paramore store and already ordered something on it but like I live in France, I had to create another one for the french store. I wondered if it was possible to put them together before ordering something on the french store?
(Sorry for my english :) )


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Hi! If you are referring to the US and the French webstore, they are separate stores and we cannot merge those accounts into one.

If you still have any questions about the Paramore webstore, these links might help:
FR -
US -


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Hey there, for years it's been my dream to meet paramore, and I've wanted to join the Pfc for ages, and i'm depressed that I'll miss out on another Australian Meet and Greet cause I'm not a PFC member, any word on when we'll be able to join again?

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Hey Madnatter, no news yet! Stay tuned to for updates - if there are any, they will be posted there first. You can also email for more information.


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hey there, my email is i was wondering what procedure id have to undergo to obtain the rights to use paramore's music in my youtube channel...the total amount of audio would only be about 30 seconds and its not a music based channel..please reply asap, thanks

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Hey Dajakesta!

For more information about using any of Paramore's music in your YouTube channel, please visit

Hope this helps!

VicArce's picture

hi! I made an order on June 18 from Costa Rica, when it would be here?

Sorry for my english..

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Hey Vicarce, Check out for information about how to track your order and/or be in contact with the Webstore. Thanks, ParaWebCrew

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Hey, I emailed you guys a few days ago. If I could just get a confirmation that you have received it that would be ace.

Marsya Evilin's picture

hw can i join to fanclub of paramore?
i want to know,, please tell me......

Juany-i Troilo's picture

hi, how can i buy some paramore merchandise if i live in argentina? please reply (: