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on March 6, 2013 - 3:43pm
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tooblaketofunction's picture

This song is so important. Almost a year after it's been released, it's still the most important song in my life.
thaliadeyanira's picture

i love this song :( :)
jamparamore's picture

Very different from the whole album, and it shows how much you guys can do with your talent. This song was perfect for the ending track of your new beginning. Can't wait to hear so much more from you!!
Jordan__alexander's picture

You have truly transformed and I'm glad you have. You've grown. I do miss your more punk edge sound. This album seems to be more alternative and acoustic. This being said, Paramore will always hold a place in my heart. I remember when I first listened to pressure acoustic. You were amazing at soundwave brisbane. I feel as though this album represents a much more mature and refined version of who you are as a band. You have reached a new level. Thank you <3 Jordan
Abduxuels's picture

Beaaaautiful you guys. Perfectly written
KonradKunatowski's picture

That's the one I've been waiting for !