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Tamy. P


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# Tamy. : P
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02.20.2011. PARAMORE :P
The Freak PARAMORE Day ! =D

Really Unforgettable !! xD
I Can't Explain or Believe Until Now :') , The Guys Was And Are Really Amazing Live !!
My Dream Finally Came True !
. . .

I'm 14 Years Old Girl ( Brazilian )
Who Lives in a small town in the state of São Paulo relatively close to the capital.
Rocker Girl absurdly in love with Fashion , Sewing , Photography , Music ( Yeep . Especially ROCK Music :] ). Literature. Traveling. .. Oh *-* ​​Traveling ... With the simple desire to be different. Girl of which dreams and hopes can overcome any difficulty '-'
- Showing to the world Who I am , and What Can I Do =)

* My iPod Doesn't Get Away From Me! NEVER!!


Favorite Bands: 
Paramore . . And Others : Pearl Jam, John Mayer, Evanescence, Fresno, Esteban Tavares, The Killers, Nickelback, Nirvana, Now, Now Every Children , My Chemical Romance , Muse , The Runaways , Three Days Grace , Spinnerette , My Chemical Romance , Linkin Park , Tegan And Sara , Crash Coordinates , Bonnie Dune , AnaVae , Ok Sweetheart , The Birthday Massacre , Avril Lavigne , Green Day , Metric , Dashboard Confessional , Flyleaf , No Doubt , Coldplay , Florence + The Machine , Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift , Adele , Death Cab For Cutie , MeWithoutYou , The Swellers , Sia , Lily Allen , The Strokes , Band Of Skulls , Band Of Horses , Skillet , The Pretty Reckless , Panic! At The Disco , The Black Keys , Sunny Day Real State , The Chariot , Kings Of Leon , Saves The Day , Set Your Goals , Jimmy Eat World , You Me At Six , New Found Glory , Avenged Sevenfold , Phoenix , Best Coast , Within Temptation , ReVamp , NeverShoutNever , The Chariot , The Duke Spirit , Christina Perri , Kate Nash , Neon Trees , Glee Cast , 30 Seconds To Mars . . .
Tamy , Tammy , Tamys , T , Tha , Thata , Tamilize , Baby Girl , Mi , Miris , Rocker Girl , Bella , Snow White , Hayley
Music, Fashion , Photography , Movies , Literature/Books , Read , Write , Sewing , Internet
Favorite Songs: 
All Paramore's Songs . . Some Songs : Monster , Renegade , The Only Exception , Ignorance , In The Mourning , Decode , Brick By Boring Brick , Playing God , Teenagers , Born For This , When It Rains , Misery Bussines , All I Wanted , Miracle , Conspiracy , For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimist , Let The Flames Begin , My Heart , Stuck On You , Looking Up , Turn It Off , Where The Lines Overlap , We Are Broken . . . And Others Like : From the inside, Free Fallin', Love is a verb, The Dryness And The Rain , The Few That Remain , Meet Me On The Equinox , Reptilia , You Only Live Once , Hero , Awake And Alive , Mariella , Do Wah Doo , Dog Days Are Over , Heavy In Your Arms , Rolling In The Deep , The Ballad Of Monalisa , Back To Black , The Only Hope For Me Is You , Sing , Stawberry Swing , Claire De Lune , Bella's Lullaby , In My Chest , Cars , Everything's Just Wonderful , My Love , Nineteen , Faster , In The Middle Of The Night , My Number , Jamie , Smile , Alice , Push , Gold Guns Girls , Parkdale , New Divide , Tighten Up , Riot , The End Has No End , Urpising , Neutron Star Colision, Muda, Sophia,
Favorite Places: 
My Home , My Bedroom , Grandma's Home
Favorite Movies: 
The Notebook , The Harry Potter Saga, P.S I Love You , Alice In Wonderland ,Corpse Bride, Edward Scissorhands, Pirates Of Cariben 1.2.3 and 4 Transformers , The Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games, All Tim Burton's Movies :D .
What month were you born?: 
What day of month were you born?: 
What's a fun fact about you?: 
I Talk to myself all the time '-'
What was the last book you read?: 
The Vow - By Kim and Krickitt Carpenter
Favorite Paramore show you've been to: 
The Best Day : Paramore : 02.20.2011 At The Credicard Hall Sao Paulo .
São Paulo


vini.riot's picture

Maninha... foi por aqui que tudo começou *-*

hjdrkg's picture

Oi, é bom mesmo ver pessoas que falam a minha língua rsrs Tudo bem com você?

jacquelinecml's picture

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk eu tô zoando kkk
tô muito bem e você amor ?
tá sabendo que paramore pode vim ao brasil esse ano OMG!!!!
olha isso :!/gabesimas/status/183975060908933122

J3LlyBlOb1234's picture

Hey Tammy!! Oh my gosh, I missed you so much!! I'm doing great, how are you? I'm always on Tumblr now though, do you have a Tumblr? (:

Love you!

AdriParamoreFanForever's picture

Hai, I don't think that I answered you. Sorry. I wasn't on here for a long time.
I'm good. How are you? I'm from Serbia tho ^_^

BreatheForLoveTomorrow_2's picture

I can't believe for how long we haven't talked :P

jacquelinecml's picture

Não me abandone D: D:

Nick A07's picture

That's okay. Nice to meet you too.

Flo13's picture

Hey, good you? I'm from USA. I'm Flo, nice to meet you.

Nick A07's picture

I don't remember you. No offense. Can you be more specific?

ORANGEHAY's picture

Heyyyy!! Tammy!
I'm back here!!
well, Thank God 'cause I recovered My account..I thought I wouldn't get to open it again.. but.. Here (:
so how are you?
hahahaha!! it's been so long..
I just wanted you to know that it's awesome being back on here and being back on talking to you again! :D

bichou's picture

ahhh sim!! eu ate nao to indo mt a escola nao!! so vou msm depois do carnaval!! =)
mas eu to bem!! e vc!?
eu so fui alguns dias na escola, mas depois do carnaval vou ter q ir todo dia e ainda vou fazer curso a tarde!! e vou ter q sair do ingles =(
mas e vc, o q tem feito?!
love ya

LiHW's picture

Oie Tudo sim :D

bichou's picture

tamyyy!!! vamos voltar a nos falar aqui!!!!
vo tentar voltar a entrar sempre!!!!
oq tem feito!?

haylianz00's picture

hey tamy..
yeah school's tough really -___-
I understand you..
see how long before I had a hance to reply back?..School's giving students a hard head ache really.
anyway,happy new year to you :))
I hope you're doing well :))
have a great day for tomorrow :)

Bye's picture

I know I miss talking to ya.=]

I'm good things are great. Christmas was awesome and so was New Years. Happy new year.=] How were your holidays?

NotWarNotRapture's picture

Hey :) I;'m good thanks, what about you?
Cool, what's Brazil like? :)

CloseYourEyesMakeBelieve's picture

that's cool :) if you have a tumblr, you should follow me and i will follow back :)

Count Me Away's picture

thats cool. do you speak spanish? im learning.
hola, como esta? habla espanol?

Lorrany's picture

Oi, tudo e vc?

\o yeah Brasil.

ZyckVoy's picture

same thanx... and Mexico its beautiful =].. no well rith now cold and cold hehe... beaches warm like allways... and the cities a little dangerus like every city in the world.... but ok beauty...

so and brasil ?? i saw that Sao Paulo its flooded by the rains

sabes hablar español... pienso eres de brasil entonces sabes portuges y el portuges y espanhol son muy iguales ^.^

crazy_nirvana_lover's picture

hello brazillian friend!!
we haven't spoken in ages!
how are you?

ZyckVoy's picture

hey!! im fine.. what about you??

screaming__hallelujah's picture

Haha don't worry about it! I've been busy too so I completely understand!

Haha that's crazy! It's freezing here!

The environment at this school is really great. Everyone is really supportive of one another; there's none of that cliched mean girl stuff. Plus, it's one of the best science high schools in the country; rated in the top three. I love science and think I want a career in it so that's awesome.

Congrats! High School's a lot of fun

The song is called Unhearted by a band called Automatic Loveletter. I, personally, think it's pretty good :)

Vintage is definitely awesome :). I have this thing about vintage coca-cola bottles and want to buy a bunch when I'm older haha

I'm glad you're well, too :)

see ya :)

Lonneke's picture

Hey! I'm sort of good :P
How are you?

GabriellaP.'s picture

Verdade, eles falam que num é música de gente, que os nomes das bandas é tudo estranho e bla bla bla kkkkkk'
Tem umas outras que nem tão no meu profile, fiquei com preguiça se escrever.
Mas tem muitas que eu comecei a ouvir a pouco tempo, mas acho HIPER SUPER FODA.
Eu sou de Congonhas - Minas Gerais a maior roça ever que esse mundo já viu kkkkkk'
Você é de onde em sp ?

GabriellaP.'s picture

Ooooi, tudo bem sim! E você ?

Ainda bem né ?! Só essa de gringo aqui tá com nada kkkkk'
E finalmente eu achei alguém que escuta algumas das mesmas bandas que eu, sério. Todos meus amigos me zoam dizendo que as bandas que eu curto são estranhas kkkkk'

Polina_3's picture

Well it's great too, but it rains all the time -_-
I like do shopping, walk in the city (Lille) and go to the conservatory (concervatoire in french), it's a music school for professional musician.
Go to Brazil? That will be very awsome but I don't really have time for this now ... probably another time :)
And sorry too for late reply :P

Nevena's picture

Oh really, that's awesome! I love finding new people who like his novels and who love Paramore as well, that's unbelieveable!!! I haven't read all of his novels, but I've watched all the movies based on them. What's your favourite novel?

Bye's picture

It's alright.=]

I'm great. How are you?

Tiago Mello's picture

nice pic!

melight's picture

There is a lot to like in America...I can't think of one right now. And its nice to meet you too

melight's picture

Hey Tamy... Brazil sound awesome and yea the USA is cool.

Grayce flower's picture

Oiii Tamy , eu soou nova por aqui ... você é Brasileira né ?

Emily Limmy's picture

I'm fine :) How about you?

Hallonlisa's picture

Hi There!
fine, much in school though
wazzup with you? :)
keep runnin

shawtyemoriot's picture

hey whats up?

Little Alice 3's picture

Hey ! (:

I'm fine, thanks, how are you ?

Wow, you live in Brazil ? I think it's an amazing country !

let.the.flames.begin.'s picture

i'm good thanks! yeah i know! nearly christmas! my birthday next week :D x

Lonneke's picture

Heey! I'm good, thanks. How are you?

ParaMORE_12's picture

hey :)

i'm fine, thanks.

it´s kind of funny that i'm reading your comment you're having summer now, at germany it's winter and a few days ago it already snowed a bit.^^

~ in 2 weeks i have christmas vacation! ~
i'm really looking forward to this, cause in the last weeks we had to write a school test every week -.-

i really love the new songs,too. it's always cool to have new stuff to listen too! :)

how are you?

Esenta's picture

hey sorry for my late reply too !
im doin good, i have my 1st semester examination next week !
here is rainy season now :)

Ana 13's picture

Hey,how are you? :)

wen0511's picture

hello!:)it's okay,sorry for the late reply too:P

yea i'm in holiday now!i'm so busy in holiday haha

so that means you're in holiday already?

i'm good thanks,just kinda busy and tired these days lol

how about you?:)

smashthesadness.'s picture

hiya Tamy! so long no talk, my fault! well, my laptop's fault, it wouldn't let me enter EVER. so how are you?

Arja's picture

Hi Tamy :) Wow, I can't even remember the last time we spoke. I'm barley online here anymore. Life's more important than internett, you know. ;)

You have summer break in december?! Whut? At this time a year it's winter here in Norway. Usually it is tons of snow out. We have summer break in june, july and august. Soon we have winter break, on the 22 of december, two days before Christmas Eve ;)

You won a writing contest? Congratz! What kind of essay did you write?

mimore's picture

Hahah I'm late too! :D
Yeah I really liked last summer, but it was really short...or it just felt like that heh.
So how was their concert there when you saw them? I saw some videos from Brazil and the crowd seemed crazy! hahah :D
When you are waiting for the show, the time passes so much faster when you can talk with other fans. And it is so much fun to get to meet new people :)

I'm great thanks! This week I had a so called "test week". I had only 3 tests and today I didn't even have to go to school.
I have actually liked so much more my current school than I liked my former one. I have had some new friends and some of my old friends take the same classes as I do.
I'm in 1st grade which (I guess) means 10th or 11th grade :D

Jhonikaaaa's picture

Heyy! I know, I've been really busy lately!
My summer was good! How about you?
I pretty much hung out with friends ya know! How is everything with you? All in all life is treating me well :)

Everybody Talks's picture

well congrats on the end of the school year, enjoy your break.
and a whole bunch of girls went up on stage to dance with my darkest days. and panic! at the disco concert was amazing!
have a good day/night. :)

Marina parawhores's picture

Hi Tamy!!!!

i'm fine and im punished again :( sorry but i connect in secret lol ^^

and i've got lots of homework :( (shit lol )
when im not punished )
i sing a song of paramore (I'd say not the name of the song it's a surprise haha ^ ^ )

brief i say you goodbye and see you soon my friend ^^ you my friend of facebook ) miss me ^^
kiss =D