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SeraphieL Van Allen


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Member name: 
SeraphieL Van Allen
About Me: 

im daisy mie or daisy,only 15 years old i live at manila Philippines ,
im still studying 4th year high school
,im in 5'4 in height ,brown skin ,black eyes,
and i love eating chocolates and sometimes ice cream,
and i do love singing,, just like hayley,
my past time is listening music like paramore,,,
i love listening to paramore.... and i want to be like her. . .

Favorite Bands: 
paramore,new found glory, second hand serenade, alesana,
hayley, daisy, mimi
chocolates . paramore
Favorite Songs: 
all paramore songs,,
Favorite Places: 
usa n' london
Favorite Movies: 
twilight, cj7, under world, vampire kisses
Favorite Quotes: 
-- to anyne that evver told you your not good. ~~they no better
What month were you born?: 
What day of month were you born?: 
What's a fun fact about you?: 
im so afraid of cocroach. !
Favorite Paramore show you've been to: 
uhmm. ? riot , final riot, and !! here at manila the. . . thrilla in manila. ! yeah. .


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k na pla .... lol ... di-nelete ung pinost ko ..

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Good to hear! :)'s picture

you're welcome ;)'s picture

your hair is also nice ;)

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Hii :) Your a filipino? Me too! :)

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Like your name . !

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haha i love chocolate too

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ahha thanks!!!!

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nice to meet you too Seraphie
i like the filipines.
they're so nice

SeraphieL Van Allen's picture

hahaha. ! im fine. !
thank you for greeting me. !
it makes me feel happy. !
your right. ! its the best site ever. !

SeraphieL Van Allen's picture

hahaha. ! im fine. !
thank you for greeting me. !
it makes me feel happy. !
your right. ! its the best site ever. !

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hi. how are you?
greetings to a fan of paramore and
welcome to the best site of the world.

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heeeeeeeeeeeeeey. ! its me. !!!