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I play instrument ever. I loveee music and it's pretty much my life. When I say music I mean music, not the pop/rap crap you hear on the radio. I love Jesus and God and all of em up there looking out for us. I'm a new orleans fan and have been since I was little. Boston Red Sox are awesome too. I LOVE to write, even though I'm not great at it. I'm just geeky enough to say I loe to read too. I think tie die is great and going barefoot is amazing. I don't believe in war or killing, but I think right now humans are too ignorant of a race to find peace. Maybe eventually we'll get there. I'm not one to use punctuation unless I have to so thats just a little warning. I love iced tea; it's proof that there's a God and he loves us. I'm a tv fanatic (Not the fat couch potatoes type, I just love really good tv shows) so anyone that wants to talk good tv with me is awesome. And that's all I can think of so talk to me if you want

Favorite Bands: 
Paramore, queen, tower of power, never shout never, the fray, relient k, tegan and sara, kate nash, mika, jason mraz, the beatles, the hush sound, dave matthews band, grateful dead, bela fleck and the flecktones, automatic loveletter, no doubt, alexander rybak, the sounds, oh be clever, neil young, sara bareilles, vic wooten, tony bennett, a rocket to the moon, new found glory, the police, love via dance machine, lady gaga, aztec two step, carrie underwood, ingrid michaelson, regina spektor, all tiem low, fall out boy, jack johnson, O.A.R, coldplay, cute is what we aim for, the academy is..., foreginer, jack's mannequin, seal, u2, 100 monkeys, simon spire, dayplayer, secret secret dino club, matt nathonson, danielle ate the sandwich, miles davis
Gabbycita,Gabigale, Gabsterelda, Gabby (Last name) bumble bee noodles with peaunut butter on the side(would you get it if i just said it's a lonnnnnnnnnnng story)
hogsmeade :P
music, writing, photography
Favorite Songs: 
they change by the second but i tend to keep the bands at a constant
Favorite Places: 
New Hampshire, where ever the concert im going to is, the band rooom in my school, the stage, and the softball feild, this little shop village near the seaport, my best friends farm shop, bimini bahamas
Favorite Movies: 
Hancock, The proposal, rain man, inception, eat pray love, where the wild things are, august rush
Favorite Quotes: 
anyone who lives by the sword dies by the sword - Jesus the thing i'm most grateful for is the constant humiliation - hayley williams there couldn't be a better way to know exactly where you stand then to fall flat on your face - hayley i don't care if the world or anyone in it tries to drag me down. because i know that in the end, they will be the ones left tired from the struggle to hold me back. - hayley williams and you know what? to any one that told you your were no good...they're no better. - hayley williams this world needs more love and hope - taylor york For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. - audrey hepburn the future belongs to the people who believe in the beauty of their dreams - elanor rooselvelt and in the end, it's not the years in your life but the life in your years that count - abe lincoln we could stop looking for the wrongs and realize they're inevitable on the way to something more meaningful - hayley williams there's always gonna be someone who doesn't want you to win at life. and i say screw that guy - hayley williams life rules and theres no room for hate - hayley williams be unforgetable - hayley williams nothing makes a woman more beautiful then the belief she is beautiful - sophia loren human emotions aren't made of numbers - hayley williams
What month were you born?: 
What day of month were you born?: 
What's a fun fact about you?: 
I cant eat spaghetti because i can never get it on my fork :/
What was the last book you read?: 
eat love pray. or is it love pray eat. Love eat Pray? Pray love eat.... pray eat love? hmm. Lol justt kiddingg Eat Pray Love
Favorite Paramore show you've been to: 
7-27-10 honda civic tour wallingford ct i was RIGHT behind the mosh and i can't even put it into words how amazing that was. I'll never forget that night


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oh wow! That must be pretty terrifying! And I always so nervous comming out on stage. I have music classes and from time to time we have to perform in front of all students and it scares me so much!! But it's fun at the same time:)

Well, there is no great news actually. But next week I'm going to meet my classmates, I haven't seen them about 3 years!!!! And I'm very excited!! I dont know if you know but our classes are the same for the whole school time. I mean, we study with the same guys for 11 years and have common school subjects. So, yeah, i missed them a lot!

I'm so glad to hear that you like your new school! Good luck you with that:)

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haha yeah, sure i'll tell u:)
btw, how's life going on? any news?
I remember you told me you're going to change the school, huh? have you already?

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haha i see:) well, maybe i'll try it someday since you say it's worth it:)
anyways, i dont really like all these "social networks". i just got used to facebook, and now trying to do the same with twitter..:D
not so good so far:D

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No, sorry, i haven't.
what's the point of it?

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umm, everything's good so far:)
Thanks, my exams are over now - have passed the last one today! And that was pretty tough.

Oh my brother can't get over the fact that my vacation is actually longer than his. You should have seen his face, when I told him:D

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oh, cool! i hope thats a good thing

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Hey there!
how have you been lately, Gabby??
I hope well:)

How's your school? In Russia we've just started new school semester, our Christmas celebrations ended a week ago, so everyone's back to school, work, etc. Lucky me, I have 1 more vacation week after i pass exams! So almost whole January I'm doin nothing:) Well, except preparing for exams.

And how many days christmas vacation lasts in USA?

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sorry i 4got to turn off caps lock

Killjoy's final riot's picture

im giddy

Killjoy's final riot's picture


Killjoy's final riot's picture

helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo =)

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Happy belated Xmas and New Year!:)

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Gabby !!!
Omg , I'm So So Sorry for my laaaaaaaate reply
the year is ending , and it's crazy , i' had no time for nothing , but now Finally I'm On Summer Holidays since december till February !! o/ That's Amazing

Yeep , i Agree it's strange in a place is totally cold and then in another one is Totaly Hot , Just Like Here Right Now , the weather is so hooooot !!

Wow , That's Amazign , I'm Glad you're doing well in the new school , with new teachers and friends :D That's Really Great :D And What do you like more about the new school ??
tell me all !!

Oh I Really Like My School , my friends , and some teachers , some days ago o got graduated in 9th Grade !! : ) i'm really hapy about it :D

And then next year i'm going to High School ! i hope it'll be Amazing !!

Oh That Should be an Amazing Picture , yes is awesome when we like photographers can catch the feeling in the picture , love , happiness , and spontaneous things and all that it means , i think it's really amazing ! I Love Photography :')

wow amazing line :D ''photograph each day so we can live forever" wich song is it in ?
it's the true , with pics we can live the moments over and over again :)

yes , that's aways happen we can't take really good pictures in concerts because of the crowds , but it's Amazing in the same way : ))

Vintage is Great ! I've some things like that in my home , and i wanna buy more of them :D
Oh Thank you : )

Writing ! i also love it so much , i love write about feeling and stuff , i won an issue contest this year , it was so nice : D

: ) I'm Glad you're doing well
So Do I , Thanks : )

and tell me how's everything ?
school , band ?

See Ya Gabby :D

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Haha:) try this! it's actually helps.

Oh, I had Spanish too, but it was horrible for me. Maybe it was so because I skipped some classes:D

haha, me too! Seeing them happy because of your gift is the best thing ever!!! Still, I love receiving gifts as well, especially if it's handmade. On my birthday I got a sewed in pop art style Marilyn Monroe!!! This was mind blowing:)
And now I can't even imagine what gift I should do, to make the same impression. I always present handmade stuff, so I'm looking for something to make:D

Yeah, I know what you mean! Pitty, we don't have such celebrations in Russia.

What's Black Friday sales? Is it for buying gifts for Christmas?

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Oh thank you, Gabby!:)

Umm, yes i do actually. It will be Germany, so i take extra classes of German. Tell you what, it's way more difficult than English for me.
I've already bought tons of books and stuck on every item in my room sheet of paper with it's name in German:D

No, we dont celebrate Thanksgiving. Although, since we study English culture, we do some stuff in college like giving Thank You cards, etc. Still, it's fun for me, i LOVE giving presents:)

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Ha thanks! I'm trying to do my best:)
And I'll finish my college next year and then move somewhere, perhaps.

hey, how was your thanksgiving day?:)

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Fine. Haha i always adore those ppl who have bands. They are so cool.unfortunately,most of the ppl around me only interested in pop music,thus musically inclined friends even harder to find:)

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Hi, Gabby!
Ha, I'm actually a young teacher too. Sort of:)
I study pedagogics and English, of course.

Hey, aren't you finishing school next year?

Dina_8's picture

Ha:) I know what you mean! Some of my teachers are pretty young, around 23 years old, and they are hilarious! Sometimes we're not just learning things during classes but hang out. Love it:)

Para魔☠皓's picture

Hey,how are you?? do you have a band??

Dina_8's picture

No, that's alright.
How's your school, Gubby?

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hii, how are you?

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Hello Gabby : )
Sorry Sorry For Being Laaaate :/
School Backs and I'm Lost don't have many hours here , Sorry :/

Oh Now Here In Brazil is Winter And We're having Cold Days But The Winter is Ending :/ I Love winter , And What Season is it Where You're ?i Was in Break Since July 01st Still July 25th Just a Tiny Winter Break :/

Oh August 24th So Did You Come Back to School Either ?
And How's There ? Tell me all About it : )

Oh That's Great , Sports , Courses . . Did You All Of Them In Your Summer Break ?

Yeep Sounds Like we've a Lot In Common : ) Lol

Wow , Amazing Taste Fir Photography , Kids are Awesome , They're Fantastically Spontaneity And Happy , Laugh and Joke , It's Awesome To Photograph : )
Sure , Couples are Awesome As well , I'm a Romantic too : D , and see the love and take pics of that it's like an eternal thing , like the real love will be in the hearts forever : ) :)

Wow take pics in Live Concerts is Awesome , I Toke some of them at The Paramore's Concert , Like you said it's great cause the lights and Band hapyness and Energy the emotions , Hm sure it's to difficult , be in the crowd and take pics is too much difficult , btw we love photography

Oh I Love to Photograph Vintage Things and use it to complete a picture , like stuff and effects , cameras and many others things , And The Nature , landscapes , i love to explore places and find awesome ways to take Great Pictures , with different elements , of me , my friends family . . and to show my art , i love sewing and fashion
so i use it in photography and many others ways . . . .

Oh That's Great Spend time with friends and Writing i love writing as well , what do you like to write about ?

I'm Getting better , i'm cold
doing many things , school , sewing , writing , hanging out , wacthing movies . .

and How're you ?
News ?
What You've been doing ?
See ya Gabby : D

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just dropped by to say hello.
hope you're ok:)

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Hey, I would definately LOVE that "in '60s" shop !!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE old stuff like photos, their style in clothes (I'm not sure I wanna be hippy or something but some of their clothes are really cool), etc.
Ok, for me shopping can be awesome sometimes, e.g. when I go to record store or art store (there are tons of amazing old photos, hand-made soft toys and clocks or vases, pillows, birthday cards, candles in the shop near me. And tems in this store are mostly expensive but lovely. I love creating things so this shop kind of inspires me). More than anything I like record stores!!! In Berlin I was in huge store: 2 floors of CD, DVD, vinyl records, movie and CD cover posters!! ...I was going to stay there forever!!! But we spent there like 1,5 hours. We don't have such stores here and that's unfortunate.

Dina_8's picture

man, I meant "definitely" and "items"

Dina_8's picture

yeah, but i dont really buy stuff via internet. old fashioned, huh?:) still, i prefer going to shops. although, frankly speaking, shopping isn't so interesting for me. i get tired pretty quickly and start nagging:D so my company tries to get rid of me.

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Yay, a Tony Benett fan!

We are seeing him in concert this fall here in the Bay Area and I'm pretty excited about it.

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Hiii Gabby :)

Oh That's Good :)
I'm Glad You're Fine

Oh I'm Doing Well ! Thanks a lot
Just a Little Pist , Cause Is My Last Week In Break , /; /; i've to Enjoy It a Lot :)

Oh That's AMAZING , Me Too , Listen to Music , Read ( Just Some peoples Like To Read :)
Oh YEEEP ! I love Photography , Loove is totally Awesome , I'm Happy To Know You Like It Too :) :D

What Do Yo Like To Photograph ?

How're ya ?
What You've Been Doing ?

See ya :D

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Amazon? Well, that's good idea. It would be way easier to find Holga there.

Dina_8's picture

30??? That's really cheap!!
I think you MUST buy it, and then show me your photos!!!!! That would be awesome:) I haven't seen holga in my town sucks

Dina_8's picture

Btw, what you think about lomograpy?
it's something like that
Also, I LOVE instagram photos!!
I really fell in love with all these low quality pictures!!!

Dina_8's picture

These are AMAZING!!!!! So gorgeous and cute! I think portrait is more difficult than scapes or smth, esp if it's children, since we've already figured they can't stay still for that long:D

p.s. the photographer is from russia:)

Dina_8's picture

Oh, I know right!!! I mean travelling and taking pictures - it cant be even better!! I'm so jealous! And he really can find great colors to every subject. Did you see his 'before' and 'after' shots(the link is below every photo)? 'Before' means quite ordinary but still amazing picture, then 'after' is the same picture but more colorful, even if colors become different. He uses Adobe Lightroom. I tried but it didn't work out for me...
You're welcome! I'm glad you loved that:)

Dina_8's picture

Hey Gabby!
I've found awesome photos! And I know that you like photography so I want to share:)
pics are really incredible!!

Hiddenstar's picture

great! writing, listening to music (tryin to listen to new bands too), and competing for stuff. hbu?

Dina_8's picture

Yeah but I started it over again, I'm a camp leader in July too. Today was the 1st day..
Now I think I really can get use to screaming kids, even think they're lovely when there are no fights:D

Oh, and I understand what you mean! It's SO hot here too, probably as it was last summer!

Hah how many kids did you have???

Hiddenstar's picture

heyy :D

Dina_8's picture

It's nice going to some warm places during winter!
hope it's gonna work out for you:)

Btw, my camp is over. Today was the last day and I nearly died bcoz of the HOT weather and screaming kids:D

Dina_8's picture

cruise?? sounds good! what river/ lake/ocean it will be?

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Heeey Gabby
Sorry for My Late Reply

Hmm . I'm Doing Well
Thanks a Lot

And You?
What Do You Enjoy Doing , ?
I Love Photography Too

See ya :)

Dina_8's picture

break? that's cool! enjoy:)
any special plans for summer?
hey, didn't you go to that shuttle launching?

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hi! r u in australia coz im looking for a bass player for my band n its seriously fucked up now coz we dont hav a singer either, only 2 guitarist (including me-yer...i know-awesome right?!?) and a drummer. can u help?

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Hello Gabby!
How are you?

Dina_8's picture

The age is around 7:) These kids are so funny and cute!:D Sometimes some girls drive me crazy as they always speak about cartoons and stuff. Have you heard of "Wings"? It's..umm stupid cartoon but they LOVE it!:D

Formal dance, you mean prom or something? We have such dances after 9th and 11th grade after final exams.

Dina_8's picture

well, I got a summer job!
I'm a camp leader since yesterday!!:) Not sure it's exactly what I want but still.

And how's your life?

Dina_8's picture

Yeah, sure! Everything's well

Dina_8's picture

Oh umm, ok, if you think so. Let's forget about that then.
No big deal, I guess.

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How're YOU ?

Dina_8's picture


Hmm, why their school starts later? schools here ALWAYS start September 1.
And for you break starts mid August, huh? is it connected somehow with your new school?
Anyways, I'm glad you're excited!:)

Tell you what, you have to say WHEN!! because, dude, I want that link!!:DDD
..just don't forget;)

hey gabby, just thought maybe we can email each other? you know, be penpals?
If so, send me your email, please.

Take care!