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Posted by Paramore


hayleywilliamsicecreamandfireworks's picture

What a cutie :D
BethanJ's picture

Naawww! so cute :3
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Juanpe's picture

Hey! i made a video for my favourite song of the last album, LAST HOPE enjoy!
Mrs. Emma York's picture

omg even taylor's dog is adorable <33333333333 Hmmm...wonder where he gets it from.
Amityville's picture

awww so cute :D
sweetfashionista's picture

aww Bill missed his dad.
sprite101's picture

bill is taylor's dog right? and cowboy i know is jeremy and katherine's.
guitarsfortaylor13's picture

bill and cowboy are the cutest dogs ever <3
KateD's picture

Bill so sweet s2
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mDuchess's picture

Bill! I missed Bill photos!
ahtnamaspfc's picture

Aww he looks so cute.
samhain's picture

Aww Bill! He's adorable. <3
Letícia Minucci's picture

So cute!!!! ♥
Erica Maia's picture

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw sleeping :D
G.a.b.i's picture

Awwwww sleeping bill! ❤