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Between vocal takes I’m gettin’ gremlin kisses. #babybill

Between vocal takes I’m gettin’ gremlin kisses. #babybill
Posted by Hayley


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Quisiera ser ese perro <3 Hayley I love you <3
brendaWilliamsJaxn's picture

hahhahhahha que lindooo!!!! (so cute)
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Both are so cute ♥
christinayelyah's picture

so cuteeee <3333
Selenator26's picture

asdfghjl <3
ShielaQueyquep's picture

hayley <3
ShielaQueyquep's picture

awesome ^^
SheipanieSalvaloza's picture

what a nice pet hayley :D
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Well can you blame the dog? Hayley's just that awesome.
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Awwn '; 3 so cute "/ you have to come to Brazil, pernambuco, recife *-* my dream to meet you hayley :'(
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wow so cute! ♥.♥
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youre beutifull is true hayley
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Hayley ♥
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naaw dats cute Dogs are the best type of pets! paramore is the bestest band ever
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your so beautiful hayley .. i love paramore ..
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jajaja hay hayley se ve muy tierna se ve con ese perro xD
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awn so cutie ^^ LOVE PARAMORE!
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cutie that pet haha :)
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Cutest pictures ever <3
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awwah :D
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sooooooooo cuteeeeeee :OO
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awesome :*